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Review #1, by AC_rules How it came to be

22nd April 2007:
Nice 1 shot! Cute and short - it was really original as well don't think iVe read a simular way of them coming together

Author's Response: Thanks so much

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Review #2, by Athena Evans How it came to be

13th February 2007:
I like that James had written Lily a letter every time after he had done something to anger her. Very cute story!

Author's Response: Thanks, really appreciate it and it makes it so much better since to day is my B-Day!Happy Birthday to me!

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Review #3, by emerald_princess92 How it came to be

28th January 2007:
Like I promised I read and reviewed one of your stories and all i have to say is that was beautiful! I loved it! great job! 10/10 though there are some spelling problems...but Hey! no one perfect! I would also thank you for being my first reviewer in Dealing with Destiny I really apperciate the feedback! 10/10 (Did I already say that) Anyway Grat story defiantly going to my favs.!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, Really appreciate it.
Hope to see what you have for your next chapter. Hope you continue reading.

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Review #4, by FullSilverMoon How it came to be

30th November 2006:
i liked it, but it was kinda hard to understand...only because when someone said something, you didnt put the quatation marks first and last " ". but other then that, it was good

Author's Response: ok I know I know about this and thank you for saying it again. But I just checked on the story and I saw it didn't go through so I've done it and hopefully it goes through.thanks

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Review #5, by rotter How it came to be

28th November 2006:
It's a lovely story, but you need to put speech marks around the speech because it makes it very hard to read otherwise.
But other than that It's lovely.

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Review #6, by lostprohecy010 How it came to be

25th November 2006:
I was a little confused bc you didn't have " around the dialog. Over all I liked it!

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Review #7, by annish007 How it came to be

24th November 2006:
where on earth was your inverted commas?i had trouble separating all the conversations and normal sentences

Author's Response: Sr. you had trouble but I'm thinking of revising it and puutting it back up.thanks for your review it really halps me out on the story.

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Review #8, by Pirate_Lover006 How it came to be

23rd November 2006:
This could use some editing.. Like quotations (") when there's dialogue. And I think there are a few spelling errors. But, over-all, it is very well written. And I like the plot.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, it really helps with other stories that I have. Ya I know about the quotations, should have put them but the words were originally bolded so ya thats why their not there. And I do have a problem with spelling, should have taken my time.Thanks again for the review.

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Review #9, by GinnyWeasleyPotter How it came to be

22nd November 2006:

I liked how you had Lily read the notes that James had written for her (of course never planned to give them to her) and had realized she loved him. It just doesn't seem right, that after four notes she decides she loves him. I think that in the beginning you should talk more about Lily's feelings, because you talked about James, that he wanted to be more than friends, that it wasn't enough.

I think the letters should have a little more something, something that would really touch Lily's heart.

Or maybe just have more notes, and not write what all of them say, but just, "She read about four. A whole stack of them were left unopen on the table, and Lily knew that they were all letters to her, apologizing and confessing his love for her."

Also, you have to put quotation marks when people talk, otherwise they aren't really talking, not grammatically. Also, maybe you can put the letters in italics, it really makes it easier to read when everything's separated.

Oh, and the "prince charming" thing is a bit pushing

Anyway, good try, 6.5/10
I hope I didn't offend you, I was just trying to make some suggestions to improve your writing, your story was pretty good otherwise!


Author's Response: Well thank you for your review.Ya I know that I'm suppost to do the commas but ya I just didn't think I needed them because it was seperated and originally bolded where they were talking. And the whole thing with lily just realising that shes in love with him, well thats bad on my part because I should have put at the top that for the past few months shes been having feelings for him. Hope that helps.And thanks for your review.

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Review #10, by harry_is_da_bomb How it came to be

17th November 2006:
its was relly good

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing my story

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