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Review #1, by Misty Lupin Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

27th January 2009:
wow... this story was really cool! but i can't help but wonder... who the heck is "PJH~HJP"?

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Review #2, by FirePhoenix86  Lesson 12 Final Confrontations

27th May 2008:
I'm exited to see that you are posting your sequel! Will it be a fast posting? Or do have more chapters to write? I'm exited! I usually don't read WIP, but for you i might just have to break my own fast! In the mean time, i'm going to re-read this story again. (I was going to add on to the last review i left but for some reason we can't do that...)

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Review #3, by FirePhoenix86 Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

20th March 2008:
So I'm confused...did harry go back to his original time...or even furthur into the past for another adventure? Really, the ending is very confusing.

Author's Response: I left the ending kind of confusing on purpose, to set the stage for the sequel - where your questions will be answered. I've posted the first chapter of it already. I do hope you enjoyed the story in spite of the confusion at the end.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. - Jenn

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Review #4, by Genna Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

12th January 2008:
Impressively Original.
I have not read the HP books only fanfiction. It seems you might have tried to tie up a few unsatisfactory moments here. I wouldn't know.
HP was really struggling emotionally. I don't think I have ever truly like the blaming self first thing that HP has because I know in my own life eventually you have to move on or else you lose the life you could have. Here in your story, you kind of gave us a reason for all the HP turmoil.
Here in this story it seems as if HP has hid his pain in internal pockets and has not spent any time healing from his pain. It is symmetrical in a strange way: how do you get over your emotional past pain? By going backwards in time trying to resolve that which was left internally unresolved. I am not sure if psychology is something you even thought might be a strong suit for yourself, but it is apparent throughout this story.
I have half a mind to read all your fic just to see if I can find more splashes of insight. Whether it was 50K words in 30 days or 54K in 120 days, I think you really did a good job pushing through an interesting concept (time traveling Harry) with a point in HP fic (how did HP prepare enough in advance to beat a wizard that was 2x or 3x his age?).
Job well done.

Author's Response: Funny you should mention that, cause I studied Psych in college.

I didn't intend for this to be a way for Harry to get over the deaths, but looking back after reading your review I can see exactly what you mean.

This idea was actually inspired by my desire to create a time-travel story where the person who went back in time didn't announce to the world, who he (or she) was AND didn't get to jump back to where he (or she) belonged in time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a wonderful review. I enjoyed the fact that you made me look at my own writing in a new way. I hope that if you find the time to read my other stories, that you enjoy them just as much. - Jenn

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Review #5, by Rayhven Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

4th September 2007:
I liked this story, and i was exited to here that you were going to be writing a sequel...any news on when you'll be posting that? I was curious as to the signatures on all the letters to Harry signed PJH ~ HJP...could it be Professor James Harrison ~ Harry James Potter? Really can't wait for the sequel!


Author's Response: I'm always thrilled to hear from readers who have enjoyed my stories! I'm working on plotting out the sequel and hope to start posting sometime in the next month or two. I need to wrap up a couple of other open fics first. Thank you so much for the review! And the initial question will be answered within the first 5 or so chapters of the sequel. - Jenn

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Review #6, by hanoverpretz01 Lesson 7 How to Tell the Truth while Keeping Secrets

21st August 2007:
really good story and idea.
update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It's been hectic lately, but I do plan on starting the sequel for this one soon! Be sure to keep an eye out on my author's page for details! - Jenn

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Review #7, by Nocdia Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

13th July 2007:
Amazing story, best fanfic I've read, ever. Thank you so much for writing it, and writing it well at that

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the reviews! I love knowing that my readers enjoyed my stories! - Jenn

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Review #8, by Nocdia Prologue Part 1 Embracing Destiny

13th July 2007:
i love how it starts, and has already captured my interest!! moving on the chap 2!

Author's Response: I'm glad you've found this one interesting and that you enjoyed the beginning! - Jenn

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Review #9, by Clamial Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

28th June 2007:
Wow! Cool story! I loved it. I think this is the first story I have read where Harry travels back in time to teach himself (as opposed to teaching his parents, their friends, and Snape) and where he is not sent back in time so he can recover from the war.

