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Review #1, by lovegood27 Confusion

5th April 2017:
Hello, here for Capture The Flag! :)

First thing I want to say is I love how clueless Lily is about the whole James Potter thing. We all know they end up together in the end, but she doesn't, and I don't think she's picked up on any of Harry's hints yet. Speaking of which...he has a LOT of self control. If I were him, I would just send a letter saying LILY YOU'RE MY MOTHER, YOU MARRIED JAMES.

This has been a really interesting read so far. I love anything to do with Lily and the Marauders and I love how Harry is finally getting a chance to know his mother who left him far too early. I think you're conveying his feelings in a very clear and realistic way...overwhelmed, excited at the chance to speak to Lily, and sick of Ron and Hermione arguing (aren't we all, Harry). Also the angst was was so Harry, and it would totally be like him to feel bad about it afterwards.

Okay, so I'm a little confused how this actually happened though. Did Hedwig just somehow magically fly through two generations? By accident? Will it be explained later? :)

Also, one thing I felt was a bit off was Ginny crying. I can see her going to Hermione for comfort, but not her sobbing about a boy. I feel like she has a stronger character than that.

But overall, great job so far. Looking forward to reading more :D

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Review #2, by AbraxanUnicorn Gained and Lost

5th April 2017:
Hello! I'm here for CTF round 3. Blimey, it's hard jumping into the middle of this wonderfully colossal story! Anyway...

So, I've arrived in the middle of Ginny's parturition, and it sounds like things are progressing well. I'm having trouble following parts of the conversation, but that's not a surprise because I've yet to read chapters 1-41. However, it's a lovely scene between Harry and Ginny and I'm glad the pain of birth hasn't turned her into a screaming, swearing banshee. So, Ginny and Harry's first-born is on his way...

Then, we skip four days ahead. I'm presuming the birth was straightforward. Harry and Ginny discussing how they did everything in the wrong order made me smile - I think it's very true for so many couples that things don't always go according to plan. There are aspects of their conversation I'm having difficulty following, but that's what I get for jumping straight into the middle of this story.

Oh! The next section, we're back in time with James and Lily Potter and - oh no - this is really sad that they're talking about this being their last night on Earth together. What a horribly difficult conversation to be having :( And, oh crikey, Lily knows she is going to die and James isn't sure, but if he makes it he's going into hiding as someone else? UGH. I can't even imagine how hard that will be to live with. I'm not surprised they can't sleep :(

The death scene. I got serious chills reading that Lily had heard grown-up Harry's voice before she died. Oh blimey. This story is really messing with my sensibilities.

I'm not sure who Chloe is, but I'm guessing that James in the last paragraph is James Potter II? And four children? And they're about to make another one?

Wow. I must read the whole story some day (maybe today?) Such an exciting and sometimes rather tear-jerking chapter. Great read!

Brax X

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Review #3, by SilverMoonFairy Missing in Action

4th April 2017:
CTF *salute*

You know, I love a good parents finding the teenagers sleeping together scene. It really is just a bucket of laughs, you know? The girlish screaming, the misunderstandings, the fathers freaking out far more than they probably should but that's not going to stop them from freaking out because MALE LOGIC and MALE PRIDE and all that. I think you did a good job with this scene and I especially appreciate that Sirius had the "What are you doing? You have to plan for this crap so that I don't find out about it because when I find out about it, that's not a good thing!" That's the kind of advice I want to give MY kids. Like, "You should know better! Don't let me find out about it again! Learn how to plan your misdeeds and get away with them!"

What an awful note to end the chapter on, though. Harry, Missing in action? That's terrible and Ginny is in so much pain and little James is crying. I don't like sad endings to chapters! They aren't very nice! I liked the Harry/Ginny scene leading up to his leaving, though. Nice little emotional touch before ripping the rug out from under the reader. My knees hurt now, sheesh. XD


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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Forever Love

4th April 2017:
Hey there! Iím here to make sure Ravenclaw wins the CTF at HPFT/read your lovely stories.

What a conversation to have to have with your kids. I mean I can't imagine telling kids that you're going to have to go down to the ministry of magic without mummy and daddy because they have to hide from the bad guys. I think just moving on and finding a safe house would have been fine too. And then the family could stay together. I also think it's funny that of all the things that she could compare it to she compared it to the Sound of Music.

