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Review #1, by AloneintheDark The Letter

25th March 2007:
I loved this chapter. Loved it. I really have to go now, so I am sorry for the short review, but it is really good, a DEFINITE improvement form the first chapter.

9/10 (that is really good, cuz I am picky)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm really glad that you liked it! After the first review I was hoping you would like this one! But phew you did!

Don't worry about the short review, the review itself means a ton to me!

YAY! a 9/10!! woot woot! Thank you so much!!

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Review #2, by AloneintheDark in awe

25th March 2007:
Hi, sorry it took me so long to get over here, but I am over here, and reading and reviewing.

Anyways, I really like where this is going, it is a bit short for me, but that is okay. Is this man, and this woman, are they OC's? I am a bit lost, hopefully the second chapter will give us names.

You used netspeak in the chapter (u). I thought I would point it out, because sometimes it can really take away from a story if done to much.

This man, whoever he is, he seems to contradict himself. If that makes sense. He lies to the girl, understandable, but just moments before he had been truly concerned about what was going through her head.

And he was truly concerned, if he was lying, you have made your character far to un-human, in which case the story would lose some of its appeal. So, I don't think you would do that.

I loved the last paragraph.

Poor, innocent, naïve girl, he smirked. Harry would not win. The man he already called master would win, he would make sure of it. He will do many things for the great one, he will be his insider, he thought joyfully. He would stay in Hogwarts and would help his Master defeat these idiots who did not respect this man.

It is a bit of a cliffie, but that is okay, because at the same time, it gives us some of the necessary information about the man. Otherwise, you would have done a poor job of describing the man. I mean that in a good way, I suppose, because this gave some of the information needed, but somehow, I still feel that it would have worked to your advantage, a good thing, if you had put some more description in here.

Otherwise, I think you have a solid plot going for you, I just half-heartedly (in other words, not sure about this) worry for your character's stability.

Hopefully this will change in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi!

Doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you reviewed! Thanks heaps for that!

The netspeak! I know I'm so sorry! A lot of people have told me about it but everytime I go to change something I always forget about it!

Ok now see you're a tad bit confused and it's my fault. See the thing is he actually loves her, but he also loves the Dark Lord. But he was truly concerned for her because although he is slightly evil, he does love her. He has the ability to love.

I'm glad that you are worrying about my character's stability, I do too. This is my first story so I aimed to give it my best shot. So I hoped you liked it!

See you in a second.

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Review #3, by StoryLover3095 The Letter

4th March 2007:
I have one question I need you to answer! Is Malfoy's girlfriend Ginny? *screams and runs around* *sits back down and gulps* It's really good! Oh my god is Voldemort going to attack Hogwarts?! Malfoy is the 'friend' that is betraying Harry I think. It's really, really, really good! I keeps you guessing. Update soon! 10/10!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for reviewing! It means a lot to me! you want Malfoy to be with Ginny? Maybe I can arrange that, we'll see. But at this current point in time I'd have to say no, but when I finish the next chap, I'll try and fix something up eh?

Malfoy isn't the friend, because Hermione and Ron have already decided that it is someone inside Gryffindor so that rules out Malfoy.

But thank you soo much! Keep looking I'm trying really hard to update soon I am, but I keep getting distracted with my final year of school and all the work it contains and that I have to do. But I am trying!

Thank you so much for the 10!

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Review #4, by liandhate The Letter

25th February 2007:

Author's Response: woohoo!!! Man you have me smiling at the computer screen like an idiot! Thank you soo much! thank you thank you thank you!!

I'm trying really hard to update soon! I promise! Thanks for putting this in your fav's!! And thanks for the 10!!

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Review #5, by Snitchsista The Letter

25th February 2007:
*Too excited to review*



x Snitchsista x

Author's Response: YAY! omg you have no idea how happy your review made me! after a shocking day at school this was awesome!!

I'm glad you like it that much!

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Review #6, by Bra4goten The Letter

24th February 2007:
Awesome chappie. I wonder if its Snape.. You have to admit he is quite the bad boy. Hope you update soon, cant wait for chapter 3. 10/10

Author's Response: Hi!!

I'm so glad you're liking this story! I wonder if it's Snape too, you know as much as i hate him for killing Dumbledore, i still kinda have some sort of trust for him *sigh*

Thank you soo much for the 10! it made my day!!!

chap 3 should be soon i pray

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Review #7, by Bra4goten in awe

24th February 2007:
I checked out your story and I think its off to a great start. Keep up the great work. Im on to chapter 2 now.

Author's Response: hey!

thanks so much for actually reading it! and reviewing!

I'm off to respond to your next review! thanks again!