I wonder who the older man is, and who is sending Harry all those letters. I suspect that they are both older Harrys, though perhaps different older Harrys. Those dizzy spells...are they caused by too many Harrys existing in the same time and in close proximity to each other, I wonder? Well, I admit this whole time travelling and multiple Harrys is sort of confusing.

One question, though. From the books and movies I got the impression that when you travel back in time with a time turner you can't change the past, because it has already happened. The first time you lived through it, your future self was already there and doing whatever he/she/they came to do, so all attempts to change the 'past' ended with the past that happened...if that makes any sense. With other words, you *can't* change the past, no matter what. And I thought that Harry understood this after year 3. So, now that he's in the past, shouldn't he know that it's impossible to change anything? And, from his memories from his younger self, he knows what would happen, what he would say etc., so it would inevitably happen that way (again - from his perspective). So he should not have to *try* to do things exactly like he did the first time...they would just happen that way anyway, even if he tried to do it differently.

That brings me to another question: In your fic you wrote something along the lines of Harry having to do everything exactly like he remembered it happening, or he would cause an alternate time line...but that is impossible, since you can't change anything in the past anyway...right?

Urgh. This is confusing. I admire that you managed to wrap your mind around all this and wrote a story that makes sense from both Harrys' point of views. Over all, well written (ok, there was the occasional spelling or grammar mistake, but you said you hurried, so that's ok; and for writing it as quickly as possible and considering it was not beta', well done!), made sense, was, yeah. Good story.

I liked that even though future Harry had defeated Voldemort, you did not make him out as an undefeatable hero. He was still an ordinary guy, perhaps more powerful than others, but nothing *too* special. He still made mistakes, several times almost gave himself away and lost control of himself in a somewhat immature way. Although I think that when you are an Auror and almost 30 years old, you should not loose control that easily, it is somewhat understandable under the circumstances. After all, Harry has to face all those events that hurt him so deeply *again*, and as you hinted several times throughout the story, he never actually went through the whole grieving/healing process. And I liked his lessons, he seemed like a good DADA teacher.

Oooh! By the way. In the scene where he first uses his two time turners to go back in time...He went back two years with the first time turner and ended up in the Shrieking Shack. There, he then used the two time turners, first the little one to go back 4 days (I think it was 4 days, at least...) and then the second timeturner. In the instructions he got in the letter it said to use 8 turns on the bigger time turner (to send him back ten years, all in all), but when he actually used it you wrote that he only used 6 turns, but he still ended up 10 years in the past...

Now, I really hope that there is a sequel to come, because just letting me hang there, knowing he went even further into the past to do who knows what...that would be just cruel. So, please!! Write a sequel!!!

But until then, thank you very much for this very enjoyable story.

Author's Response: Wow... I think yours in the longest review I have ever received. Not complaining, just commenting.

Now, to answer your questions and clear up a few things. You were correct about the dizzy spells, more of that will be revealed in the sequel when I write it.

Next: Yes, you aren't really changing the past when going back - according to the books. Harry knows this on a subconscious level, but sometimes he is blind and he so desperately wants to save those he lost - a natural feeling I think. Very human. I do think he'd still have to try - because he'd not be able to remember every little detail, so many years have passed and most people for get little things. Somethings will just happen as they were meant to without his putting effort into though too. Remember, Harry doesn't analyze everything like Hermione would - so he's going to think about it more then he needs to and think there's more involved.

I'm sorry about the confusion, it was very confusing to write at times and hard to keep track of his older perspective while recalling things from his younger perspective. I'm glad that his flaws didn't throw you, and while he seemed childish at times - I don't think you ever truly lose who you are and some of your younger faults always come back to haunt you. With Harry, stress and the whole time travel was enough to throw him for a loop. Not to mention he's reliving a terrible year for him. As you said, he's not really healed, nor addressed his grief properly.

Thank for reminding me about the discrepancy in the years - I'd forgotten to fix that when I changed it after realizing I wasn't having him old enough at first.

Thank you again for the review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! I hope to start on the sequel as soon as I am finished editing 'Future' and writing Revelations (new fic) - Jenn

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Review #10, by Silver_Pheonix Lesson 9 - Reality Check 101

7th May 2007:
i meant to ask this question a few chapters ago, but how would Harry, as the professor, appear on the maureders map???