I mean as far as a team of heroes go you can't really go wrong with Harry, Ron, James, Sirius, and the rest of the family. And Aurors. I mean in reality the odds look pretty good, right? Theyíre basically all Defense Against the Dark Arts prodigies and thereís something about fighting for the people you love that seems to give you a little something extra. You have a real, personal reason to fight.

Honestly I don't think it's fair for Harry to lay all of that out on James. With the death of his mother, father, sister, and grandfather...well it's just too much for one kid to process. I honestly think it would have been kinder to just go into battle and if you make it, you make it. If not then James is going to spend his life wondering what his future self should have done differently.

I'm glad Harry and Ginny kissed and everything is fine.


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Review #5, by Dirigible_Plums We'll Keep Trying

4th April 2017:
Hello again!

I'm here for another jailbreak for the Claws vs Puffs CTF event :)

Well, this was certainly a wild ride from start to finish. The shock factor must've been turned up to a million for this chapter because I don't think there was a moment where I wasn't being surprised! Twist after twist was churned out and it was all I could do to keep up.

As a hardcore Hinny shipper, the opening scene was very hard to stomach. In canon, Ginny isn't afraid to give Harry a hard time but I would never have thought that it would go this far. The things they were saying to each other was awful. It was a little hard to reconcile all of this with my personal headcanon for Hinny - but that's the beauty of fanfiction, I suppose. People can have wildly different headcanons and still manage to breathe life into them properly.

(Although I hope you don't mind if this Hinny shipper chooses to ignore the fact that Ginny believes she isn't in love with Harry anymore.)

Above all, I feel so sorry for little James. It's awful to grow up in a toxic environment like the one detailed above. He literally heard every word of that argument. Those kinda things stay with you forever.

I was a little confused on why James was so vehemently cursing his mother in the first memory but then overjoyed in the second.

As for James II and Chloe, I'm really glad that she's pregnant! Again! To think that they'd been trying for so long, only to find out that they've already conceived. Although I do hope that neither are affected by her lack of weight.

Plums xo

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Review #6, by Dirigible_Plums Sarah Hermione Potter

4th April 2017:
Hello, m'dear!

Just here for a casual jailbreak for CTF event :) Since I'm gonna be bouncing around all over the place, I apologise ahead of time for asking any questions that have already been addressed earlier on in the fic.

Starting with: I was a little confused when Harry told James that he is crying because Ginny is pregnant with James. But considering that there's clearly Time involved in the fic, I assume that the letters from the past have transcended to another level?

I will be honest with you, my favourite part was the scene with the Marauders. I don't know what it is about your portrayal of James but he never fails to make me laugh. The way he bickers with his pregnant wife over whether she asked for frosting or not. Does it really matter, Jamie boy, whether she asked for it or not? You know you're buying it anyway. Although it must suck if she forgot to ask and shoved you onto the sofa anyways. 😜

Oh, and Sirius, of course.

Poor bloke doesn't even live there!

(But we all know he practically does).

One thing I really liked about this chapter was how you found a common theme among the three generations. Each of the Potter men are expecting babies and I enjoyed how you essentially took us through the three trimesters: Harry with the first, James and Lily with the second and James with the birth. It was a rather lovely touch.

Minor note, however: the names are getting a little confusing, I must confess. The fact that Harry's kid James is called James Harry instead of James Sirius threw me off. As did his daughter Lily because there are already two in canon :)

Plums xo

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Review #7, by PaulaTheProkaryote We'll Keep Trying

4th April 2017:
Hey there! Iím here to make sure Ravenclaw wins the CTF at HPFT/read your lovely stories.

Oh dear heavens above with the fight that's going on between Harry and Ginny right now. I'm not sure that All was well after all.

I think at this point they should just pack their bags and head off to the safety that is America. Or Brazil. Or somewhere where they can actually raise their kids. Also lol at her for calling him Potter even though itís her name too.

Honestly I just can't imagine a universe in which either Ginny or harry would act like that. I just can't. At least Sirius is there to break in.

Are you sure they love each other? I mean let's be real, this is hardly a healthy relationship. Okay well she doesn't love him and honestly after that display I'm not surprised.

The Daily Prophet was comfortingly familiar. It felt very Skeeteresque and I'm really just wondering who even pays that much attention to whether or not she has her ring on or what kind of temperament Harry has at work. Poor Harry can never get away from the media.

