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Reading Reviews for An Oath to Ginny
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Review #1, by Ed An Oath to Ginny

2nd January 2017:
Spell check! Proof read! Learn how to show maiden and married named, basicalluy retake 7th grade English.

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Review #2, by amy1210 An Oath to Ginny

18th May 2009:
really nice.but why kill her??
i was wondering how do you add a banner ?
I have one made just don`t know how to upload it...
I hope you ca help me in this matter

Author's Response: it just added a twist you would so not expect. and to add the banner you need to have a program to hold it to make it have a url i use photobucket and then i get the url and add through the pic button thing they have and you put the url in there and add it. dont worry about it took me a long time to get there.

Thanks for reviewing,

Laura Weasley

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Review #3, by Moni Jane An Oath to Ginny

14th January 2009:
aww! it was sad! I wasn't expecting it to be sad!! it was still really good though, other than a few spelling mistakes, but no complaints here, I'm a horrible speller! ANyways, I really liked this, but the sadness surprised me. May good writings continue to you. ~Moni Jane

Author's Response: i know i dint expect it to be sad when i began to write it, but i like the twist of it.

Mrs George Weasley

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Review #4, by MysticMagic97 An Oath to Ginny

12th February 2008:
I liked it but I wish i could have been ur betta-er when you wrote this. But other then spelling errors I loved it!

Author's Response: well u are my betta so no more sadness lol ttyl

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Review #5, by shaybert An Oath to Ginny

27th September 2007:
it was a bit rushed... but i liked it a lot...

Author's Response: yeah it was my first one shot so it wasent great but thanks for rteading

Mrs. Weasley

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Review #6, by ferretluvr An Oath to Ginny

16th September 2007:
if youd like a banner i'll make you one...
you can contact me at feltonfan88@gmail.com
about the story: it was good, had a few grammar mistakes that could be fixed, but besides that reallly nice

Author's Response: totally will ferretluvr!

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Review #7, by CharmedKindaLife An Oath to Ginny

11th September 2007:
oh my gosh!!
thats so good!!
im crying
im actually crying :'(
it was amazing
well done

gem xx

Author's Response: you are too sweet and trust me i cried when i wrote it!!!!!! thanks for the awsome review i'm thinking about adding some more one shots k!

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Review #8, by ILHSM57 An Oath to Ginny

3rd September 2007:
dude...this is so not better than my story. this is dumb. why would ginny name her baby after her brother. its retarded...sooo haha mine rocks and urs sucks!

Author's Response: because names stay in the family but the way my person is so much better! I'll still read your mediocker stories though lol

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Review #9, by huffle_puff4eva An Oath to Ginny

30th August 2007:
I'm sorry, i didn't read your story, but i saw you needed a banner! Try cute_coke_girl@hotmail.com. She might give you one, she did mine! (Not up yet, but oh well)

Author's Response: thanks for the tip but you so should

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Review #10, by 81714 An Oath to Ginny

5th July 2007:
check some of your grammar issues. other than that good job!

Author's Response: yeah i will thanks for the review

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Review #11, by dorypotter An Oath to Ginny

20th June 2007:
wow! tht was so good and so sad. u got crying at the end. its so sweet. i would love to read more of ur work. its really good. wow tht was touching. i mean it. good job i like it alot. continue the great work. and keep writting

Author's Response:
thats so sweet keep reviewng so i can still write...such great stories

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