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Review #8, by RupertsPheonix The Letter

19th February 2007:
Ooh, nice cliffie! =) All of your formatting errors cease to exist in this chapter, so yay! Does this take place before or after HBP? I guess I didn't look at any warnings... lol. This chapter was so good! Hope more like it are soon to come! =) --RP

Author's Response: Hi again!

I'm glad you like my cliffie! I wanted something to bring people back and I also had no more ideas =D

I'm going to go with an educated guess and say before HBP because I refuse to believe or accept Dumbledore's death =(

I'm glad you like this chapter! there will be more I guess I just have to finish the chap

AND thank you sooo much for adding this to your fav's! I'm over the moon!!!

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Review #9, by RupertsPheonix in awe

19th February 2007:
Hey, it's RupertsPheonix! You asked me to read and review, so here I am! =)

Okay, first I'll tell you the things that I think could be improved upon. 1.) Formatting: make sure there is space (enter button) between each paragraph. 2.) Run a quick grammar and spell checker over the chapter. You've left some internet slang such as "u" and you've made a few typoes. That's pretty much it for things needing improvement. Onto the good stuff!

You've got a good plot going. It's interesting and it's left me wondering exactly who these characters are and why the man/boy is so fascinated by the dark lord... Alright, I'm going to chapter 2!! =)

--RP =)

Author's Response: HI! thanks for actually coming over to review!

I've been told that about my slang but i keep forgetting to change it! argh! but i'll do it now

I'm glad you like the plot, I initially made this a one shot and i had people tell me to continue it so i created another chapter

thanks for the review! I'm off to respond to your next review!

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Review #10, by ragnatela_1 The Letter

10th February 2007:
Wow, the chapters are so short, but dramatic. I liked the clue at the end, draws you in to read more about the story. My opinion is that Voldemort wrote the letter and gave it to the boy to give it to Harry. I still have no idea who the boy is, but I'm leaning towards Seamus or Dean.

But yeah, it was a great chapter.

Author's Response: Hey again!

the reason the chapters are so short are because i run out of things to write about! I know, really bad excuse!

I'm really glad you liked the clue, I thought it sufficient enough to have people guessing as to who it was =D

That is a very good theory, let's see how it pans out huh? I really should get going on finishing the third chap...*sigh* so much school work to do, but I'll manage =D

Thanks for saying it was a great chapter!

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Review #11, by ragnatela_1 in awe

10th February 2007:
Wow, that is such an interesting first chapter. It's facinating how it's such a mystery... I think the girl is either Parvati or maybe Lavender, but as to the boy I have no idea...I'm probably totally wrong but anyway.

Just so you know, I'm no good at writing reviews. But, yeah, this story seems great so far

Author's Response: Hey! I'm extremely excited to see that you've reviewed my story!

To be truthfully honest, I have no idea as to who the girl is, but I have some sort of idea as to the boy. Don't worry, you're not totally wrong, you might even be totally I have to just plan the next chap, which I probably should do soon.

Thank you so much for the review! It was a great review!

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Review #12, by hp_in_pgh The Letter

3rd February 2007:
ooohhh! intriguing!! cant wait to read more! I like your ideas for this story. They're very original. =D

Author's Response: hi! I'm so glad you reviewed! i was waiting for you =D

thank you so much but some of the idead belong to circinusphoenix, he's the one that made me continue to a short story!

and by the way I'm extremely honoured that you spoke German to me, even i was thinking hey! you usually only speak it to siriuslypadfoot62442 aka emily =D

thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Ugly_Duckling The Letter

3rd February 2007:
WOOO! The chapters are short but dramatic. This story seems very good so far. I really hope you update soon because I think this is quite interesting. Ugh, now I'm annoyed because I have to wait for another chapter. Wah! yeah so, it was a pleasure to read your fic, please please please continue with it! I NEED TO KNOW WHO THE BETRAYER IS!!! Could it possibly be Ron?, because he was the one who said it had to be A Gryffindor. Hm, see what this is doing to me?! You had better update soon before I go mad.

Author's Response: I'm sorry the chapters are short, I just started school so they are overloading us with homework already *sobs* But I'm glad you think the chapters are dramatic, I was kinda aiming for something that made your mouth just drop and with your review I think I did =D

I'll update soon I promise! I'm definatley continue with it if i get reviews like yours more often, but no I'll continue anyway just for you =D

the betrayer isn't Ron, I can tell you that quite honestly, and I'm just as sure that you will be shockingly suprised at who it is or who they are.

