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Review #1, by jameslily1313 WHAT?!! You gotta be kidding me.

22nd April 2008:
hmmm... this is gonna be good! *grabs popcorn and soda* hahaha, i would have so much fun riting this... *sighs wistfully* but u probly will, so good luck!!! i lurve it so far... 10/10!!! xP

Author's Response: oh dear....I've actually abandoned the story....I've written a lot more, but havn't finished and started on a new project anyway, and havn't typed up any of the following chapters...I did have fun, but my main motivator has moved....sorry...if you wanna know what happens, you can email me on and i'll tell you, but i'm not continuing writing this....sorry, again....

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Review #2, by war and peace Prologue: Greetings

7th December 2007:
oh! what will happen next?
great work! interesting take on it. *grins at sweeterthanhunny*

Author's Response: I've forgotten where I ended the chapter. I've just been on a long holiday, and I'm writing this on the computers at hostel (boarding scvhool) so I havn't been writing, but I will write more yeah, thanks, hey!! *grins back at war and peace*

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Review #3, by Annika_Skog Prologue: Greetings

21st September 2007:
Really long, not spilt up enough to be an easy read. Paragraphs too long. Saw your add on facebook in a HP group. So it's working for you! Ha. I like the idea though.

Author's Response: Gah Im always being told that I need to split up into more paragraphs. Maybe I should, hey :P Ooh its working!!! Yay!! forgot I did that...Glad you like the idea. I think the later chapters are better...just gotta get them up on the computer now...ulp...

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Review #4, by hushabye_mountain WHAT?!! You gotta be kidding me.

14th June 2007:
hey, sorry this isn't a review, just a response to yours - i've been banned for 30 days, email me at if you'd like to know more. The staff hid my stories on me while I'm banned minus one as you know, so hopefully Accidents Happen will be back soon. But yea, email me there if you'd like, and I promise you that when I'm back in action on this site I'll leave a propper review for your stories :) keep writing! :D Kate xoxo

Author's Response: thanks that you actually replied to my reveiw! How do you get banned? Thank you for the promise, yay! =D ok so hopefully accidents happen will be up and running soon, phew. I will keep writing, I have written a lot, but havn't put them on the computer yet. i try, ill try find time..soon...i think..=D

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Review #5, by Jess WHAT?!! You gotta be kidding me.

13th May 2007:
Dude, wtf write MORE!

Author's Response: o hi. you know ive written more, i just havnt gotten around to putting it on the computer yet!!!! this site rox hey?

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Review #6, by theblack_knight WHAT?!! You gotta be kidding me.

22nd March 2007:
gud work.

Author's Response: ooh!!! sum1 reveiwed chapter 2!! *grins maniacally* thanx!!

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Review #7, by Mysteria (not logged in) Prologue: Greetings

24th January 2007:
Hey!!! This is of to a great start!!! Your title caught my eye, the whole Heart Vs. Mind. It sounded really interesting (well for me atleast!) and so I decided to read it!!! I read your short BIO...So you live in South-Africa? I had lived there for 11 years before my parents decided to move to South-Australia...that happened 4 years ago.
Back to your story...I want you to continue it please and can you check out my friends story? She just posted it and I think she needs more readers, it is called Sniffing Sirius by Dark Element...if you read it, can you please review? it would mean so much, she really appreciates reviews...I recently posted my story and it seems to be going on well. It is called Tears in Heaven...I am, to this day, surprised of all the responses i have gotten.
Anywayz PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ CONTINUE with this story I want to find out what is going to happen SOOO update
Till next chappie
P.S. If you do read my friends story, dont tell her I asked...thanx

Author's Response: Glad my title caught your eye, seeing as I find making a title the hardest part of writing a story. And its the most important thing, becasue if it doesn't catch peoples eyes then they wont read the story, and that wouldn't be any use, now would it? Yes I live in South Africa - really can't call it SA, can i? theyre so many sas! I love it here, didn't you? It has its downsides, sure, but....why am I even talking about that? ANYHOO....I will continue (Ive written about 10/11/12 (?) chapters..on exam pad not computer- only the next chapters on the computer...eish gotta remedy that) and currently the next chapter is in queue and waiting and im getting impatient. ja. THANX for such a WONDERFUL reveiw!!! Im surprised at the GOOD responses I got!! Of course, my friend is bugging me to write more struggling to satisfy her!! but ja..actually ive never gotten any bad comments.....very encouraging does nothing for my modesty. Im writing an essay. Annoying habit of mine. *hugs 10 with glee till 10 turns blue in the..uh..face*
Till next chapter ( ~_^)
Love, me

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Review #8, by absolument Prologue: Greetings

4th December 2006:
this is a really good start. ill keep checking for updates!

Author's Response: Thanx! Updates coming asap, bit of trouble with computer/internet access, in about 1 and a half weeks hopefully!!

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Review #9, by Syrianna Lumentis Prologue: Greetings

30th November 2006:
wow. I really like your story. The plot is very good and different too. And I really want to know WHY McGonagall is leading Lily away and where this is going so please UPDATE SOON!

- 'anna

Author's Response: Okay well first off.
Thanx for saying the plot is different.
thanx for reveiwing!!! At last!!! *prases the lord*
Chapter two (well, this is really the prologue, so I suppose its really chapter 1) is in queue (think thats how you spell it!) and hopefully it will me accepted soon!!

I havn't typed the other chapters onto the computer, although I've written about 10 or 11 chapters more.

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