Author's Response: Ah, yes, the Map that reveals all secrets - or at least seems to. To answer your question... Under normal cercumstances he'd appear as Harry Potter regardless of whatever disguise he is wearing. However, because he performed the fidelous charm on himself, he shows up as Professor Harrison - because the spell removes all evidence of the one who is hiding. I don't know if it would work the way I haven't written it in the story, because I know magic does have some limitations, but I used a bit of creative license in order to make that a plausable solution to wiping Harry's name off the map (at least the older Harry's name.) I hope that answered your question.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! - Jenn

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Review #11, by Elysian Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

2nd May 2007:
Ah! A brilliant ending to a brilliant story. Definately a bit of irony there at the end, and I'm glad you gave me the chance to form some theories of my own. You didn't lay everything out and say "and this is why this happened" or sommat like that--you left plenty of hints though. Wonderful conclusion! I like how its not exactly a happy ending, either. Should you write a sequel to this, rest assured--I'll be back to read it.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you for the compliments! I'm speechless at the moment! :) I'd actually fretted over some of the missed loose ends, but was happy with the ending and didn't want to mess it up! lol...

As to a sequel? Yes, I was planning one from almost the beggining, but I porbably won't start it until I finish up with a few other projects I'm working on right now.

Thanks again for the wonderful review! - Jenn

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Review #12, by maurdersdaughter Epilogue Saying Goodbye Again

26th April 2007:
i love ur story! u have to have a sequel! juast in the way u ended it!!! the story simply screams sequel!!! loved it tho!!


Author's Response: I'm very happy that you enjoyed this story! I had quite a bit of fun writing it and it helped bring back into focus on my other WIP. Sequel? Hmm... I might have tossed the idea around a time or two! lol. ;)

I actually do plan on writing a sequel to this story though, just not until after I get Hope & Light done and have worked my way through the revisions of Discovering the Future. Once I've done that I'll feel better about continuing Harry's time travel adventures!

Thank you so much for the review! - Jenn

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Review #13, by HPlife  Lesson 12 Final Confrontations

8th April 2007:
to bad he could not save the headmaster but good story.

Author's Response: I know. I hated letting Dumbledore be murdered a second time, but I've always tried to stay as close to canon as possible, even when doing AU. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the story and hope you find the last chapter up to snuff!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review! - Jenn

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Review #14, by ttx Lesson 10 Organizing Priorities

26th March 2007:
My Dearest Jenn,
I/WE started reading this book, knowing it would be Brilliant,
but mostly, knowing it would be only
50,000 words. ( for the contest)
and here we are @ the end of March, going into April, We Thought, we would have a completed book by Christmas,( most profoundly unintelligent of us,to Think that, huh?)
Now we about to approach Easter!

How wrong was I!

You dont have me 'hooked' in my lip,
but in the 'sweet spot' in my right cheek!

You have out done my expectations, Bravo* and again Brilliant*
Keep going, STOP everything and FINI this Book!
We love here in Texas
til that time,
I send your book out to my lists
They read you here and in Hungary.

Author's Response: First, let me say thank you for sticking it out - even though I was unable to meet the competition deadline. It means alot to me that you've enjoyed the story enough to stay with it. I'm thrilled that you enjoy the story as much as you do! Thank you also for the review and I hope you'll enjoy the last few chapters! - Jenn

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Review #15, by b Lesson 1 Applying for the Job

14th March 2007:
times dont coincide: he's 28 gos back 8 years to when he was 16?

Author's Response: I thought I'd worked out the years.. I knew there was a small discrepancy - as I'd changed his age halfway through the story and then had to go back, but I didn't work it out completely before posting it.

I'll be going back and editing the entire story once I've finished writing the last few chapters and have finished up Hope and Light.

Thanks for the pointer though, Jenn

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Review #16, by seraphis Lesson 10 Organizing Priorities

19th February 2007:
nice to have you back :)

Author's Response: Thank you, it's good to be back. I've missed writing like I used to. The next chapter should be up sometime soon! - Jenn

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Review #17, by aquaminitgirl07 Lesson 10 Organizing Priorities

18th February 2007:
finally! I've been cheaking about every week since chapter 11! oh, well. ireally thought that harry would have his head bitten off by pomphrey. well, more detail couild help. mabey tell about one particularly hard lesson.

good work!!~!!


