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Review #1, by Savanna Weasley A Shadow of Ones Former Self

21st April 2007:
Good litature it 'twas!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #2, by Savanna Weasley Who Have I Become?

21st April 2007:
awww... poor Regulus! I LOVE Sirius!!! *hugs Sirius tightly*

I saw the banner on SAYS and noticed the title, typed it in on Find a Story, and am now adding it to favorites!

Author's Response: Aww you saw the banner Bibbs made me on Says?! I'm so glad you checked out the story and I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to put it on your favs. :) Thank you so much.

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Review #3, by Dracana A Shadow of Ones Former Self

7th January 2007:
Brilliant. I loved the conflict too!! I really like this, and your interpretation of Regulus . . . I really should start writing my own novella to apply my own theory, but I have so many to finish I can't and . . . anyway, this is going onto my favourites. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the amazing review. I always worry about how my interpretation of any character will be taken - I'm delighted that you find it fitting. :) I do hope you find the time to write your own Regulus piece, he really doesn't get the attention he deserves. I do hope to update this soon. Again, thank you for the brilliant review.

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Review #4, by Dracana Who Have I Become?

7th January 2007:
Oh, intriguing, I love any story with Regulus in it . . .

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I enjoy Regulus, I think, because we don't know much about him - hence making him mysterious. I appreciate you reading this story. :)

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Review #5, by Dark Angel Who Have I Become?

14th December 2006:
Very good. You write beautifully, it made me want to cry and that is a very hard feat to accomplish. Congrats! I give this story a ten.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment. (I write beautifully? *blush* That's an amazing thing to hear, thank you so much.) I'm glad you liked it, though I'm meant not to make you near tears - though I'm delighted that it touched you that much. Thank you for the awesome review!

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Review #6, by mrs_heather_grint A Shadow of Ones Former Self

5th December 2006:
Before I run around and gush about how amazing this story is (act like a fangirl, in shorter words) I'll have to copy and paste the errors I noticed. Sorry if I seem like I'm only pointing out the bad, but I like when fans point out my mistakes so I can fix them :].

2nd paragraph: There were lots of placed he would like to see, like to visit. You said “placed” instead of places”.

And that was the only one I noticed for this chapter.

I loved how you made Regulus call Lord Voldemort foolish. I’d never really thought about it until that moment—but it’s so very true. He’s a foolish, stupid man. And, you seem to pick out the most amazing flashbacks: The ones that compliment your stories. They're very heartbreaking and sad, although I'm not sure if that was your intention.

I'm definitely letting this go into my favorites. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this :].

Author's Response: HAHA! A fan girl. I'm blushing. Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! No no - please point them out! I really need to know, like I said I'm beta-less at the moment. :(

The Dark Lord is a foolish man, and he acts brashly despite his power. The sadness is the mostly the intention at the moment, I think it sets the mood for how Regulus feels about his brother (and life in general, for that matter). I feel bad for the poor guy, I have a feeling he wasn't as bad as he's painted by his older brother.

Thank you for enjoying it! I'm just glad you liked it after I asked you to check it out. :)

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Review #7, by mrs_heather_grint Who Have I Become?

5th December 2006:
Ohh, thank you for introducing me to this. It's not something I've seen, nor something I probably would have read upon my own accord. It's marvelous. I did notice two or three mistakes though, and I thought I'd help you out :].

Again he laughed. ‘Always looking over my shoulder…always,’ he though bitterly. I believe that should be "thought" bitterly.

“Yes,” Regulus said picking it up. “You have been given a great misfortune little thing. For the shear fact that you’ve held something so vile you must die. But know that you didn’t go unappreciated.” He ran his thumb along the surface. "Shear" is the form of the word that means to cut. you meant "sheer" :].

She flashed a momentary smile before turning back to her husband who was still going on about the shame upon his house and his family. Had she been paying attention she would have noticed the glistening tears in her youngest son’s eyes – she would have noticed the pain of him loosing his best friend. And that line was terribly beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes (great, now I feel like a wimpy little girl). But, you spelled "losing" wrong toward the end :].

