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Review #1, by roxyroxtheworld Life doesn't just end

22nd May 2016:
I was a boy worried while reading that I wouldn't like this story but I loved it!!! Hermione was right to stay with Draco!

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Review #2, by PeasantGirlFromMars Life doesn't just end

13th September 2014:
At some point I was afraid she'd change her mind and run away with Ron. But at the end I felt kind of sorry for him...
Great job!

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Review #3, by RoseWeasleyGryfindor Life doesn't just end

30th May 2013:
Once again wonderful job

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Review #4, by Sydney Life doesn't just end

1st January 2013:
Ah my emotions!!! This was amazing!

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Review #5, by SerpentineOffering Life doesn't just end

28th February 2012:
I'm normally not a huge fan of One-Shots, in fact I normally avoid reading them but I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading this one, it's really well done. You have a great style of writing and you pulled everything together perfectly, great job!

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Review #6, by Maria Luna Life doesn't just end

17th February 2012:
I love all of your pieces! In this piece it made me so happy to finally find a story and a writter who did not have the female character change their mind at the wedding! The feeling of true love, true deep heart breaking pain, and the love for ex's as well as friends shows through your writting wonderfully! Thank you for this piece that shows such deep understand and visualization!

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Review #7, by Diamond Destiny Life doesn't just end

1st August 2011:
I love your writing so much! Thanks for a great read! I nearly cried! =)

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Review #8, by skyhigh949 Life doesn't just end

31st July 2011:
Wow! that was amazing. :D

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Review #9, by Ehlana Life doesn't just end

1st June 2011:
Oh my, this is just beautiful!! I feared for a moment that she might mess things up ... but all's well that end's well, right?!

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Review #10, by HpGirl1 Life doesn't just end

19th December 2010:
Even though this was a one-shot story, I absoluteley loved it! Keep writing!

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Review #11, by FanGurl365 Life doesn't just end

3rd September 2010:
Wow...very nice & touching. Just one thing bothered me... Draco and Hermione never said 'I do' !!! Haha please ifx that if you can. :)

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Review #12, by pep Life doesn't just end

30th May 2010:
that was a nice story...i'm a solid draco hermione fan...

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Review #13, by marlita1311 Life doesn't just end

29th May 2010:
the thing with the angels and the rain is adorable..
my mom told me the same thing when i was younger..

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Review #14, by Shelby Weasley Life doesn't just end

16th August 2009:
:( poor Ron. Usually I side with Draco on well, everything. But I guess I'm biased... oh well :) but this story made me want Ron to win for once :( good job!

I loved it!

Shelby Weasley

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Review #15, by Sara Life doesn't just end

13th August 2009:
I almost felt sorry for Ron, well actually I kinda did xD . It was so sad and beautifully written. I really don't like the Ron-Hermione pairing, but I LOVE Draco

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Review #16, by hannedalsgaard Life doesn't just end

12th November 2008:
That was really cute. And I'm glad she chose Draco. (:

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Review #17, by Krystle Lynne Life doesn't just end

30th October 2008:
I almost feel sorry for Ron, but it was his own fault in the first place. If he had come back...oh, let's say, a few months before Draco and Hermione were to get married, then she may have chosen Ron, but he didn't. He waited till the last minute and as your title said, it was 'a moment too late.' I love your story, it was beautifully written and I was happy to see that in her own way, Hermione forgave Ron, even if she never actually said it.

~Krystle Lynne~

PS: I'm not a huge fan of Hermione and Ron, but if she had chosen Ron, I think I would've still liked it.

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Review #18, by light_blue Life doesn't just end

4th October 2008:
that's just so sad...nice story though!

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Review #19, by jenrabbit Life doesn't just end

26th April 2008:
Aww, bittersweet, but excelently written. Very heartfelt, loved it, totaly a 10/10!!! Keep writing, you're an extremely talented author. ^.^

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Review #20, by alylovezu2 Life doesn't just end

22nd November 2007:
aww that was sweet but I'm glad she ended up with Draco. It was a wonderful story.

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Review #21, by netballpro13 Life doesn't just end

22nd October 2007:
oh that was so sad i love ron and hermione together it just breaks my heart

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Review #22, by AussieAnatomy627 Life doesn't just end

8th October 2007:
Definitely a moment too late. But beautifully written. It's goin in my faves!

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Review #23, by hanoverpretz01 Life doesn't just end

1st September 2007:
i liked it

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Review #24, by soso Life doesn't just end

21st August 2007:
That's awful .. (I mean what happened to Ron not the story)
I almost cry .. i wished she will return to Ron.
But I think the story is good like that.

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Review #25, by HB_Prince Life doesn't just end

19th July 2007:
Great story. I'm not a Hermione/Draco shipper, but I really wanted her to stay with Draco (I was worried she was going to choose Ron) but then at the end I was almost crying for Ron too.

Author's Response: aww I didn't want people to cry :( But thanks for the great review!

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