Author's Response: Sorry about the delay in the updates, hopefully the remaining chapters will be much easier to write! Thank you so much for the review and now I'm off to work on the next chapter! - Jenn

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Review #18, by aquamintigirl07 Prologue Part 2 Shock, Confusion, and Preparation

12th January 2007:
luv ur story! cant wait til the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The next chapter should be up soon! - Jenn

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Review #19, by aquaminitgirl07 Lesson 2 Second First Impressions

9th January 2007:
PJH ~ HJP=s WHAT? honestly, your going to drive me mad!

PJH hhhm.i guess that could really be pro. James Harrison. OR someone else? i mean obvesly HJP is Harry James Potter. right??? but come on!! there has to more to it than that!! isnt there???
mabey im reading too much into it. ohhh weel, ~*sigh*~ ill just have to be patient.
unless,~gets a hopefull expression*~

sh! you can tell me i wont reveil your secret to a soul! i promise. heck, i dont even kno your real name! not only that but im the only one who acctually reads HPFF in like my whole school! no one i kno is as obsesed with harry potter as me. i even wright his stuff. no its noy posted yet, to answer your question. but im almost finished with my 10th story. ok,ok i kno im totally boreing you, right?? i thought so. ell i love the story! your just going to drive me mad, trying to figure it out. anyway, you completely deserve the 10 i just gave you


Author's Response: LOL, you are nearly very convincing! You'll have an answer to your question after the last chapter is posted, the question is addressed by Harry in the story!

Thanks so much for all of the reviews you've left! And I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as I post it! - Jenn

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Review #20, by aquaminitgirl07 Lesson 9 - Reality Check 101

9th January 2007:
i love tis story!
i guess your really lucky that i forgot to check up on this particular story. i usally dont wait too long for a WIP to be posted upon. i'll just forget it.

cant wait for the next chapter:)
i bet harry will get the equliviliant of a howler from madam pomfrey LOL!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and I am honored that you are enjoying this story enough to take the time to track it. I hope to have the next chapter up real soon so you won't have to wait too long! - Jenn

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Review #21, by t Lesson 9 - Reality Check 101

31st December 2006:
Well Done, and as usual Brilliant
Enjoy this Old Years Day
And happy New Year
til that time,

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the holiday wishes! I hope your holidays were just as great as mine were! - Jenn

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Review #22, by siriusblack_4_real Lesson 1 Applying for the Job

31st December 2006:
PJH ~ HJP (haha clever!!!) Professor James Harrison ~ Harry James Potter... LOL everything in your story absolutely makes me love it more. Congrats on another great chapter

Author's Response: *sigh* I was wondering when someone was going to figure that out! lol... Congrats on being the first to say it out loud! Glad you are enjoying the story so far! Thank you - Jenn

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Review #23, by siriusblack_4_real Prologue Part 2 Shock, Confusion, and Preparation

30th December 2006:
ugh im in love with your story now!! your writing style is perfect (to me) and you explain everything in a way that would define you as a true author... jk would be proud if she read this story so keep up the good work in chapters to come . 10/10

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the praise. I hope I can live up to your expectations for the remaining chapters! - Jenn

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Review #24, by siriusblack_4_real Prologue Part 1 Embracing Destiny

30th December 2006:
awesome chapter.. you do have an amazing writing ability, but why would he take the Marauder's Map? That only works with the school grounds. and is kind of irrelevent to the story unless he's gonna end up back in hogwarts but that much hasnt been told so its kind of a blind assumption. well anyways its still a good chapter and i know im just being picky so dont take to heart anything I critic you on. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter and I don't mind you questioning my motives.

That was actually a bit of foreshadowing I wrote into the story because I knew he'd need the map later on. If I had written it so he would have received the map after he went back in time - then I'd have had to plot out a reasonable cause for him to not have the map at the time it was given to him and that was too much of a headache. So I had him take the map.

Also, the map represents a connection to his father, his godfather, and Remus - all three of whom were lost to him in this future that I created. - Jenn

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Review #25, by Mrs_Sirius_ Padfoot_ Black Lesson 9 - Reality Check 101

30th December 2006:
Great chapter! update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter should be up soon! - Jenn

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