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Review #1, by Al Sharpton Slytherin Escapades

13th May 2008:
Man, dis story is just awsome, im gonna tell by sista shenequa to come check this biznitch out

Author's Response: o.o

thank you. glad you're telling other people about our writing

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Review #2, by Tom Cruise Slytherin Escapades

13th May 2008:
And, where is the rest...

Author's Response: hold your horses sheesh
i have a life too, you know

i thought you didn't care about it anymore

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Review #3, by Bill Gates Slytherin Escapades

9th April 2008:
Where is the rest of the story?

Author's Response: hold your horses ryan, i'll get to it tomorrow ^-^

i promise

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Review #4, by dhfanatic2011 Slytherin Escapades

17th September 2007:
awww. sarah and michelle! ^^
too cute.
great chapter, though.
made me smile for, pretty much, the first time today. . . [stupid jenn.]
and i'm glad you got back to updating!
yayness. ^^

Author's Response: ew, don't be gross
stupid jenn haha
at least you smiled
even if it's at the expense of my happiness =\

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Review #5, by Happy-go-lucky-toys Slytherin Escapades

16th September 2007:
This story sucks. This Ryan kid is F-ing sweet though.

Author's Response: uhm, okay?

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Review #6, by Dr. Phil Mr. Steele

26th July 2007:
WHERE"S THE REST OF MY MASTERPEICE? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Author's Response: hold on... I have to type it out first you psycho

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Review #7, by dhfanatic2011 Mr. Steele

25th April 2007:
loved the chapter. go to your woman michael. ha! that made me giggle. =]

Author's Response: doesn't everything make you giggle?? yes well anyway, Michael having a woman was giggle enough!

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Review #8, by Airiana Ski Michael The Grump

28th March 2007:
I have to say that the three of you have very different writing styles, but they sorta flow... or something... naw I just need more suger so I can stop being smart. But this chapter rocked. You now get *counts on fingers* 4 plates... wait... 2 plates of cookies and a plate of cupcakes in reward for writing this story thus far. I woulda given you a plate per chapter but I wouldn't want you three to fight over the fourth plate... and cupcakes seem like a good idea ;) Love the story, and uh... I'll review you later? yeah... that works!

Author's Response: don't worry... Michael would cower in fear that Ryan or I would hit him for the fourth plate... and then I'd threaten Ryan and get it hahahaha. Anyway, I'll tell Michael you gave us cupcakes. He's taken a liking to his character and become obsessed with cupcakes haha. thank you for the reviews... YOU ROCK~

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Review #9, by Airiana Ski Quidditch Tryouts

28th March 2007:
This story is rather amusing. I love how all three of you are writing it together. If I tried to write a story with two of my friends it would turn out scary random... -.-', but anyways, love the story, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: welcome to Sarah's Palace (aka my world). Yeah... I'm surprised ours isn't random and I frequently have to fix some of their ideas in fear that things will go haywire. thanks and I could love you for leaving these reviews!

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Review #10, by Airiana Ski Gryffindor Common Room Commotion

28th March 2007:
Hahahaha... she was attacked with a broomstick... and yeah, I'm easily amused. This chapter didn't have too much excitement, but you made up for it with humor. Nice job!

Author's Response: again, thanks. Ryan ruined it so I had to make it better. now he's being a dork about it... oh well it'll get loads better.

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Review #11, by Airiana Ski Too Much Excitement

28th March 2007:
Very interesting so far. I like how you introduced the characters without giving to much away, but rather showing what their personalities are (I pay way too much attention during school.). Good story!

Author's Response: thanks so much! I love writing, and yet following in the rules... only bending them slightly. thanks for the review too... I miss reviews... :D

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Review #12, by Naruto_sucks Michael The Grump

25th March 2007:
aww i see. poopey pooopey pooopey pooopey lol

Author's Response: you are so retarded. but thanks for the comment I guess... as long as you stay away from me at school tomorrow I won't kill you...