Spectacular chapter. I will, of course, be moving on.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! If you would not have normally read this but you liked it after having done so - I find that as a HUGE praise. Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

I do appreciate the mention of the mistakes. I do not currently have a beta so I'm going it alone and it's easy to overlook your own errors. *I miss my beta :(*

I so appreciate you taking the time to read and review this. :)

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Review #8, by annalupin A Shadow of Ones Former Self

23rd November 2006:
I hate to think that of Sirius, but you know he can be a bit of a git too... crazyness, coming from me the Sirius lover. But Reg is a bit more pitiful then him, he's such a people pleaser... and he ended up dead for it. But Sirius ended up dead for total opposite causes. It makes you wonder about fate and stuff like that... crazyness. Utter crazyness.

God, you've made me think deep into the bio of the Black Family thoughts... I think you deserve another ten.



Author's Response: I'm a Sirius lover too! I'm new to it, but I do love the guy. He does have a side that is a bit coarse though - and I think people are hard on their siblings (their loved ones in general, because they'll always come back no matter how mean you are).

You know what? You're absolutely right! Reg died for being a pleaser and Sirius for the opposite! I hadn't thought about that. That's brilliant!

Sarah, thank you so much for the awesome reviews, I so appreciate your thoughts and comments. :)

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Review #9, by annalupin Who Have I Become?

23rd November 2006:
I love Regulus so much. I've written about him on a ton of occasions, trying to pursue the same thing you have done. In making it that Sirius once had a brother, that he loved with all of his heart. That wasn't by the name Potter. That whole, brother from another mother is sweet and all but... its not your own brother, that you can love and teach, etc. I always saw that Reg and him must have been friends at one point. And then the whole R.A.B thing was just a little too much for me. So this last year has been a total freak out over all things that could happen including Regulus in the next book. And way too many of them are unorthodox.

lovely as only you can make it. 10! 10! 10!


Author's Response: SARAH!! I'm so glad to see you here! Thank you so much for coming over and checking out this story!! You see exactly what I was trying to impress in this piece! I really believe they must have been friends at some point, they must have played and spent time together. You have no idea how pleased I am that you saw the root of what I was trying to say...the very point! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! *SQUEE*

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Review #10, by tiffers A Shadow of Ones Former Self

21st November 2006:
JOELA this chapter more than fufills it's need, GAH I loved it! You see in my mind I pictured what this chapter might be like, but you managed to make it 1,000 times better than I could have imagined! Once again you have deeply impressed me with your beautiful skills of describing the scene, never fails to astound me. You just have such a lovely way of weaving the tale.

Once again I love how you start this story, such a wonderful look at Regulus and his personality. All of those small details combine to make this beautiful story come to life. As always you are so creative, and I'm anxious to see more about Regulus not having a death eater mark. You have me intriqued Joela! I also love the idea that while he does everything he can to be on his parent's good side, he doesn't care about blood. Not to mention the idea that he cares so much about Sirius, and yet his brother doesn't respect him anymore *tear*

The whole train scene was brilliant beyond brilliant, I LOVED what you did! I loved when Sirius said he was going home with his family..GAH what a punch in the face to Regulus! I love Sirius' loyalty to James though, and I think you have both of their personalities pegged perfectly! I'm very entralled by this girl, she's quite interesting! I love the background that you have given her, and I love that he's still there for her despite her family history. The whole thing with her divination powers, what a twist and so very interesting!

I love how you ended this chapter, and I love this idea that he does this all for a reason other than wanting to be a death eater! Once again all of the details really make this story come to life! You have such an amazing story right here, and I'm thrilled to get the chance to read this work of art! Please update soon Joela, I'm anxious to see more!

