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Review #1, by a Pumpkin Guts

8th May 2014:
so I like the story, but felt like it kind of started to drag after Harry woke up. Like it felt kind of like the parts with James number two should have been a sequel. But aside from that, good story, good writing. One other thing that has been bugging me though...why couldn't Lily apparate away from Godrick's Hallow with James and bring Harry via side along apparition?

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Review #2, by Chloe Pulling the Magic

27th December 2013:

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Review #3, by Indonesiangirl Living on Magic

7th December 2012:
Too many stuttering! :-/

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Review #4, by Anon Lovegood-Creevey Right This Time

30th August 2012:
So, I think James wasn't portrayed quite right at this part... I feel like he should tell Harry to pretend to still be unconscious before going out with a somber attitude and asking everyone to say their goodbyes. Then, he would follow them all, and in the middle of the first person saying their goodbyes Harry would jump up and freak them all out... But that's just my take on James as a character. Personally I think you've taken all the fun out of James, and you've made him into a rather squeamish character...

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Review #5, by Marauding hippogriff The Final Battle: Part I

19th August 2012:
Harry calling Voldemort bitch? The single greatest line in history, ever. How much do I want to see that on screen.

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Review #6, by ducks-go-quack Maybe a Change

23rd February 2012:
You said in AN: "Too fast with Harry and Lily? ..."

My response: Bloody yes! Not realistic at all! Same with Harry and Ginny. Should have happened over several weeks/chapters.

Also, Harry should be preparing himself for Voldemort by training, gathering allies, talking with Dumbledore, etc.

Finally, you need to fill us in more about just how AU your story is. We've learned that Sirus is alive, and that all the Horcruxces are dead, but we don't know how, or anything else.

On the bright side, your sentence mechanics are good.

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Review #7, by ri_sparrow_black Pumpkin Guts

19th November 2011:
That was AMAZING! I was laughing so hard, I swear my mom and my brother thought i was going crazy or something. Overall, I just LOVE this chapter!

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Review #8, by harrypotterloverr(: Bump In the Night

12th November 2011:
hold really confused, did James marry another girl? Or is it like Harry and Ginny's son or something? Because, if James fell in love with another woman then I refuse to read the story. And who the hell is this Chloe?! hopefully she isn't Lilys "replacement".?

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Review #9, by DobbyPotter Mummy Doesn't Love Me

4th November 2011:
But am seriously loving this story!!

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Review #10, by Bethanyrose The Guardian

13th October 2011:
Aaaggghhh cliff-hanger !!! Brilliant story though :D

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Review #11, by Bethanyrose Maybe a Change

12th October 2011:
This is a great story witha great plot ! :D

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Review #12, by YeCatsJ Misleading

3rd October 2011:
good job! I love HP time travel fic

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Review #13, by Emma Safe

27th September 2011:
This story is great, I'm really enjoying. I'm getting a little confused with the three James' (original James Potter, 30ish James Potter and future James Potter!) but otherwise I'm finding it not too hard to follow.

My only other thought is that there are some parts which seem to be a bit contradictory (although perhaps I missed something). For example, I don't think you mentioned Ron and Hermione getting married, this is only a year after they left Hogwarts, but in this chapter she's called Hermione Weasley. Also you say original James is 18 here, but he should be 19 when Harry is concieved because he was 21 when he "died". Obviously not major issues, just thought I might point it out...

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Review #14, by Emma Confusion

27th September 2011:
I don't know if I missed something, but how does Harry know that he's 19 years ahead of Lily? I don't think she told him what year of school she was in, or her age, before he said he was 19 years ahead. (sorry!)

Otherwise though, it's getting really good! I'm glad I don't have to wait to resolve the cliff-hanger... just click that little "next" button right now!

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Review #15, by Emma Misleading

27th September 2011:
hehe, this is cool. I like the way you write and I find it easy to read. This is a really interesting premise - I'm looking forward to finding out where you're going with it :)

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Review #16, by lily601kd The Guardian

7th June 2011: Amazing story. I must of looked over it 5 times before I clicked on it, and I'm glad i did. It's a lot of events packed into one story though. I feel like the battle with Voldemort and the battle with Malfoy should be in two different stories, you know?

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Review #17, by Jia The Guardian

30th March 2011:
Hi, i started reading this at 9:00 at night, it is now 4:20 in the morning, thank god i dont have school tomorrow... i mean today. I really liked this story, it was sad yet sweet, happy yet oddly depressing, obvious yet surprising. It did get a bit confusing with the names and the different time periods, but otherwise it was great!! My fab parts were when Harry woke up, and when he went to see Ginny at Hogwarts after that, on Valentines day, when we found out James 1 was alive, when Peter rescued Harry, the whole thing of the lovey dovey stuff between Chloe and James 2, so cute! The way the kids started loving James as a dad, rather than a brother was completly adorable, and when they called their older brother 'Dad', which i was going aw! to... And the Teddy Lily bits. And at the very very very beginning, when Lily was talking to Harry. And all the Lily/James, Sirius/Lacy stuff. I liked a lot about it basically. Overall i loved it, and a cliffhanger at the end!! I think its Draco, who somehow surived, or another death-eater thats willing to take over the title of leader and try to corrupt the very organastion that is the English Ministry of Magic. I also liked the births, they were cute.

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Review #18, by michelle_ginny_potter Counting Down

4th January 2011:
How could you?! Why are you so evil?! Why?! Please make himwake up, one way or another. Other than that, brilliant, love it! :)
10/10 :)

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Review #19, by stormyblueeyes The Guardian

18th September 2010:
I enjoyed the story. I only had a few problems with it 1) You changed James fake name in the middle of the story. 2) Every time someone went in to labor their water broke. It doesn't happen for everyone or everytime. I have had 5 kids and my water has only broken once and I was at 10cm when I got to the hospital and delivered 20mins later. I don't see it as probable that everyones labor went the same way. Other wise I found it a good read and can't wait to read the next one.

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Review #20, by Kay_Black Pulling the Magic

9th June 2010:

All I have to say is wow. You have done such an amazing work on this story! I haven't finished reading the whole thing but this chapter and the ending of the previous one, actually really really got to me.

Your story had me staying up will 4am reading, on my iTouch none the less ;D My eyes hurt but I do not regret it one bit :]

And this chapter made me sob like a baby... I cried so much because I actually thought you were going to kill Harry.

Yes, sound rather over dramatic but hey ;D

They way the part where Harry was waking up, how he started singing when James stopped because he was crying, was so amazing! He was waking up and I just wanted to shout "Yay yay!" and jump around my room, but that would have woken up everyone in my house... so not a good idea ;D

So this review may not be completely orthodox (I really hope I just use that word right ;D ). Just keep writing! You are amazing.


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Review #21, by Mrs Sirius Black Mummy Doesn't Love Me

5th May 2010:
Im an emotional reck right now.

How could ginny do this to harry!

btw your writing is fantastic, it made me feel the emotions harry was feeling.

truely fantastic

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Review #22, by Mrs Sirius Black Bump In the Night

5th May 2010:

Hope everything is okay!!!

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Review #23, by Mrs Sirius Black Traitor Among Them

3rd May 2010:
Poor Harry.. his life is so jinxed!!

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Review #24, by Mrs Sirius Black An Emotional Bond

3rd May 2010:
oh no..

here comes the drama again!

Your going to make me cry again arn't you Phoenix Flames :(

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Review #25, by Mrs Sirius Black The Funeral

3rd May 2010:
I'm not sure if I'm liking the future side of this story..


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