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Review #1, by essenni Too Late

24th October 2007:
It's so wrong marrying Ron just because her friends wouldn't understand her love to Draco. That won't be a happy marriage for sure.
All in all - a very lovely story.

Author's Response: I predict a divorce in less than two years. But that's moi xD Thank you so much once again - your reviews make me smile

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Review #2, by luvdraco87 Too Late

16th October 2007:
I loved this chap, but I can't believe this is your first story. it was wonderful. unlike my first story lol. I'm adding it to my favorites.


Author's Response: thank you so much! It was my first fic and I do cringe looking back at it now but I'm so glad you liked it and thankyou for adding it to faves! ^___^

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Review #3, by MajiKat Too Late

14th October 2007:
that was lovely hunny. very nicely done. there was an absence of background history, but you know what? it didn't matter. those details are really irrelevant in the end. you show both hermione and draco's pain very well indeed and the imagery was lovely. i liked that Draco backed out - that he left her to do what she thought was the right thing. that shows a depth to him. i like that.

very nice work darling!
Maji xx

Author's Response: thank you so much Maji! I left out the background history so that the reader could fill in the gaps. Draco is a very deep character so I'm glad you felt I was able to portray that. Thank you so much again, hun! ^_____^

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Review #4, by Cheeky Monkey Too Late

4th October 2007:
Kwl story :) xxx

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #5, by chiQs09 Too Late

11th September 2007:
This was cute...despite the few (minor) typos.

Author's Response: Thanks hunny ^__^ I'll be sure to go and check for those. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Malfoys_Mistress Too Late

6th August 2007:
Aw I really enjoyed reading this... not just because of the cookies *wink* It was very well written and quite sad as well, oh and I love that song! Love Nickelback & Dramione in general (great combination) ^_^ I think there's just somthing about Draco that has me hooked *rolls eyes and whistles innocently* Lol, sorry, being serious now though; the use of lyrics really helped convey the right mood for the story and it accentuated your writing skills. And... *cheeky grin* I would really love to see a follow-up to this. i don't mind if it's another one-shot or chaptered... which ever works for you basically but if you do decide to write a sequel, please let me know? And I'd review that too even if there aren't cookies involved next time, lol xXx Tanya

Author's Response: ooooooh. thanks. xD glad you liked the cookies. and the fic, for that matter. teehee nickelback and dramione do make a great combo. ^___^ and doesn't draco have us all hooked? I'm still not sure about a sequel... it may drag a bit... but I'm thinking [thinkthinkthinkthink] about it. ^_______^ thanks! but if I ever do write a sequel I'll give you a poke ^________^ thanks! xD

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Review #7, by OneInAMillion Too Late

22nd July 2007:
Personally I'm not a fan of Dramione but in this story I loved the two together. You did an amazing job on this. Really.

Author's Response: Thanks! ^___^

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Review #8, by OneInAMillion Too Late

22nd July 2007:
Personally I'm not a fan of Dramione but in this story I loved the two together. You did an amazing job on this. Really.

Author's Response: oh wow, thanks. :D

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Review #9, by anonymous Too Late

2nd July 2007:
aww that's so sad

Author's Response: -sniffs@sadness- thanks!

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Review #10, by DenijaForShuggyBlack Too Late

12th June 2007:
You're cool. XD. Nickelback - Far Away. My favourite song. Love you and your fic.

Author's Response: DENI!! :D -hugs-

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Review #11, by anon Too Late

22nd May 2007:
so sad
loved it
its too late though

Author's Response: yup, it was too late. :(

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Review #12, by Emo Slytherin Princess Too Late

30th April 2007:
Wow. That was brilliance. I love how you didn't waste time coming up with a happily ever after. Because real life never realy has those. You and this are going on my favorites.

Author's Response: aww thankyou :D

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Review #13, by dolphindreamer20225 Too Late

22nd April 2007:
*takes cookies* Well, it was extremely good, yet extremely sad. I'm a sucker for D/Hr fics, so this was sad that they didn't end up together, even though they obviously should have. Anyways, you're a great writer!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D I was aiming for sad lol

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Review #14, by PinkRose Too Late

20th April 2007:
good job with this story you should definately do a sequel...
hopefully a bitter ending between ronny and hermy LOL

Author's Response: Hehe... yeh... let's get RID of ron... if i ever write a sequel i'll keep that in mind :) thanks

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Review #15, by Regina Noctis Too Late

16th April 2007:
Wow, only your first fanfic!! It's really, really good. I hope you keep on writing. . . you've got talent, my friend! ^_^
BTW, I was just listening to "Far Away" for a school assignment. I think you really captured the mood!
I'm a newbie at this too. I'd really love it if you stop by my page and check out my stories. . . leave an opinion behind. . . Thanks so much!
Cheers, RN

Author's Response: Hehe... sure :D Thanks :D

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Review #16, by sillybilly Too Late

15th April 2007:
aww, thats so sad! i am like dying of suspense. please write a sequel soon! it was amazing! great job!

Author's Response: Ooh... a sequel... I'll think about it. Maybe later. Thanks for the review =D

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Review #17, by 4draco4 Too Late

15th April 2007:
I love Dramione too. This was an excellent fic! :)

Author's Response: Thanks =D

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Review #18, by Renee Too Late

15th April 2007:
i thought it was absolutely great. i wish there was a sex scene though

Author's Response: They're too hard to write. If it's too... graphic... the moderators won't allow it. And sometimes they get a bit... ok, I'll stop now lol. Glad you liked my fic, and thanks for the review! =D

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Review #19, by inkismyworld Too Late

15th April 2007: sad, but absolutely awesome for your first ever fanfiction! good job!- iimw

Author's Response: thanks =D it was my first ever fanfiction... so I'm glad you like it! =D

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Review #20, by fendiaddickt Too Late

14th April 2007:
Definately make a sequel! I'm a Draco/Hermione kind of person too:]
good story!

Author's Response: Heehee I love dramione =D. I'll see about making the sequel =D Thanks!

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Review #21, by Isolde Eris Too Late

14th April 2007:
Oiy! I was so sad! I love dramione! Write the chapter sequeal and then let me know! Amazing job!

Author's Response: Ok... IF I write one I'll let you know =D Thanks =D

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Review #22, by onyx_rose Too Late

14th April 2007:
i love it. its really good!

Author's Response: Thanks =D

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Review #23, by MissaMaire Too Late

14th April 2007:
I really really liked this story! I really think that you should to a sequel i would love it!

Author's Response: A sequel would probably bore me now lol... but I'll see =D Glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by Kaida Phoenix Too Late

14th April 2007:
really good, i am a fan of Dramione to n this short story is ace!
love the way that you have written it and the lyrics fit really well
congrats on first fic, i think it was a great success

K. P.

Author's Response: I listened to the song like, so many times as I was writing this fic. So now I know all the lyrics off by heart and I'm sick of it =D Thanks... I love dramione too!

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Review #25, by Hana Too Late

14th April 2007:
Aww! That was really, really good! I think this was a great fanfiction, especially for your first go. . . Keep it up, and please write another soon!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm writing in the spare time I have... so, hopefully my next story will be done soon. Thanks :)

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