Author's Response: TIFFERS!!! The review cheerleader!! Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. :( *is guilty*

I don't know what got into me. I love writing about Regulus. I often find myself writing about Sytherins!? I don't even *like* Slytherin House. *lol* I guess I feel like I need to justify some characters, give them redemption they deserve. I think the biggest thing about Reg is that he did admire Sirius (despite how he acted) and wanted to make him proud. From the majority of younger siblings that I know (myself being a younger sibling), no matter the relationship, they want to impress their big brother/sister. That is what motivated me to write this story. I also think it explains a lot about why Reg did the things he did. I'm hoping to shed some light on that area (even if I have to make it up *haha*).

I like to play with characters and I like to think of myself as a character author - so this story is right up my alley. I dig the percarious relationship Reg/Sirius have. I think Sirius was likely often unfair to his kid brother - after all, he is the kid brother.

Gosh you have amazing reviews...thank you SO much for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter!! *HUGGLE TO DEATH*

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Review #11, by starblack A Shadow of Ones Former Self

19th November 2006:
This seems like a good plot. I really want to see where you are going with it. I was slightly bored by what seemed to only be filler but you know me I'm an action oriented person and that's not good. I continue to envy your characterization skills though. Your characterization of Regulus was spot on with my thoughts of what he would be like although I believe you already know this from one of our hours long conversations.

Author's Response: Awww hun, I'm sorry I bored you. I know how it is with action. I'm still working on my action, but I think I'm finally getting more comfortable with it. I so like toying with characteriztions, but I think you know that already too. Thanks for taking the time to read and review. :)

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Review #12, by PureBlood Muggle A Shadow of Ones Former Self

19th November 2006:
OH!!! Another wonderful chapter!! You write Regulus beautifully - exactly as I pictured him to be. That scene at the train station was really clever. And this line: All he had wanted was a neat little home with, perhaps, a wife (whether she be Muggle or Wizard he didn’t care so long as she loved him) and a couple of fat babies; I so, so, so agree with your characterisation of Regulus. It's like you read my mind about how I see Regulus and are now making a story out of it with your fabulous plot that seems to develop nicely!!

A fantastic story - I cannot wait for the update!
WOHOOO for NaNo - you must have loads of chapters ready =)
10/10 again!

Author's Response: Shame on me for bailing on the NaNo huh? :( But thank you the amazing review Mon! *huggles* I'm so glad you see him the way I do...I really have no trouble writing him at all - he comes very naturally. I was intimidated by Sirius when I first started writing him, but after I did he also came with ease. I think that might be part of the reason I see Regulus so clearly. I really like the guy. I remember when I first learned about him in book 5, I wondered so much (because we all know, Sirius has a bit of a slanted view) about him. Thank you so so much for reviewing! I'm so glad you're enjoying it...I'm always a bit uneasy when I'm writing about a character we don't know much about (like I might characterize them wrong). It's brilliant to hear this view of him works. :)

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Review #13, by dreamseeker A Shadow of Ones Former Self

19th November 2006:
Hey this is a great story. Just a suggestion but I think you should include more Sirius in it, maybe even a chapter from his point of veiw. Anyway 10 out of 10.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. I really appreicate it! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll see if I can't fit in more Sirius. ;-)

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Review #14, by juls Who Have I Become?

18th November 2006:
I find myself feeling sad for Regulus.. and indignate at his parents. Stuffy old purebloods!!
Anyhow, I love the emotion and imagery you have put into this. It's great, though obviously sad. Can't wait to read more!!

huggles ~~juls

Author's Response: I hadn't realized how sad this chpater actually was until I went back and fixed it up. I wrote it during a NaNoWriMo 'rat race' and wasn't really noticing the continual gloom. But I think it's fitting for the time in the HP timeline that it takes place, everything was kind'a sad around then huh? Thanks so much for the awesome review hun! *huggles* I hope you stop in for furture updates. :-)

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Review #15, by PureBlood Muggle Who Have I Become?

17th November 2006:
OMG!! What a wonderful first chapter!!! The memory you chose is powerful and seems to fit perfectly. Regulus's pain of losing his best friend.