Please don't go mad I love your stories, so if you go mad then I won't have any stories to read *sobs*

Thank you for taking the time to review =D. It means a lot to me

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Review #14, by Ugly_Duckling in awe

3rd February 2007:
Hmmm, intruiging! I can honestly say that you have a way with words, you've written this in a way that twists and turns and so the final change reveals something quite unexpected. Plus the fact that you can spell and have good grammar unlike half the morons on this site really puts your writing up to a higher standard. Onwards now to the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

i'm really glad you liked it. i initially made this a one shot and i got a few reviews saying make it longer so here i am with a short story. i promise to post the next chap within the month, whether it gets validated or not in that time is not my fault, but the validators are busy people and rightly so.

but i am off to respond to your next review, thanks so much for reviewing both chaps =D

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Review #15, by circinusphoenix The Letter

1st February 2007:
Hey there Vithiya!

I'm very happy you decided to go on with this story. It's a good plotline, so I'm very interested to see it continue.

This chapter, short, but still good. Perhaps having it slow down a little might help, but I like how you introduced this letter to add mystery to it all. I had thought you'd introduce something like this at the end of the chapter, letting us know what's going at Hogwarts and with the trio, but this is just ask good! :)

I think you wrote the letter very well. Although I wonder if it's supposed to rhyme (check your email about that), but it's very inconspicuous. Doesn't point to anyone, except yes, Snape and Voldemort, neither which are a good thing. It could be someone else too, who is just calling Harry "boy" 'cause he wants to.

But lots of questions brought up now with all this. I think it's Ron! :) (j/k). I always suspected Colin Creevy wanted Harry's fame, so perhaps it's him, turning evil, and showing Harry how to really do it. :)

Good chapter Vithiya! Adding this to my favourites!

9 / 10

Author's Response: hey Chris!

i'm so glad you reviewed, thank you so much =D

well the shortness of the chapters are indeed a bad thing i know but i can'tseem to write a lot for the one given chap. slowing it down? how so?

well the letter...let's not start on that, it's appalling i know. i can't rhyme for the life of me. ooh i have an email...i'll email you back with my response, and the person, well it isn't Snape =D, i too have some fond feelings for the man and hope he isn't a terrible person, despite the killings of Dumbledore

i was hoping tha questions would be brought up, i know that it leaves a lot to the mind of the reader, in terms of who the person is, but I'm hoping to introduce three new 'suspects'. (i've been watching too many CSI shows =D). Ron...haha, well no, not quite Ron.

You're adding this to your favourites?! Thank you, that comment alone has just made my day, Thank you .

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Review #16, by H4H The Letter

31st January 2007:
Another chapter, how great!

I'm happy you found some ideas to continue this... i know sometimes it's hard (i'm going through the same thing right now :(...)
I really liked this chapter, specially because of the poem thing. Humm... who's it from?? I guess i'll have to wait until you update (i'm a terrible guesser).

Anyway, this is getting even better, and i hope you keep up.


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review!

This chapter is all due to circinusphoenix who gave me the ideas, for I must tell the truth I had no ideas =D

I'm really glad you liked it, the poem was really hard for me coz I have no rhyming abilities so it was a real struggle. Don't worry, I'm a terrible guesser as well I always wait for the next chapter too =D

Thank you so much! It means a lot that you reviewed =D


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Review #17, by kissedbyavampire in awe

28th January 2007:
ok, confused. was that pansy with draco...? or herm with draco...? or is some other cunfuzzling thing going on?

Author's Response: hi kissedbyavampire!

im sorry you're confused, ok the things is you don't know who the couple is, heck i dont even know at this point in time but i'll figure it out as the story unravels =D

i've out the second chap for validation, so hopefully it'll be out soon

thank you soo much for reviewing

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Review #18, by circinusphoenix in awe

19th January 2007:
Wow, this is an interesting one-shot. I love that you don't tell us who is who. It's not Harry, and it's a male at Hogwarts. But what house is he in, what year? His parents are dead, killed by Voldemort, and he himself has seen him up close.

I really do like how you made it like this. The one thing I found disheartening about it all, is that it's just a one-shot. This sounds like the start to a really good story. I mean, this guy plans on joining Voldemort, so it would be great to see it play out. I can really see you having this as the first chapter, then the next few chapters going to Harry and the others. They'd be unknowing of this guy's plan, and the reader wouldn't know who it was (we'd keep trying to figure it out). Then, you'd suddenly have Harry be kidnapped or something by this guy (who you could even still keep unnamed), then brought to Voldemort (then we'd find out who this guy is).

Oh man, even I'm liking that! :) I think it would be wonderful if you did something like that. Just make more of a short-story of it all, and keep the reader always guessing who this man is right up to the end.

