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Review #1, by Cassie Chapter 6

6th May 2007:
Ahhh post moore

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Review #2, by cassie Chapter 6

7th March 2007:
i loveloveloved this chapter. poor hermione :(

Draco?! A vampire?! Now this is really getting good.

Pmasp! =D

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Review #3, by Warning Chapter 6

23rd February 2007:
Hey, your picture for your story is not a banner. The banner is supposed to be 700 x 110 max. MAX. lol.

So you're picture is going to be deleted, or your whole story if you don't delete the picture. Because it's against the rules. Just saying :)

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Review #4, by firebolt1001 Chapter 1

22nd February 2007:
I am Lord Voldemort
tom marValo rIddLe

he he he he he he he ok im done nice chappie

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Review #5, by darkphoenixqueen Chapter 6

22nd February 2007:
lol i love it hun amazing hehehehe... what happens next! wot no mention of me in ur authors note i feel so oppended lol hehehehe... love u hun please read and review when my next chapter gets allowed lol ur phoenixqueen

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Review #6, by WhispersInTheNight Chapter 6

21st February 2007:
I like the bit where Draco is thinking about Kala and he thinks that she would've married him. It makes the next bit where they are kissing work. i like this fic. it is interesting and there isn't really much chance to get bored of it.
if there was one thing that you could have improved on this chapter it would be that it is a bit too fast. its hard to explain but it kind of felt like one thing was happening before the thing before had finished which was a bit hard to read. the vampire thing was a bit random but i like that he got bitten... it kind of adds an extra storyline. x

Author's Response: Thanks. You leave cool reviews.
Yeah it did move a bit fast but I had to get it all down. It's all up here in my head. he he. Please continue to review my stuff. Your words are very

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Review #7, by WhispersInTheNight Chapter 2

20th February 2007:
Did you know you wrote "dracp" in the summary for this chapter?
I know. I am picky.
onto the next chapter...

Author's Response: Lol. Thanks I'll change that.xx

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Review #8, by WhispersInTheNight Chapter 1

20th February 2007:
I quite like this so far, hard to tell exactly what i think being the first chapter and all.
However- You should really check over all the grammer, spelling etc. i know that makes me sound like a school teacher but it makes it easier to read and easier to get into if its spelt right, you should especially take care with characters names because they really aren't hard to spell.
secondly, you need to explain things more. like why does draco have to marry pansy other than his dad saying so. I guess there doesn't really have to be a reason but it would help... i don't know if that comes up in other chapters, sorry if it does.
Anyway, so far pretty good (thought i'd say that again to try and stop this looking like i was just reviewing to complain- im not its just advice. you don't even have to read it if you don't want). This is one of the first fics i have read on here. I have an account on so i mostly read stuff on there.
I am rambling so i will stop. good luck with the rest of your writing... x

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!
Cheers for all that advice. Don't worry, I like it when people ramble. He he.
Yeah I guess I should explain a bit more. But I think the story unfolds pretty well as it goes on. Please read more! You give good advice.x

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Review #9, by Weffles Chapter 5

9th February 2007:
What are you doing? I love this story but what?

Author's Response: he he he. You'll see...

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Review #10, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 Chapter 5

8th February 2007:
omg that has got to suck for draco i cant believe all the twist this story has please add a new chappie and soon this is such a great story i cant wait to read more

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! touches me when people bother. lol. yeah I will update soon. I basically make it up as I go along so you can probably expect more twists along the way ; )

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Review #11, by smee Chapter 4

6th February 2007:
you have quite a lot of reviews now... how many are from people you don't know?
anyway i like it. im just a bit confused why harry would want to sleep with pansy that much.
i would like to take this moment to say that i am so better than you are, and if im not yet i will be one day. so there! :P bye bye CJ

Author's Response: u suck

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Review #12, by Cassanizer Chapter 4

20th January 2007:
omg i love this, keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I will but the bloody validation takes yonks! I said yonks. Oh I'm so cool...

