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Review #1, by Lily 4 James Ten Ways for a Date to go Wrong

17th September 2007:
Heyy, I adore this story please write more asap... thank you in advance lol

Author's Response: It's on hiatus right now, but will probably be continued later. Thanks!! = )

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Review #2, by wallflower Where Petunia Talks About Her Family

23rd August 2007:
petunia had a mobile phone in 1974?
I loove the look into Petunia's thoughts, you write her really well, and actually make me feel empathy towards her!

Author's Response: YES.
I don't know. xDD
She's just special like that.
Haha, thank you!! =)

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Review #3, by Izzieluv Ten Ways for a Date to go Wrong

18th July 2007:
... this shall be interesting... is Petunia the matchmaking type?

Author's Response: Um, no? Yes? Mayyyybe? xD

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Review #4, by Izzieluv A Memory: The Beach

18th July 2007:
Tender... :)

Author's Response: =) Thank youu!

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Review #5, by Izzieluv I Love You Too

18th July 2007:
thats sweet!

Author's Response: xD Thank you!

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Review #6, by Izzieluv Where Petunia Talks About Her Family

18th July 2007:
Wow... I like her dad though

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #7, by Izzieluv Lasagna?

18th July 2007:
ouch... poor petunia... (don't tell Harry I said that)

Author's Response: Haha xDD

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Review #8, by Izzieluv Preface

18th July 2007:
... wow... emotional

Author's Response: ;D

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Review #9, by lennyXartiste Ten Ways for a Date to go Wrong

8th June 2007:
Ahh now I can't WAIT for the next chapter!!! I love this story!!!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!! Glad you like it =)

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Review #10, by lennyXartiste A Memory: The Beach

8th June 2007:
This story is so real, I love all the details and how it's funny but serious at the same time. I also love Petunia's character. GREAT job.

Author's Response: =D Thank you!!!

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Review #11, by lennyXartiste I Love You Too

8th June 2007:
So cute!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #12, by lennyXartiste Where Petunia Talks About Her Family

8th June 2007:
Loved it.

Author's Response: =D

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Review #13, by lennyXartiste Lasagna?

8th June 2007:
Wow, I totally feel her pain. It's like you listened into my family at dinner, except I have a brother instead of a sister. Haha. Great job!!

Author's Response: Haha -pats on back- Soke, my family is a lot like that too xP

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Review #14, by delta Ten Ways for a Date to go Wrong

23rd May 2007:
Ooo . . . . this chapter has given me conflicting emotions. On one hand, I'm (semi)sad that Petunia's date was ruined. (Vernon is such a ugghhh, but I'm thinking he's cuter at a younger age.) But on the otherhand, I'm all excited because Petunia's going to encounter magic. Anyways, this was a brilliant chapter as usual, and I love the personality that you're able to give to each of your characters. Wonderful job! :D

Author's Response: Thank you!! =D I have no idea what this Vernon is like... though he'll probably be portrayed that way ;) After all, he had to have /some/ good qualities, right?
Thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #15, by delta A Memory: The Beach

23rd May 2007:
Aww, very cute. I loved this glimpse of Lily and Petunia at a young age. This was a beautiful depiction of them and Petunia's personality and that of her parents and sister really shine through. Amazing as always.

PS I didn't desert your story. I just was out-of-town for a bit. :D

Author's Response: =D Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I wasn't sure how it turned out. :)
:D Thanks!!

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Review #16, by crookshanks and padfoot Ten Ways for a Date to go Wrong

18th May 2007:
Oh, wow. I can't wait for the next chapter, this chapter set-up something amazing brilliantly! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!! :D

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Review #17, by lennyXartiste Preface

18th May 2007:

Author's Response: =) Thankies!!

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Review #18, by GinnyGirl333 Preface

24th April 2007:
Oh my god I REALLY love your banner! It is so awesome! Which one is Petunia and which one is Lily? Either way it is really cool! :-)

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks! Petunia is the taller one with dark hair and Lily is the shorter with short less-dark hair. ;)
Thank you! xD

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Review #19, by IEnjoyAcidPops I Love You Too

23rd April 2007:
this is seriously not how i imagined Petunia and Lilys relationship, its reaaally well written but it just doesn't work, all wrong. thats just my opinion though! brilliant writer though

Author's Response: Haha, it's probably not what JK Rowling wants either, but hey, that's why I'm on a fanfic site ;D
I appreciate your opinion! Thanks for the review =)

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Review #20, by delta I Love You Too

23rd April 2007:
Awww, a heart-to-heart. :D I loved the conversation. It was refreshing and bubbly, and it really served to give a good look at Petunia and Lily's relationship. And the way that Lily talks about James is hilarious. Anyways, I really like the approachiveness (haha, new word) of the characters and the story. I can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: Hehehe, grazie -bows- New outlook on the Lily/James thing; I never tried it that way so I wasn't sure how it would tide over. -gulps- ;) Thank you!!

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Review #21, by delta Where Petunia Talks About Her Family

22nd April 2007:
Hmmm . . . interesting. So Petunia and Lily are friends, but not I guess . . .

I like how you've crafted their relationship with each other, and brought out all those little things in someone's life that you'd write about in a diary. I've really enjoyed reading this - your Petunia is such a delightful person - and I love the teasing banter she has with Lily. Anyways, wonderful story so far. :D I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: -squees- Thankkk youu =D
-tries to think of better response and fails-

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Review #22, by delta Preface

22nd April 2007:
I was looking through the Recently Added section when I saw this, and seeing the author, I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did. :D

I really like the uniqueness of exploring Petunia's life and memories here. She's a seldom understood character and I like that you're trying to give her that extra dimension with this story. This was a beautiful start.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you =)
I wish I could give you a better response... but homework has cleaned me out x__x;
So, grazie :D

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Review #23, by zephyr_138 Lasagna?

7th April 2007:
hey, I'm not logged in at the moment, but yeah...
anyway, I really liked it! i thought it was pretty funny,
and you should continue it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! I plan to, once Out of my head is finished or I get a plot bunny ;)

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Review #24, by SereneChaos Lasagna?

3rd April 2007:
Hahaha...the lasanga 'jiggles'. I like it, it's very down-to-earth and I can just imagine somebody actually writing this down in thier diary. Heehee, its very funny!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

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Review #25, by chelsie_potter338 Lasagna?

17th February 2007:
it was better than the first chapter

Author's Response: I think so too. THanks!

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