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Review #13, by Michael The Grump

17th February 2007:
wow! please hurry up and make more of "A Final Farewell"

Author's Response: no problem... we're working on chapter 13 or 14 right now... I don't remember we're just in a 2nd notebook :D but I'm trying to get chapter 5 up now! Hint hint, it's called Mr. Steele and Lavendar Lilacs

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Review #14, by dhfanatic2011 Michael The Grump

16th February 2007:
Golly, you guys are so weird. But I just love the story. :]

Author's Response: Yes... weird is what we are my dear friend... but that's just our perogative. As long as we don't act like Jake or Kyle we'll be okay? If you know what I mean...

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Review #15, by Dr Phil Michael The Grump

13th February 2007:


Author's Response: nice one Ryan... aka Dr. Phillio or the dead Mountain Man

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Review #16, by Dr Phil Quidditch Tryouts

31st January 2007:

You wrote it and that's final. Anyone who reads this and also reads the reveiws needs to realize that Sarah wrote it.


Author's Response: Why must you tell me to quit screwin' around... like in social studies... cause I'm not and you wrote it because it's your handwriting in the notebook retard... RYAN'S A LOSER! Yeah, not really cause he makes the story rock but he's lost his sanity temporarily... haha

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Review #17, by Dr Phil Quidditch Tryouts

30th January 2007:
Don't give me that crap, you wrote it cause i remeber asking you what the hell floaters are.

Author's Response: Ryan Steele, you shut your mouth because that was your handwriting in the notebook! I guaruntee I do NOT write like that you fool!

P.S. you can't even remember what you wrote? Pathetic...

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Review #18, by Dr Phil Quidditch Tryouts

29th January 2007:
Hey The part about knocking your floaters off you wrote, cause i don't know what the flip' floaters are.

Author's Response: No... you wrote that retard... you just don't remember cause I don't know what floaters are either and Michael only wrote 1 line in this flipping story!

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Review #19, by dhfanatic2011 Quidditch Tryouts

27th January 2007:
*claps for sarah*

Author's Response: thank ya... I have a mini story series I'm starting... I couldn't get chapter 15 of my other story up so I wrote it if you wanna read it when it gets validated... just thought I'd tell ya.

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Review #20, by Dr Phil Gryffindor Common Room Commotion

30th December 2006:
Thanks for not telling me i spelled third wrong.

Author's Response: I didn't know you spelled third wrong, sry dude

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Review #21, by Dr Phil Gryffindor Common Room Commotion

27th December 2006:
When is the trird chapter comin'?

Author's Response: just chill I had a chapter on the other story that I had to get validated

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Review #22, by hpn4ever Gryffindor Common Room Commotion

27th December 2006:
nice. it was funny, u need to write more!!

Author's Response: I have my other story to add chapters on too... it's rough business but hopefully chapter three is coming soon!

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Review #23, by hpn4ever Too Much Excitement

27th December 2006:
i liked it!great i wish i was in it :

Author's Response: Maybe you can be in a different story OR Michelle, Ryan and I can make you a foreign exchanged students from France or something... exciting!

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Review #24, by Dr Phil Too Much Excitement

11th December 2006:
oops!!! Spelled same wrong on the last message.

Author's Response: How do you spell same wrong??

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Review #25, by Dr Phil Too Much Excitement

11th December 2006:
Holy Crap! Leave a flippin message, turn around and you've answered it. Hadn't Hadn't Hadn't Hadn't. I think i got the hang of it now. The stuipid (I know i can't spell, or at least i don't think its spelled that way.) people here hadn't screwed up the awsome message, it would have been sweeter. It was suppost to have alot of the ame letter so it was drawn out. Crazy People.

Author's Response: Well it's my job to answer reviews in a timely manner from crazy people like you. That's the goal of an author Ryan, don't you get it? Try reading and commenting my other story, it would be more appriciated thanks!!

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