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Review #13, by wizrdgrl Chapter 3

19th January 2007:
how come ron and harry are just ok with Draco and Hermione.
I mean they dont even attack him or anything.

Author's Response: lol. They're ok with it cuz they've all become friends. Maybe i haven't made that clear. Thanks for letting me know though. I'm about to have another read of your stuff so if you've updated expect another review!

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Review #14, by wizrdgrl Chapter 4

19th January 2007:
wow powerful lol.
But a little unrealistic I mean Harry.with Hermione?
I dunno.
Anyways another good chapter.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! You're lovely! But once you read the other story you'll see my grammer can leave much to be desired! But thanks for the nice review.

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Review #15, by PhotoFairy 27 Chapter 4

15th January 2007:
I like the twist. It's like- Harry is evil, Draco is unevil... Du Du DUHHH!
You have very purple hair.
You are sooo dececed!

Author's Response: erm...thanks pru! and your hair is very...brown...ahem.
Anyhoo, it's spelt deceased not dececed. Bless.

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Review #16, by bob Chapter 4

15th January 2007:
omg so amazing that ws gd!! im waiting 4 more lol :D

Author's Response: thank you! too too kind.
luv mex

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Review #17, by bob-me again lol Chapter 3

15th January 2007:
no they actually get together :O:O:O:O

Author's Response: yes they do. They do indeed.

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Review #18, by bob Chapter 2

15th January 2007:
omg poor pansy! i hope draco doesnt fall in love with hermione:O!!!

Author's Response: POOR PANSY?!?! soooo not the angle I going for!! Pansy = sad little desperate gurl NOT sweet and innocent!!
But you know watever works...

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Review #19, by blaiseismyman Chapter 4

15th January 2007:
I don't really believe that harry would do that, shes lying... probably a very good actress i presume? Plz? Lol Well anyways it is very good so far!

Author's Response: thankyou. but no she is not lying. Harry did actually blackmail Pansy into sleeping with him. see, in this one, Harry's evil. But I guess I haven't really got that across yet.

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Review #20, by em Chapter 3

12th January 2007:
it's really good, love it, hurry up and write the rest. now!

Author's Response: Thanks again for those nice words!

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Review #21, by StarKneazle Chapter 3

16th December 2006:
Oh I like it. I really do. It's interesting. Makes me woner what team Draco's for - the Trio, the Dark side, or himself.

I did notice some grammatic stuff. I dunno what y'all call them, betas perhaps?, but if you want an editor or something I totally would. So just...uh... email me at if you're interested!
Good story!!!

Author's Response: cheers. Yeah I know me grammar sux but I type fast. And might I just add that ur grammar isn't 100% either! e.g. in ur review of mine u said "makes me woner" lol. Ah well. Thanks for the nice review bbes.x (p.s. and yeah Draco's complicated. Haven't decided what side he's on yet. hehe...)

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Review #22, by darkphoenixqueen Chapter 3

14th December 2006:
its gd hun i love it. unfortunately i wont be able to update till next skul term coz my computer is being an ass so i wll say love ya hun and keep writing hehehehe! ur darkphoeixqueen (me/j)

Author's Response: cheers hun.

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Review #23, by Weffles Chapter 3

8th December 2006:
This is a brilliant story, so UPDATE

Author's Response: I will but it takes so long!!

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Review #24, by Bex Chapter 2

28th November 2006:
Ooh, very intriguing. Hurry up and upload more! xx

Author's Response: Well I would except they take AGES to be validated. Plus my next chapter keeps gettin rejected. Sux. But I'll try and have it up a.s.a.p

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Review #25, by Prudence Chapter 2

27th November 2006:
Well, he's going to fall in love with her. Maybe not in chapter 2... But in chapter 3. I know it...
Another outstanding chapter! Keep up the good work! x

Author's Response: I know i know. I'm awesome. Well, no im not but thanks for the review hun. x

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