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Review #1, by RoseWeasleyGryfindor And we end up here

30th May 2013:
Ok maybe I won't review after all of them

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Review #2, by Parvati_Khatri And we end up here

25th March 2012:
aw! thats so sweet!!! really cute, I loved it, but I wish it could be a Dramione! I know that they probably wouldn't work out, though, so this would be second choice!!! loved it anyways!

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Review #3, by Tortugaslove And we end up here

24th August 2011:
Awww i really liked it! It was sweet and nice! But hey! Crazy idea make another oc continuing as if hermione didnt leave for ron and she met draco! It will make a good dramione the antagonist here would be ron! Hope u think about it and make one.

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Review #4, by Ehlana And we end up here

3rd June 2011:
Oh no, poor Draco! I don't appreciate this ending ^^
Well, alright, I am a hardcor Dramione shipper so that hardly comes as a surprise.
However, I still like this story ... kind of ;)

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Review #5, by Shelby Weasley And we end up here

16th August 2009:
o.o! Remember what I said in my last review, how I almost wanted Ron to win for once? I TAKE IT BACK! :( poor Draco... That's absurd! :/ oh well, readers can't be choosers... well, we can... but if we read it then we have no choice about what goes on? I don't know what I'm saying.

I still liked it, even if I think Ron is stupid. at the moment, of course.

Shelby Weasley

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Review #6, by deep And we end up here

9th April 2009:
that was really sweet to end it with that sweet question

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Review #7, by tashmash And we end up here

16th January 2009:
thats nice & was the stranger draco?

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Review #8, by loveli_lily101 And we end up here

21st January 2008:
That was Great!!!

Keep up the good work

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Review #9, by alylovezu2 And we end up here

22nd November 2007:
ahha thats a funny ending but that was so romantic. I love your stories. they are wonderful.

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Review #10, by sirius_and_lily_supporter And we end up here

30th October 2007:
Man you have some mad skittles! I could never do a story that captured the characters like you do! 10/10

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Review #11, by netballpro13 And we end up here

22nd October 2007:
brilliant i just love your stories so well written!

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Review #12, by ChiannaMalfoy And we end up here

7th October 2007:
I really like how it ended, but I was hoping that Hermione and Draco would atleast say something, then one of them run off, repulsed. I think you did very well with this one.

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Review #13, by RupertsPheonix And we end up here

28th August 2007:
Hah, that last line was so... Ron. =)

Great job! 10/10 and a thumbs up from me!


Author's Response: yay! A thumbs up AND a great rating! lol Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by comic_freak And we end up here

19th August 2007:
hm.i think i like it, and i usually don't like ron/hermione fics. probbly cause of all the jokes i get, but oh, well. this one was pretty good. i wrote a draco/hermione fic the other day, but it's a...crap, i forgot how to spel it. well it's funny anyway. you should write a sirius fic. or a draco fic. those are fun. (:

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Review #15, by daisyCHIC963 And we end up here

5th August 2007:
oh, this is the sweetest! thank you, you wonderful author, you!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for the compliments Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by HB_Prince And we end up here

19th July 2007:
I sure am commenting on a lot of your stories aren't I? That was such a great plot, that is exactly the way my favourite couple should get together. I feel slightly sorry for Draco though- you write him as such a nice character in all your stories. Anyways great work once again :)

Author's Response: ah yes! I am unfortunatley a Draco fan so I do tend to see him in a good light. But who knows, maybe someday I'll write him as an evil sinister character- one that would probably be truer to the books :) Thanks!

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Review #17, by IS bookworm And we end up here

25th May 2007:
That was so sweet. Poor Draco though. Did he even know it was Hermione and she him? I'm glad Ron and Hermione ended up together though. :7)

Author's Response: I guess he didn't ;) thanks for the review! glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #18, by hopelessNirvana And we end up here

24th April 2007:
Haha...I loved the part when Harry said "well Ron loves--" And Ginny says "Hermione!" That was funny/cute. I liked how it didnt turn into a Draco/Hermione. I enjoyed the awkward cuteness at the end. =)

Author's Response: yay for awkardness! lol thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #19, by Cyrhstal-Girl66 And we end up here

13th January 2007:
it was totally sweet and cute.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #20, by Unicorn Girl And we end up here

6th January 2007:
lolol! That was so sweet and funny, but if I were Hermione then I'd go with Draco...I least try and find out who he is...although I understand why you didn't want her to find out. :D

Author's Response: yeah I guess so :) thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #21, by mini_marauder101 And we end up here

5th January 2007:
That was soo sweet! :) 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #22, by far_from_normal And we end up here

1st January 2007:
Awesome story! I can't wait to read your other ones! I'm about to right now!

Author's Response: yay! thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #23, by the know it all And we end up here

23rd December 2006:
im having a christmas competition, go to my site for more! :D

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #24, by Lovehpforever And we end up here

17th December 2006:
aw. I really liked it. I was like :O when it was Draco she got letters from. haha.
But yey, she choosed Ron! Good girl. =)

Author's Response: I love R/Hr too! Except I seem to have a fetish for making D/Hr banneres...*sigh* the mind works in complicated ways. thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by kirstie And we end up here

17th December 2006:
nice story draco lol he coldn't write a nice thing about a person even if he tryed. could you make a banner for my story! i haven't posted anything on it yet but if you could leave me a review on my other story new beginnings if you have the time to make a banner! thankx

Author's Response: thanks for the review! I've left a message for you in one of your stories reviews concerning the banner!

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