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Review #1, by MargaretLane The Search

17th December 2006:
I haven't seen Breakfast and Tiffany's, so no, I didn't find the quote.

I really liked this chapter, though. That part where she says "23, no yellow" was quite amusing, particularly when she said that you could turn into a yellow animal like a canary. I also found the list of all her previous plans amusing. She does come up with rather dramatic plans, doesn't she? She WANTED a buffalo to fall on her?? *dies*

How does she expect Eric or anybody to remember what book he was reading in 1st year? Yikes, if anybody mentioned a book I was reading three or four years ago, it wouldn't be much of an indication.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Her plans are very dramatic and she only wanted a buffalo to fall on her so she could see one. She's never seen a buffalo before.

I don't know how she can expect someone to remember a book they read four years ago. I'd have to ask my sister. She came up to me one day and said, "Do you remember that book about the dolls that you read in eighth grade? I want to read it. Can you find it for me." Now, this was four years after eighth grade, yet, I somehow manged to find the book. Then, she decides that she doesn't want to read it after all.

I'll tell you where the quote is in the author's note of the next chapter. It might take a while because I am in the middle of mid-terms right now and never know when or if I will have free time. Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by lolhee Chapter 1: Playing Detective

7th December 2006:
This was awsome, you are a very gifted writter.. the detail was great, and you should contiune the story

Author's Response: Why thank you! My mom said it was good, but I think she might be biased. I'm glad to hear it from somewhere else. I just submitted chapter two a couple of seconds ago, so I hope you read and enjoy that one.

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Review #3, by MargaretLane Chapter 1: Playing Detective

26th November 2006:
This sounds like a really good beginning to the story. It's funny, intriguing and original. I can't figure out whether Amy is really on to something or whether she's simply watched a few too many detective films and is imagining the whole thing. I guess you wanted it that way, as it is likely to keep people reading in order to find out.

One thing that I'd like to know is how old these students are. I immediately assumed that she was a sixth year, as she was talking about how everybody wants to be friends with MacKenzie, who is in sixth year, but if that is the case, then her brother must be at least 17 and if so, he seems quite immature. Not that I'd be altogher surprised. Lol.

You should definitely continue writing. This is a really good start. I think I'll add it to my favourites, so I can keep an eye on it and see how it continues.

Author's Response: MargaretLane-
Amy is in her fourth year. Her brother is only a year older than Amy. Amy is Muggle-born, so her big brother is sometimes jealous because she is magical and he is not. Yes, Chad is very immature. I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on Chapter 2: The Book Search right now and I have a very vague idea of where Chapter 3 is going, so hopefully I will be able to put up another chapter soon.

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