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Review #1, by CallusedSilk Chapter Six - Secrets

6th December 2010:
Oh. No wonder I dislike those guys so much. Bounty hunters I always find are usually worse than death eaters simply because death eaters are usually death eaters because they either were forced into or it's part of a fundamental belief they were taught. Bounty hunters, most of the time, are just doing it because they want money. Nothing deeper than that and it makes them very annoying to me. That and I love Draco.

Aren't you proud of me? I lasted quite a long time without proclaiming my love for him.

Author's Response: I am very proud of you. You're at a healthier stage than I am. The other day I accidentally busted into an impassioned defense of Pansy Parkinson right after I met my roommates best friend and even she, a Harry Potter fan, kind of looked at me like I really needed to calm down.
You may continue to vent your love of Draco to me, it's probably a better idea than to strangers.

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Review #2, by CallusedSilk Chapter Five - Thunder and Lightning

6th December 2010:
Very, very well done. I won't go on and on about your style this time (although I adored it still) but I will admit that I believe this is the first time I've liked a death eater more than a ministry member.

I usually, at best, just dislike them equally. At worst I hate the death eater more. However, I did find myself being severely annoyed with the ministry worker when Draco's ankle broke and remorseful that he got caught at all.

Author's Response: It's kind of your classic example of a shades-of-grey rather than black and white world. As Sirius says, the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. People have all kinds of motivations for what they do and some people who seemingly do good things do them for really selfish reasons.

I guess I just like to tell the untold side of the told story. Ugh, I can't believe I wrote that. Breaking ankles is like my biggest fear as a dancer. /random.

Thank you!

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Review #3, by CallusedSilk Chapter Four: So Cold it Burns

6th December 2010:
I'm still very much enjoying this. I loved the refrain of 'seventeen'. I also just absolutely adored how painfully beautiful it was when Draco was the one that put the mark on her and kissed her. It was almost an apology of some sorts, in a way, a desperate attempt to fix what was happening. He doesn't want to do this to her but he has to and it's the only way he knows how to apologize and plead for forgiveness without getting into trouble.

Author's Response: Gosh, I don't know how old you are, but when I wrote this I wasn't yet seventeen. Now I've been and passed seventeen and it's strange because I'm thinking of what it's like and I feel like a lot of adolescence is taken up by this sort of weird, reflective period you enter around sixteen to nineteen. You're not a child any longer but youu also suddenly have much more responsibility. It's a weird phase.

And then add onto all of that, being sent to become a Death Eater? And all she really wants is for someone to tell her she's doing the right thing. Draco is just trying to let her take something else away from this insane memory other than being branded.

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Review #4, by CallusedSilk Chapter Three - Echoes

6th December 2010:
I did love the chapter and only spotted one spacing problem in the very first paragraph, but other than that I loved it. I'm also very intrigued by what's going to happen next. You made me care what happens and that's a wonderful thing.

Author's Response: I am a reformed spacing malfunctioner. It's pretty sad. I like to think that I've gotten better but I'm afraid to venture into old stories and fix it.

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Review #5, by CallusedSilk Chapter Two - She Was Born to Be The One That We Could Blame

6th December 2010:
I really do love the way you have the quiet yearning and apprehension woven throughout this chapter. Nothing in particular screams that danger is around, but just whispers and pulls you int so that you feel the uncomfortable nerves that are plaguing Pansy.

Author's Response: Everything about Pansy and Draco and yearning has to be quiet, I think. They're just not moan about, scream to the hills kind of people. It takes a whole lot to break them down because they're already a little bit broken down by all of the expectations riding on them.

Thank you!!!

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Review #6, by CallusedSilk Chapter One - Don't Trust a Killer

6th December 2010:
I wasn't sure what to expect out of a Draco/Pansy story, to be honest but you have surprised me once again. This chapter is almost haunting. The inclusion of the articles sparsely throughout are a chilling reminder of what's actually going one and a sharp contrast to the almost quiet nature of the rest of it. Only one particular error I picked up (lose vs loose) but otherwise very well done.

Author's Response: I love Draco/Pansy. I have long since adopted them as my favorite pairing but this was my first foray into the territory. I think that there is a certain zen state you have to reach before you can right some pairings and DP is one of them- you have to accept that there is not going to be a point of satisfaction. Neither of them are wonderful people and so you're just never going to get that ride off into the sunset, beautiful ending. Even when you think they do, you can't assume it stays that way forever.

Okay I rambled. Ignore me. Thank you!!!

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Review #7, by indiagreene. Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

21st October 2009:
I'm in love with the 'They were twenty years old' line, and what follows it.
Very, very, very well written. A bittersweet romance, dark yet exciting and enveloping. The mood suited the story perfectly. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :] For me, the romance comes easily with the characters, because just like their personalities, their relationship is basically a series of layers, of what they reveal to the public, to each other, and to themselves, and in such conflicted characters the romance will always be bittersweet, because everything they do is more significant if they are sacrificing something important, like pride, to do it. Thank you for reading, I hope you will forgive me for my long absence and start checking back for future updates!