Hopefully the idea of James and Chloe having a baby will pull everyone back together again. I'm glad chloe didn't end up dying or anything crazy. The miracle of life and all the cuteness of little pink bundles of joy combined with the pleasantness of being grandparents might just be enough to get them to settle down together and work out their differences. Hopefully a baby will bring some kind of unity to the family. Births always pull people together, right? I hope so for Harry and Ginny's sake.


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Review #8, by SilverMoonFairy Sarah Hermione Potter

4th April 2017:
CTF *salute*

Wow, I am a little confused, but I guess that's what you get for starting on chapter 38. However, it was a wonderful chapter to start on. The nuance in the scenes was just- ooo, I love it! In the first scene, a father finding out that he's going to be a father (and some sort of time travel going on there if his son that he just found out was conceived is there for it?) and then the next scene, with Lily five months pregnant and hormonal as all heck and then finally, the last scene, giving birth- this chapter is almost a one shot in it's own right. Three different stories but still telling the same story and showing it at different points in time- I just freaking love it!

And I have to take extra time to go back to the Lily scene because it utterly cracked me up. Even without being pregnant, I've seen events like that happen and I loved how she told Sirius he was sleeping on the couch and he doesn't even live there! I about cried, I laughed so hard! I wonder about the relationship there, though. It may have been a brotherly kiss, but that seemed a bit more to me. But I'm also a fan of the weirdo love triangles between Lily, James, and Sirius, so I'm probably just reading into it too much.

Anyway, I did like this chapter a lot. I'll have to read the story in order sometime.


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Review #9, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Confusion

4th April 2017:
Hiya! I'm here for CTF round 3!

I must say that I have a tiny bit trouble following this story, but at the same time I'm curious about how this all works out. Suddenly no responses from Sirius but from his mother instead, her asking to be in the Common Room... I really wonder how this will all turn out if I am completely honest.
That being said, I also feel terribly sorry for Ginny for having to go through all of this, and also for Harry because both of Romione's insistent bickering and fighting and screaming, but also because of Ginny. I do wonder what made him break-up with her though, what the entire story behind it all was, if Dumbledore and everyone is still alive. Unless Voldemort is dead? I hope an explanation comes soon, because I am honestly left with a lot of questions here.
I do love the fact by the way that you also show Lily's emotions and thoughts here, especially when it comes to James and how he hasn't really changed yet. I can imagine it might be slightly hard to believe when that is still going around, so that is nice to read. But what is it about Dean and Parvati? Is he now trying to go after her after realising it won't work with Ginny? And so fast at that? I hope we get explanations for this soon. Great job regardless.

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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote Misleading

4th April 2017:
Hey there! Iím here to make sure Ravenclaw wins the CTF at HPFT/read your lovely stories.

Honestly I'm totally with harry. there was a point somewhere in the books where I think I yelled the same thing at the two of them. Like you can only argue so much before you're an automatic old married couple. So much so that you're the highlight of Harry's letter to Sirius. That's how you know it's bad.

harry and ginny are definitely the epitome of awkward ex couple being awkward. Like his running internal monologue kind of makes me want to smack him too. Bless his heart.

And then clueless ginny inviting herself along not recognizing his internal struggle.


I love that Lily is the one to write back and I love how suspicious she is. And itís before she got married which in my mind makes it even better because a baby is nowhere near her mind.

Oh my god so weird. I'd like tape a camera on Hedwig's back to see what happens. I have to know.

Yeah Harry totally comes across as a stalker in the right mindset with the whole you donít know me yet. Crazy.

YEAHHH so maybe telling your future mother that heís your future father isnít the best and brightest idea. Poor Hermione is probably having a heart attack as we speak.

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Review #11, by Dirigible_Plums Misleading

4th April 2017:
Hello there!

I'm here to review this monster of a fic for the CTF event on HPFT (praying to every god there is that you Puffs haven't hidden the flag here 😜).

I have to admit that I was actually really excited to read this. I'm a sucker for time travel fics, especially when they include the Marauders, and though this isn't strictly time travel, it's still good enough for me! I wonder how the letter system is possible. Is it a speci case for the Potter family or have they just stumbled into something at the right place and right time? I can't imagine it being common at all.

