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Reading Reviews for Quavering Spirits Set Alight
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by jandl The one and only chapter.

25th February 2007:
What did Ginny suggest?

Author's Response: IDK. I can't remember.

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Review #2, by moira The one and only chapter.

9th January 2007:
wow, that was really good!
i enjoyed it alot.
when are you gonna update your other stories?

Author's Response: Thanks. Not a clue.

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Review #3, by J The one and only chapter.

17th December 2006:

Author's Response: Okay!

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Review #4, by N The one and only chapter.

14th December 2006:
hey, nice story. Cute. I'm not a fan of Harry/Ginny, but I agree, 'tis necessary and yeah, I also see JK's point of view. You know, I actually reckon that would be a good chapter in the actualy HP books. Harry and Ginny getting back together, that is (or what you wrote, lol). And personally, it would be good if it ends up like that. . . And I know JK won't do much romance, but I like the idea of them getting back together for the whole 'love' thing (being Harry's secret power.
Good job. I'm thinking of reading your stories as well. They look good. But I should wait a bit before I start. You make long chapters I've noticed. I like that. I can't do long chapters much. I get stuck. Ha.
Anyways, yeah, great one-shot.

Author's Response: Hah, take as long as you need, the stories will still be there when you're ready. And the length of the chapters is unavoidable...I still don't think they're long enough yet. I hope you do find time to read them, your view would be nice. And thank you for this review, and I do hope that it turns out well in HP7, also.

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Review #5, by pink_rook The one and only chapter.

12th December 2006:
Sweet. I like the way you portrayed Ginny,

Author's Response: I appreciate that, thanks.

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Review #6, by GinnyWeasleyPotter The one and only chapter.

23rd November 2006:
Very sweet, I liked it!
Please read my stories if you can!

Author's Response: Thank you. And I'll try.

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Review #7, by SnowyBella The one and only chapter.

21st November 2006:
I like it, the characters stayed pretty in tune. I think somewhere in your fic you spelled Voldemort with an 'e' at the end, that shouldn't be there but I'm sure it's just a little twitch you missed, ;-). I read some chapters of your other stories and from what I read, your stories are almost a little dark, but I still do adore reading them. I think I'm most interested in Chasing Skirts. I have not actually read it yet (Lol) but I like the idea of a Regulus Black fic (I have a sort of fixation withthe Black family, and it's always nice to hear someone elses own idea of the lives of them in a not-so-black-and-white way, haha, I'm actually also planning to do one as well, but I have to wait until my Bella one is finished) and yours seems to be really very interesting. I just am a little scared to read your Regulus story before mine's out for some reason . . . haha. Great job, I totally understand your a/n: we seem to share the same feelings on Harry/Ginny (h/g) relationships: slightly annoying, . . . okay more than slightly annoying, but very neccecary and understandable. Sorry you're not getting many reviews, by the way, in case you were hoping for some, but your story was as good as most I've read, if not better, it's probably the lack of banner, anyhow). Be sure to update your other stories!


Author's Response: I did? That'll need to be edited...the Voldemort bit. After I update Winks however. Validation time takes yonks, I swear. I never actually thought of Winks as a darker fic, but if you think it is, I suppose you should know, as the reader. I'm trying to lighten it, and make it more fun, but if you like dark, that's good. Chasing Skirts is good, although it's sort of dry at the moment since I've gotten so caught up in Winks. I can't be bothered to do a banner for the one-shot, but lack of reviews doesn't actually bother me...I'm content with the fact that people may enjoy my stories, even if it's only two people. Thank you for reviewing, and I plan to update Winks tomorrow. Don't hold me to a date...depends on when it's validated. Thanks again.

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