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Review #1, by jmcinnj Plans and Hickies: The Epilogue

31st January 2008:
cool i liked the endingand the whole story good job

Author's Response: I'm glad that you did. Watch for the Newest and last installment.

Much love

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Review #2, by jmcinnj Ch 6 ~ Initiation

31st January 2008:
two word clam madame other than that great loved it

Author's Response: Lol. I know a bit wierd but I needed to happen.
Much love

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Review #3, by jmcinnj Ch 5 ~ The Take Over

31st January 2008:
ok but no battle interesting. oh and i think it would make the story easier to follow if the chactors dont keep using different names like monkey

Author's Response: Ok. Thanks for the tip.

Much love

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Review #4, by jmcinnj Ch4~ Haunted Twins

30th January 2008:
quick short but lots of action keep up the good work

Author's Response: Yes Action is great! Keep reading

Much love

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Review #5, by jmcinnj Ch 3- Off to Hogwarts

30th January 2008:
great i like being back in hogwart again.

Author's Response: Yes. I would like to be there too. lol

Much love

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Review #6, by jmcinnj Ch2~ Peaches and Princesses

26th January 2008:
another good one keep it up. thank you

Author's Response: We will do our best.

Much Love

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Review #7, by jmcinnj Ch1~Home for the Holidays

26th January 2008:
good start really enjoyed this so far

Author's Response: We're glad that you did.

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Review #8, by Echo Plans and Hickies: The Epilogue

5th July 2007:
A very nice chapter, I was wondering when this one came up. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #9, by L Chowder Plans and Hickies: The Epilogue

2nd July 2007:
Okay, this is L Chowder, Eva's co-writer.
The next instalment is to be titled
"Reign of the Dark Mark!"
And will be posted shortly.
-Read parts one and two if you haven't yet
-If our lovely banner-maker would grace us with one for part three, we will be eternally grateful!
-Check out my two stories!! They're one-shots! Virtually Painless!!

Author's Response: Plus I' bcakfor the summer so I can write! woooT

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Review #10, by L Chowder Ch 6 ~ Initiation

14th February 2007:
Okay, L Chowder here, Eva's co-writer.
Eva went and got herself grounded, and that means she can't post the next chapter. It's one of those 'until further notice' deals, so keep reading/reviewing, but as far as new chapters go, we'll TRY to get one up next week.

Author's Response: I'm now ungrounded so all is well.

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Review #11, by Echo Ch 6 ~ Initiation

7th February 2007:
Wow, nice chapter

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #12, by Echo Ch 5 ~ The Take Over

3rd February 2007:
Yay the fifth chapter, sweet, it was awesome, love to read more

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry it took so long it kept gitting rejected

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Review #13, by Echo Ch4~ Haunted Twins

14th January 2007:
Nice chapter

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #14, by midori Ch4~ Haunted Twins

13th January 2007:
can't wait for the next installment!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Chapter five is getting validated now.

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Review #15, by L Chowder Ch4~ Haunted Twins

3rd January 2007:
Okay, my turn:
I hope you like this story! if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear it! I'd also like to know what characters you want to see more of. Spill!

Author's Response: Yes L. is correct! We want your opinion!

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Review #16, by BillieJoeRox4Life Ch 3- Off to Hogwarts

21st December 2006:
I think it is really good, your story. The only thing that doesn't exactly click with me is some of Voldemort's dialouge. Words like "git" sound more like something from the mouths of younger wizards. Other than that, I think it is coming along really well and I don't really have any more suggestions. (And maybe the whole dialouge thing is just me.. *shrugs*) Keep it up! :D

Author's Response: The dialouge is to show that she is childish and rot really that old. Cassie Riddle is about 19 years old so yup. Plus she is crazy! lol

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Review #17, by ningen13 Ch 3- Off to Hogwarts

21st December 2006:
*purrs* Love love love! *sigh* I want a dragon...*stares at her psycho kitty, evil glint in eyes* good kitty...


Author's Response: Thank you. Just ask Santa for that dragon. I just updated and the new chapie is in the system!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO

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Review #18, by ningen13 Ch2~ Peaches and Princesses

21st December 2006:
xDD I read chapter one...I heart. This one too. xDD


Author's Response: HEHE Thank you for the reviews. Just wait. The story gets better. We are working on CH 5 and there are four more death eaters coming to Hogwarts! *hint hint*

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Review #19, by ningen13 Ch1~Home for the Holidays

19th December 2006:
Ack! Nooo! I can't read this chapter right's blocked on my school comp...>_> I will get to it...Or maybe send me an e-mail?

Mwah! You rock...^^ I printed off the other two chappies...I shall read those. ^^


Author's Response: Thanks, I love reviews and If you can't read it I shall be happy to send it to you oh loyal reader.

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Review #20, by midori (Meg) Ch 3- Off to Hogwarts

18th December 2006:

Quick quick! Update!!! AH!!!

Have-to-read. . . . .

10/10! Yes, I know I'm being random and jumpy.


Author's Response: Random is ok. And thanks. I'll try to update soon but I'm swomped!

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Review #21, by L Chowder Ch 3- Off to Hogwarts

4th December 2006:

Author's Response: What???

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Review #22, by Echo Ch2~ Peaches and Princesses

30th November 2006:
Cool story, hope to read more

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #23, by Echo Ch1~Home for the Holidays

22nd November 2006:
Nice chapter, very funny

Author's Response: Thanks. We just finished Ch2 so it should be up soon.!

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Review #24, by L Chowder Ch1~Home for the Holidays

15th November 2006:
Okay, and FYI, this is MY STORY TOO! We'd also like you to tell us which characters you want to see more of. And trust me: There's a fatty cat fight coming up(among other things), and the more reviews we get the sooner we'll post. But Cassie and I have monster reports due friday, so the chances of another chappie being up that soon is next to nil. Review! My Policy: You review mine, I read/review yours, so REVIEW!

PS: Eva- what to you say we make one o' the teachers Mr. Snibbles?

Author's Response: Hummm I don't know about the Snib thing.

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