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Review #8, by Venus_Rising Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

21st May 2008:
Thank you for this story. It was amazing. Now, I understand Satisfaction View, lol. I can find no words, I read this all at once. Easily one of the best Draco/Pansy, you have captured them perfectly. Reading this felt so emotionally draining because your words have such power to convey the feelings between Draco and Pansy. I loved it and I hope you will work on more D/P.

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear you say this because I am a diehard, to the end D/P shipper, and it is (for some reason) kind of a small audience, so I am always happy to hear of a fellow supporter :] As a matter of fact- now that I am re-animated, I have a new D/P story coming out that is set during their Hogwarts years. Not quite as dark in tone as Sinners, or at least not yet, and with a younger perspective. Our Draco and Pansy are not quite as world weary yet. I hope it turns out as well recieved as Sinners, but even if it doesn't, I am so glad you enjoyed my first dedication to D/P!

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Review #9, by MajiKat Chapter One - Don't Trust a Killer

3rd May 2008:
okay so i read this fic first yes? done deal.
this was fabulous, and once again, thank you ^_^
brilliant, original and totally luscious. i love your pansy.
adding to favs and will continue reading and promise to leave a more detailed review at a later date!

Maji xx

Author's Response: Thank you! Pansy is definitely my favorite character to write, I relate to her on a lot of levels and I enjoy writing a character that I can really flesh out without such a strict frame. Thanks for the review, its really motivating!

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Review #10, by wolke Satisfaction View

14th February 2008:
Beautiful story!!! Really, I love it!!

Author's Response: Yay! The sequel is also called Satisfaction View, so you might want to check it out :D Thank you!

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Review #11, by jointhedarksidewehavecookies Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

25th January 2008:
wow what an amazing chapter... i'm totally speechless. this story has become something of an addiction to me! it's the best i've ever read! always 10/10

Author's Response: Yay! I was really worried that chapter would be boring and disappointing, which is partially why I put the preview in the next chapter. Thank you!

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Review #12, by ssb Satisfaction View

23rd January 2008:
Wow. The new sequel looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you are going to do with the story and the characters next. :)

ssb :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll post the new story soon, the first chapter will be basically the same as the preview but with a lot more added in :]

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Review #13, by Onora Satisfaction View

23rd January 2008:
I love Sinners ;)
I used to wait for it to be updated, and then squeal when it was. :P
Can't wait for Satisfaction :)

Author's Response: Hahah yay! Thanks! I promise an update soon, I want to wait a few days but I'm impatient because I want to go request another gorgeousss banner

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Review #14, by hellothere Chapter One - Don't Trust a Killer

22nd January 2008:
Oh, so you added the articles! I like it.
"and his murder have yet been found."
not yet been found?
Wicked Wands? Did you make that up yourself? Or is it canon? I like it.
I'm wondering how the DEs managed to take over Hogwarts. Must have been difficult. Hogwarts has those wards.. I have to go reread in case I missed something...
I'm looking forward to the sequel or side-story..! The preview looks *positive word here* I've been talking to various all day, my head is quite empty. x)
P.S. Can you send Private messages to people around here?

Author's Response: I think I meant "a connection has not yet been found" :]

I did make it up, I just needed the name of a pub that wasn't in canon.

The story of the Death Eaters taking over Hogwarts isn't in there, but I'm thinking of putting in somewhere in the sequel, because it is pretty interesting how they managed to do it, and it does involve Draco and Pansy, but also their parents when they were still alive, which I think is an interesting in-between point.

I don't believe on the archive, but certainly on the forums, where I am ciararose as well.

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Review #15, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Seven - Smolder Silent

22nd January 2008:
I like the way you are drawing the parallel between her getting over him the first time and trying to get over him this time... Everything is still so well-done.

Author's Response: Thanks! I think Pansy needs to force herself to move in circles. Pansy is stuck where she is, there is literally nothing she can do about how much she needs Draco, but she feels like she had to try :]

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Review #16, by Meg Satisfaction View

22nd January 2008:
Okay, I've read a lot of fanfics on this site but none have ever compared to this one. You managed to combine their evil side and their human side seemlessly. One of my absolute fav stories. Great characterization, great dialogue, great flashbacks (and I loathe flashbacks but I love all of them in this story), great plot, great flow, great word usage, great plot development, and you used a good amount of filler stuff but not so much to totally make me go "okay already get to the point"
Twas beautiful and I can't wait to see the next installment :)
Please update soon, their is so little good fiction on this site now, everyone either stops updating or stops writing all together. Please update!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really hope I can continue to fulfill your expectations, and let me tell you, one of the main things that keeps me updating in busy times is reviewers like you :] Satisfaction View has a lot to say, so don't worry, it will be coming very soon. Thank you!

