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Review #1, by Vera ...The Only Chapter...

28th December 2006:
Nicely written. Very good interaction between Voldemort and Harry, cut short a tad. The story could have done better if it was a little longer, perhaps to have Ginny's plot line weaving in and out of Harry's to give it a more intense feeling. The song, though a nice choice has too much repetition, perhaps just writting repeating parts in lines a few times rather than the full "x" amount would have been better suited.
Thanks for a nice take on the final battle though, and keep writing other stories!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing... yeah it could have been longer an dyes the words to repeat alot but I really liked the way i made it flow. I thank you for ur critisism. :-D

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Review #2, by LR ...The Only Chapter...

18th December 2006:
me again! what happened to happy endings?! the battle was really good, but Ginny should have been there to celebrate! I give it a 7 1/2

Author's Response: "mysterious" LR, you leave yet another review. I appriciate it, due to it's critisism because critisism helps you grow as a writer. Yes, I know, it should have been happy and I like writing happy endings but idk... in my view this one just didn't seem to need it. Voldemort's gone. That's happy, but it wouldn't have a thick enough point if something wasn't lost. Idk, I liked the way iw rote it. It's ok if not everyone does. :-D thank's for R and R

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Review #3, by no_comment ...The Only Chapter...

9th December 2006:
nice!! i like the sad ending. good use of poetic terms as well. jealousy flows through my fingers right now as i applaud you!!! nice job, dahlin!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love your reviews they're always so uplifting... yay for you!!!

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