Honestly, I know that what James was proposing was inappropriate but he was hilarious in this chapter. I actually lost it at "I bet you liked the feel of my silky hair in your angelic hands, didn't you?" 😂😂 Only James Potter. If I was in Lily's position, I'd undoubtedly be just as furious but thankfully, I'm just a reader, free to laugh and ship them all I want.

Speaking of shipping...


They were so cute in this chapter albeit in a bit of a cheeky manner. Honestly, I love Hinny (just as much as I love Romione which was rather heavy in this chapter if Harry's shouts suggested anything) and I just feel like screaming at them to be together forever. Come on, Harry! You know you love her!

Excellent first chapter and an interesting premise!

Plums xo

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Review #12, by a Pumpkin Guts

8th May 2014:
so I like the story, but felt like it kind of started to drag after Harry woke up. Like it felt kind of like the parts with James number two should have been a sequel. But aside from that, good story, good writing. One other thing that has been bugging me though...why couldn't Lily apparate away from Godrick's Hallow with James and bring Harry via side along apparition?

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Review #13, by Chloe Pulling the Magic

27th December 2013:

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Review #14, by Indonesiangirl Living on Magic

7th December 2012:
Too many stuttering! :-/

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Review #15, by Anon Lovegood-Creevey Right This Time

30th August 2012:
So, I think James wasn't portrayed quite right at this part... I feel like he should tell Harry to pretend to still be unconscious before going out with a somber attitude and asking everyone to say their goodbyes. Then, he would follow them all, and in the middle of the first person saying their goodbyes Harry would jump up and freak them all out... But that's just my take on James as a character. Personally I think you've taken all the fun out of James, and you've made him into a rather squeamish character...

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Review #16, by Marauding hippogriff The Final Battle: Part I

19th August 2012:
Harry calling Voldemort bitch? The single greatest line in history, ever. How much do I want to see that on screen.

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Review #17, by ducks-go-quack Maybe a Change

23rd February 2012:
You said in AN: "Too fast with Harry and Lily? ..."

My response: Bloody yes! Not realistic at all! Same with Harry and Ginny. Should have happened over several weeks/chapters.

Also, Harry should be preparing himself for Voldemort by training, gathering allies, talking with Dumbledore, etc.

Finally, you need to fill us in more about just how AU your story is. We've learned that Sirus is alive, and that all the Horcruxces are dead, but we don't know how, or anything else.

On the bright side, your sentence mechanics are good.

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Review #18, by ri_sparrow_black Pumpkin Guts

19th November 2011:
That was AMAZING! I was laughing so hard, I swear my mom and my brother thought i was going crazy or something. Overall, I just LOVE this chapter!

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Review #19, by harrypotterloverr(: Bump In the Night

12th November 2011:
hold really confused, did James marry another girl? Or is it like Harry and Ginny's son or something? Because, if James fell in love with another woman then I refuse to read the story. And who the hell is this Chloe?! hopefully she isn't Lilys "replacement".?

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Review #20, by DobbyPotter Mummy Doesn't Love Me

4th November 2011:
But am seriously loving this story!!

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Review #21, by Bethanyrose The Guardian

13th October 2011:
Aaaggghhh cliff-hanger !!! Brilliant story though :D

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Review #22, by Bethanyrose Maybe a Change

12th October 2011:
This is a great story witha great plot ! :D

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Review #23, by YeCatsJ Misleading

3rd October 2011:
good job! I love HP time travel fic

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Review #24, by Emma Safe

27th September 2011:
This story is great, I'm really enjoying. I'm getting a little confused with the three James' (original James Potter, 30ish James Potter and future James Potter!) but otherwise I'm finding it not too hard to follow.

My only other thought is that there are some parts which seem to be a bit contradictory (although perhaps I missed something). For example, I don't think you mentioned Ron and Hermione getting married, this is only a year after they left Hogwarts, but in this chapter she's called Hermione Weasley. Also you say original James is 18 here, but he should be 19 when Harry is concieved because he was 21 when he "died". Obviously not major issues, just thought I might point it out...

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Review #25, by Emma Confusion

27th September 2011:
I don't know if I missed something, but how does Harry know that he's 19 years ahead of Lily? I don't think she told him what year of school she was in, or her age, before he said he was 19 years ahead. (sorry!)

Otherwise though, it's getting really good! I'm glad I don't have to wait to resolve the cliff-hanger... just click that little "next" button right now!

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