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Review #17, by hellothere Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

22nd January 2008:
Not the last chapter? Fine with me. Still many questions left unanswered, so cool. Started with articles, ends with them too.. And yes, I know what Pansy meant last chapter, that's just what I thought at first. =)

Author's Response: Oh haha sweet :D I hoped the articles would sort of draw things to a close, but don't worry, Satisfaction View starts with a bang :D

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Review #18, by Satiricalmiss Satisfaction View

22nd January 2008:

I loved Sinners! I read it all in one hit, I feel dismayed I have only just discovered it, but wow! You are a fantastic writer. I thought you kept Draco well in character while at the same time creating a subtle change in his character. This just slightly haunted, scarred young man who will never quite return to the former character of his youth. The fact that the I was able to watch this grow throught the story made is so intruiging to read. Pansy I loved to bits, finally a writer who is giving this character some justice! She truly grows into this equal to Draco, you can almost feel his acknowledgment and later his appreciation of her growing throughout the story. Wow again!!!

I can't wait for Satisfaction, if it's anything like the first chapter, it will be certainly something to read. As I don't have any idea as to how you are with updates, I can only hope you do so frequently. Though I must say, your story is certainly one worth waiting for! I hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I can only hope that I live up to your expectations :] Satisfaction View is bursting to be written, so don't worry, it will be out soon. It will feature a lot more plot, too, but hopefully not at the expense of anything else. Thanks!

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Review #19, by :) Chapter Seventeen - Anticlimactic Absolution

20th January 2008:
ahh... I love this story! You potrary them as sinners very well.
But what it's not over... now I really want to see what happens next :)

Author's Response: Haha well let's see... I'd say this particular installment is over. But there is a sequel, and one more chapter that will basically be a preview of the sequel. Thanks!

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Review #20, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Six - Secrets

19th January 2008:
This is so chilling! I love the way you show Pansy's dreams, and the fact that Draco has been capture by bounty hunters is creepy. I had a feeling he wasn't captured by the Ministry. The memory with Pansy in Lucius's study is disturbing... Am I thinking correctly? Was she raped or cursed??? *nervous frown*

Author's Response: The funny thing about that flashback is that when I went to re-read it the other day, I discovered that half of the flashback is not in that chapter. I can't remember why I didn't post it, and I can only assume I meant to put the rest in the next chapter, but I guess I never did. She was, in fact, cursed by something she found in the study. Lucius didn't actually have anything to do with it- although there was a reason he sent Draco outside that I can't remember. Oh well :[


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Review #21, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Five - Thunder and Lightning

19th January 2008:
So Draco was tricked ... and is he really in Azkaban or somewhere else? hmm... I like the flashbacks as always...

Author's Response: Yes, he was tricked. The house was a setup. The why he was tricked, or by whom isn't particularly important- more the why :]


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Review #22, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Four: So Cold it Burns

19th January 2008:
This is so poetic and so desperate! It's so intense. I love the way you have the flashbacks to Pansy getting the mark. It shows Draco's reluctance to be there and her determination to do what has been set before her. I'm also interested to see what's going on with Draco and the plot the Dark Lord has him involved in...

Author's Response: That was one of my favorite flashbacks to write. I always wanted to show Pansy getting her mark because it was the beginning of this sort of descent, and I wanted Draco to be the one to give it to her, because Draco is, in essence, all of her problems and all of her solutions at the same time. Thank you!

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Review #23, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Three - Echoes

18th January 2008:
Wow! I love flashbacks so much, so I definitely loved this chapter... You chose such chilling scenes to retell .. I'm assuming the first one was when he was going to kill Dumbledore? Or one of his first missions for Voldy? And the second one was very amazing and very symbolic - them practicing curses on butterflies... So now I'm wondering if Draco is dead. That last little section was chillingly well done, and the fact that she was "almost changing the future, but not quite" makes me think that he died... That and the fact that the Dark Lord's plan ALMOST failed... Your writing is really strong and seems almost like visions or something... The only thing is that in this chapter, the sequence of time seems a little off, but I was able to figure out what was going on pretty easily and LOVED it! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :] I'm glad you like the flashbacks, the Killing Curse flashback was one of my favorites to write. The last section... well, you'll see what it means :]

I just re-wrote a lot of this chapter so I'm guessing that's probably why the time sequence was off. I'll check it out. Thanks!

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Review #24, by JLHufflepuff Chapter Two - She Was Born to Be The One That We Could Blame

17th January 2008:
I like the way you are portraying Draco in character, and I can see that at this point he's already changing or having conflict within himself. The setting of the story seems very cold and dangerous, and I like that. I also like the way you are bringing in old names in the previous chapter as well as this one. I really like where I think this is headed... :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I am thinking about re-writing that chapter as well so now I have some good ideas about what to keep and what to get rid of :] I'm glad that you like the setting of the story because I am trying to drive home the sort of precarious position that everyone is in at that point. Thank you!

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Review #25, by JLHufflepuff Chapter One - Don't Trust a Killer

17th January 2008:
I really like the mysterious way this starts out, not knowing for sure who the girl is. I had suspicions that it was Pansy, but I was just drawn in by her thoughts and memories and terror/awe of the Dark Lord. The news clips throughout added some background that was nice, especially since I see you started this pre-DH... It really helped me to gain a perspective of what your conception of the war is. So far I'm really enjoying this and eager to see what's coming next.

Author's Response: Thanks! I recently re-wrote that chapter because when I started the story it was for NaNoWriMo a few years ago and it wasn't really any good, and this is the first feedback I've had :] I'm really glad that its effective. Thank you again!

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