But yeah, even if you don't decide to do that (I find myself really wanting you to now!), you did a good job on this short one-shot!

9 / 10 (-1 'cause it's just a bit short). Of course if you take my advice and move this story on farther, it would easily become a 10! (there's some motivation!) :) Again, good job!

Author's Response: OMG I LOVE YOU!!

Most of the reviews that I received wanted me to take this farther but I had no ideas and then YOU came along! I love the ideas! And I'll surely take you up on your ideas. Give me some time to get a few chapters planned out and I'll definately make it longer =D

Thank you sooo much Circinusphoenix, really I love you!


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Review #19, by RadcliffeLover02 in awe

14th January 2007:
Heyy again
awesome story it really got me thinking who the 2 ocs could be.It could be Ron an Hermione but if were Rons just waiting to slapped.But they could be 2 people not mentioned so last just say it just so i dont highly dislike Ron.anywayz Awesome story and I hope to talk to you soon on DOAS.(Diary of a seeker).


Author's Response: hi!

thanks for the review its not ron and hermione i know that for sure coz i mean ron's his best friend no way but honestly i have no clue who the characters are really but its not those two as a couple think of whoever you want to =D im glad it got you thinking it got a lot of people thinking epsecially me and i dont think that often =D well thanks heaps!

and i will definatley see you on DOAS i love that story i hope hermione wakes up soon =D

hope to see you soon!

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Review #20, by HermyGranger in awe

12th January 2007:
wow, this was quite different from most of the other stuff I've read ... very interesting though. I like that one doesn't know who the characters are, because it has me puzzling over who it could be. It might be two OCs of course, but still I'm wondering who from the HP-universe could be them.
Your writing's really good. I like it!! Well done.

Author's Response: hi!!! yay!

im really glad that you enjoyed this story at the start when i put it on the sight i got no reviews and i got a little worried that no liked it enough to review but here i am responding to the beautiful little things that i thought would never come my way!

im glad that you like that the characters are OC/OC i do too =D

thank you for reviewing and thank you very much for liking my story


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Review #21, by H4H in awe

12th January 2007:
Hello there!

So, here i am, reviewing your story.

I have to say, this is quite a story!! I think you're leading it to a very good way so far. I'm just sad because it only has one chapter... you got me here, who is the pairing??!! I can't wait to discover!

In my opinion you're doing a very good job with this and this is worth at least a 10/10. Very good and please update as fast as possible!

Best Wishes,


Author's Response: hi! man am i glad to see you!

i would really love to contine but i really have no idea as to how to continue the story so i think im gonna leave it as my shortest one shot of, what i hope to be, many

the pairing honestly i had no idea who to use and then i quite liked it myself being OC/OC as i used my imagination creating them and you the reader could picture whoever you wanted them to be even if it makes you crazy =D

im extremely glad that you liked it and rated it so highly thank you very much, you've brightened my day immensly


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Review #22, by Snitchsista in awe

7th January 2007:
Is this a fic about Draco and Hermione?

Poor, innocent, naïve girl, he smirked. Harry would not win. The man he already called master would win, he would make sure of it. He will do many things for the great one, he will be his insider, he thought joyfully. He would stay in Hogwarts and would help his Master defeat these idiots who did not respect this man.

That's what made me suspect this!

It's excellent writing, just a tad confused. But then again, doesn't take much to make me confused. lol. Great stuff, harryginny, I mean it. Excellent characterisation. I'm pretty sure it's Draco and Hermione, what with the bit when he writes about being in awe of this man, the Dark Lord?

Anyway, keep writing, and ever feel like a chat, contact me at

xx :)

Author's Response: hey! thanks heaps for the review, i actually when i wrote this story had no idea who the couple would be hence i put it as OC/OC but a few people have told me they think its d/hr and i would lean towards that but it is confusing and im sorry for that i want to make it longer but i dont know how to thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by harrypotterrocks13 in awe

3rd January 2007:
Hey this is really good. You need to watch your spelling and grammer though. That's the only main thing that I seen. This is great though!! Keep it up! I can't wait to read some more!

Author's Response: thanks heaps! yea i can't believe i didnt see them before i should go and fix them up now huh? i can't wait to write more i just need ideas =D thanks for your review!

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Review #24, by dracos annie in awe

29th December 2006:
very intriguing. you should write more. I can see a great story coming from this piece. hope you will continue to write, if not this, something else.

Author's Response: i actually could see nothing from this piece which is why i stopped it there but i am hoping to write more maybe a short story of some kind i dont know, hopefully it will be soon though thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by kiwi_hp_fanatik in awe

29th December 2006:

Author's Response: thanks heaps!!!

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