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Review #1, by Living_Loving..xx.. Epilogue

12th September 2016:
I'm not entirely sure you will get this review, considering it has been years since this story was posted, but I felt as though I should leave it. When I first read this story I left you a review about how powerful it was and how it was speaking to me in a time of pain and loss.

Easily five or six years have passed since I wrote that review for you, and once again, for whatever reason I found myself reading your story again, though I most definitely haven't read it since, and again I found myself tearing up a little, though for a different reason this time.

I guess I just wanted to say thank you to you for writing something beautiful, and that I truly hope you kept your writing up. I have a Bachelors Degree in Writing now (how time flies, I hadn't even finished high school the last time I left you one of these) and this is still one of very few stories that have ever left me in tears, and one that has always stayed with me, the way only a good story can.

So thank you, and salutations, and one day I hope to come across a book you've written, although I suppose I will never know if it's yours.


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Review #2, by Sophia Prologue

3rd January 2016:
This reminds me so much of Moulin Rouge, so I know that this is going to have a sad ending :( But I can't wait to read Hermione's journey, so on with the show!

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Review #3, by Siobhan. Epilogue

27th December 2015:
Wonderfully written the entire way through. I believed in the story and the characters, and you managed to stay true to the original story whilst creating your own at the same time. Highly recommend this! (Although it did make me cry a few times!)

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Review #4, by thegoldensnitch102 Chapter Ten: Trust

4th December 2015:
Really loving your story. It is the best Draco/Hermione fan fic I have read yet. So glad I found this. The one's I have read so far are too unbelievable- with them falling for each other right away. But yours is totally believable. I felt my gut wrench when I read Harry and Ron were dead :( You are a great story teller.

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Review #5, by bagelanjeli Epilogue

24th October 2014:
This is hands down the BEST fanfic I have read, which is saying a lot because I have read way too many of these. You have blown me away. I cried, I laughed, and I fell in love with your characters. Excellent job.

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Review #6, by Lala Epilogue

15th September 2014:
I cried. Pretty much sobbed.

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Review #7, by hpfflover1 Epilogue

3rd July 2014:
Wow. This was absolutely beautiful. Not only well written but just the emotions engolf you. I cried during more than one chapter and I hardly ever cry. Just breathtaking.

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Review #8, by shamsilly Chapter Twenty-Nine: Forwards

3rd May 2014:
This is at least the third time that I have read this fic. And to be honest I have cried every time I read these last few chapters. Truly an amazing story. Your writing, the character development, the plot development. All so perfect. To say you have made someone cried with just words based on a story says so much about your talent at writing. Loved it. Still so emotional.

I wouldn't have have wanted Draco to die but I know it was necessary. It suited the ending and the plot and you left us with that knowledge that Hermione was pregnant with his child.

Again your writing is amazing. :)


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Review #9, by sarah Epilogue

15th February 2014:
beautiful story, so much emotion and so well written i cried! i loved this story, definitely one of my favorite dramione fanfics

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Review #10, by Ashley Tan Epilogue

17th September 2013:
Oh god this fic is beautiful. I cried so much during the last chapter. I do hate it when Draco has to die but I know it gives the story a bittersweet ending and makes it more powerful. Love this. Thanks for writing this.

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Review #11, by Quinn Epilogue

26th July 2013:
As a reader to a writer, I congratulate you on your success of displaying such emotion in text. You have done wonderfully and I respect your creativity!
I am still crying, by the way, snot and all!

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Review #12, by Quinn Chapter Twenty-Seven: Climax

26th July 2013:
Well, the battle was a success. Lots of fighting that tamed my blood thirst (bad time for a crude joke?). It is unfortunate that Draco died...I have to admit, I cried as I was reading. We have yet to remember where Draco stood--he changed sides so he died as a brave soldier! That's good enough to embrace death in my book. The end of this story is near! I am truly sorry to see it end, but I have enjoyed it nevertheless.

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Review #13, by Quinn Chapter Twenty-Six: Lucius

26th July 2013:
*giggles hysterically* Finally, another battle! I wonder if I am as blood thirsty as Bellatrix, but I have always enjoyed a good battle when I read one or seen one on films.
I am excited to see how this battle ends. To the next chapter! Allons-y! Cheers!

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Review #14, by Quinn Chapter Twenty-Two: Scars

26th July 2013:
Well, what a great way to spend Christmas Eve, eh? Hermione's best holiday yet; she got see the winter's first snow fall and experienced a deeper level in her relationship with Draco. Loving the storyline. This is one of the best and most believable Dramione fanfiction I have came across. You're a brilliant writer! Cheers!