I've always held Regulus in high regard of not actually being your average DE but rather a young man having stumbled into something bigger than he could ever have imagined. And this portrays just that.

I'm loving it, dear. 10/10 and straight to favourites!
~Mona *huggle*
PS: 'son of a house elf' - what a fantastic expression for a pureblood family!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Mon! I'm so glad you liked it, I was worried since I had to live up to bibbs fantastic banner and that's what drew you here. :-)

Exactly! I think Reg stumbled into something he didn't expect - and probably with the wrong expectations and wrong intentions. I'm glad that I captured that, I was worried that I might have missed the mark I was shooting for.

You're too awesome! Thank you so much!! *hehe* I'm glad you liked that little line I added, and it was random that I thought of it mid just seemed to fit. :-D *huggles!*

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Review #16, by preppypotterchick Who Have I Become?

17th November 2006:
I think this story is good! When are we going to hear from Sirius? (if ever.)

Author's Response: Thanks for the stopping by! I don't want to ruin it, however lets just say he will be making an appearance. :-)

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Review #17, by tiffers Who Have I Become?

17th November 2006:
Where should I even begin Joela, I am so stunned right now, this is fantastic! I am so HAPPY that you came to SAYS *does happy dance* otherwise I may have missed out on the opportunity to read this jem of a story! This is such an amazing concept and so original, I've never read a story from Regulas' point of view, and I think you did a brilliant job with the first chapter.

*strolls out with massive smile, and in cheer uniform* I love that you started this chapter with that quote from the books, it was such an eye-grabber, and it really got me all excited! You did a beatiful job with all of the descriptions, you really painted a masterpiece of a scene! I love how you talk about his plans and everything that is racing through his mind as he writes this out. It was all so moving, and really made him come to life. I felt like I was sitting beside him watching the events unfold (I, of course was eating popcorn and Rolo's) spellbound. I love that all he ever wanted was affection and love from Sirius, I think that's such a valid point to make. Younger siblings always look to their brothers or sisters for support and approval. You did such a beautiful job of writing the words, they flow together so nicely, it's just completely stunning to read. It's sad to hear that Sirius, despite everything he tried to do, was always considered lesser in his parent's eyes *sheds tear for Sirius*

OMG OMG OMG I loved this little memory from Regulus' point of view, it's amazing! I love that he's all teary-eyed and waiting for his brother to send him a letter, that's so touching! I loved the little scene at the dinner table, and his memories of their pea fights. It was interesting to see their reaction to him getting sorted into Gryffindor, and how sad for Regulus that Sirius is happy that he finally found real friends with similiar interests, burn! I love that his parent's automatically turn to him and ask if he's going to make the family proud, yeah, no pressure for him. I love how you ended this chapter, it left me wanting so much more.

Overall I am so impressed Joela, and so estatic that I dropped by to read this story. I can already tell that it's going to be absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: TIFFERS!! I'm so glad to see you here. :-D I think your review was as long as the chapter; I LOVE IT! *hehe* I'm so glad you liked it, I was worried it was a little dry. I'm glad I joined SAYS too - it's a brilliant little place!! I usually don't consider Regulus, but what spawned this is that it makes me sad that Sirius didn't like (perhaps even hated) him. And then that little part in 6 where it's possible that the note is from Regulus. Why would Sirius believe Regulus is really a good little follower if he *might* really not have been. I just wanted to fill out the story. :-) Plus I feel bad that brothers didn't get a long... :-( I'm certainly having fun with Regulus; poor guy in a really tough time. You're words are just so inspiring! Thank you so much!!! I hope you like the rest. *looks hopeful* Thanks again tiffers *HUGGLES*

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Review #18, by SiMpLe_pLaN_RoCkS Who Have I Become?

17th November 2006:
aw... thats so sweetly sad... i love ur story, its really kool :D:D plz update soon :D:D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm glad you liked it!

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