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Review #15, by Quinn Chapter Three: Veritaserum

25th July 2013:
I find it quite amusing of the scenes of Hermione levitating Draco and knocking him onto objects. Oh and the detail about Draco smoking is satisfying. Personally, I detest smoking and cigarettes, yet I have a history with such detail: of all the guys I've fancied, they were all smokers. I guess you are able to call me a hypocrite.

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Review #16, by Quinn Chapter One: Isolation

25th July 2013:
Oh my, so far I am loving the setting, yet I am upset that you killed a few characters. Oh well, what is wrong with a little sacrifice, eh? I like the way that you chose to write a storyline that is as dark and blunt as possible. Heading my way to the next chapter! Cheers!

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Review #17, by FrolickingDragon11 Epilogue

4th July 2013:
Oh. My. God.

That has to have been the best story I have read!

And I have read many.

It seriously was legen-wait for it-dary!

I love how she wasn't her preppy self, and all depressed. It was something I've never seen here. I loved it though!

You would not believe how many times I cried over these chapters.

I found out about it earlier today, and literally stayed on it all day.

When Draco died, I sobbed like a baby!! But, as you said at the beginning, you were aiming for realistic. I love that!! I mean, happy endings are nice, but unpredictable, sad endings are the ones I like. Call me crazy, but it's true.

And Remus!! The grandfather!! I cried of both sadness and happiness at that!!!

As one can tell, this made me very emotional.

And when I found out Ron and Harry and Ginny and the rest had died, I was dying. I was extremely happy that she had Harry's jersey, though!! It was just so cute and awesome!!

Right, my rant would probably drone on for the next few hours, so I'm going to cut it short.

I love this!!! I love you!!! Thank you for providing me with this outstanding work of literature!!

Keep writing amazing things!!!

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Review #18, by kimmee_08 Epilogue

24th May 2013:
Its beautiful..Thank you for writing this wonderful story.

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Review #19, by Anon Chapter Three: Veritaserum

1st April 2013:
I'm enjoying the story but the use of "puppies" instead of "eyes" and "banana" instead of "wand" is starting to annoy me. I can't work out why they're there but it's completely ruining the story for me, so I've stopped reading. Sorry, I was enjoying the story a lot. You're a great writer

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Review #20, by Emmy Chapter Seven: Choices

1st April 2013:
I was wondering why there are random words in the place of other words? This is the first chapter I noticed it in and it takes away from the story. Other than that, it is a fantastic read and I am so happy I found it!

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Review #21, by M. Epilogue

5th March 2013:
I've read a lot of Dramione. I mean a lot. There are many in which Draco dies, but this one was so much more emotional. As I'm sitting here reading at school I can barely keep the tears from falling! You did such a fantastic job with the characters. You made them seem real, which is what makes us readers become so attached to them. Not only were your characters fantastic, but your plot line and imagery were phenomenal. Even the grammar was upro scratch! I am so impressed with this story. Absolutely brilliant.

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Review #22, by Chaserholly Epilogue

24th February 2013:
Oh my.. Im still crying while writing this.. Although im really sad about the ending, but i have to admit you are a really good writer.. I dont usually cry over novels.. But you made me cry non stop.. Thanks for writing this awesome story!!

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Review #23, by LadyGrangerxoxo Epilogue

12th February 2013:
I've read other Dramionie storys before, when one of the main characters dies. But they are all normally fast pacing.

I think your story really showed the emotion of losing someone and what they go through.

It was really sad that Draco ended up dying but your story still rocked! :)

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Review #24, by kristyhes Epilogue

15th January 2013:
Only one word to describe this story: AMAZING!! This is the first dramione story that appealed to me in this way. There are no words to describe the way I feel right now so I'll just say thank you.. thank you cuz this story is a real master piece and the way you describe the emotions is so amazing that it was like I could feel every emotion in it.. and I have to tell you that I cried A LOT while reading it especially from the chapter where Draco died.. in fact I had to stop reading in berween each chapter to stop crying and my parents were watching me like I was crazy!! Lol.. anyway it was great and you're a wonderful writer so... keep it up and I hope that you'll write another success like that!!

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Review #25, by MrsHTX Epilogue

5th January 2013:
Thanks for sharing a lovely, well-written story!

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