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Review #1, by IntoTheDarknessOfNight Messing with Time

3rd July 2009:
Good, but short chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Yes, my chapters often turn out rather short when I can't wait to update, lol!

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Review #2, by Liana Messing with Time

30th June 2009:
Very good--except I always get confused for some reason when we "mess with time."

Author's Response: Thanks, Liana! That's the whole purpose of messing with time, I think. =)

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Review #3, by Violet Gryfindor Rome

22nd May 2007:
This was a good chapter, loony. Caius seems to be a really interesting character - definitely a match for Moody in stubbornness and will power. But was the figure on the bed really Grindelwald (could an evil wizard sleep so deeply?) or was the whole thing a trap? The suspense in this is really well written, and makes me want to continue. The only thing I noticed that could use a tad more work is the dialogue, which seemed wordy and unnatural at times - and I know for sure that Latin is not a wordy language. :P Anyway, great stuff, and I look forward to reading more. =)

Author's Response: *sighs* Yes, the dialogue... I'm having trouble with that, that's true. If I overcome this block that's absorbing all things "Phoenix" and "Tales" right now, I'll take a closer look at it. I hope it doesn't make the story hard to read... As for any plot theories you might have... Well, no answer from me! =P Thanks again for reading and reviewing! =D

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Review #4, by Violet Gryfindor Messing with Time

22nd May 2007:
This is an excellent beginning, loony. I love the choice of main characters, and the whole situation with the phoenixes is extremely intriguing. The integration of the Romans into the magical world is something I'm excited to see because it's probably my favourite period in history, and combining it with the Potterverse would be really interesting to see. Sneaky old Dumbledore, I know which wizard the Roman spoke with, especially since Moody has such distinguishing features. =P But before I blabber on to no end, I'll tell you this is wonderful and that I'll keep reading this. =D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so very much! I also like our good old Romans a lot, and I felt it was unfair to not write a story with them. ;) Ah yes, sneaky Dumbledore... He always turns out that way when I write him... *rolls eyes* I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, and wish you happy further reading! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. =D

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Review #5, by SiriuslyCrack Epilogue

30th March 2007:
OMG, it was Fawkes! How did you know I love surprises? *sticks out tongue* This won't be a very long review because I less words to describe how well you have written this story. All I can say is I truely enjoyed it and I love the fact that you wrote about Moody like that. We get to read very less fics of Alastor Moody and this is one of the best :)

Keep up the good work. Huggleglomp from Tahi. Overall, I'll give you a 9.

Author's Response: Why, of course I wrote it that way just because you enjoy surprises so much! What other reason could there ever be? =P

I'm really happy that you liked "Phoenix" so much. You're right, there are too few stories about Moody... I felt I had to change that.

I absolutely loved your wonderful reviews, Tahi! *huggleglomp*

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Review #6, by Minervas_soul Epilogue

28th March 2007:
Very good story...I havent read alot on Moody before, but I really liked this story! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Yes, it's true, there's very little about Moody around...

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Review #7, by SiriuslyCrack America

28th March 2007:
Wow, it would so wierd to set foot in America before it, discovered. At least they reached it. Mission is almost near to being accomplished! Now all Moody has to do is convince the Maya to give them the Phoenix. The Admiral is a curious one, isn't he? So many questions. Is that why you have a crush on him? :P

I found a teeny-weeny mistake. at least the colours were looked the way they were supposed to look. It should be were looking ;)

Wow, the city if Tikal sounds fascinating. And the pyramid shaped Temple seems like worth visiting. Maybe I should ask Narcisus to apparate there with me :D

Eeek, the priest is being difficult! But I know that everything will turn out okay...right? Aw, this was such a short chapter, of course in comparison to the previous one, it's a little long. Anyway, I enjoyed reading it and I loved the descriptions of Tikal and the people there dressed in strange clothes :lol:

Huggles from Tahi

Author's Response: One of the reasons... not the main one. :P

Oops! I'll go and change that right now! Thanks so much for pointing it out.

Yes, maybe you should... Southern America has quite a variety of amazing cultures. Maybe one of them was what we mistook for Atlantis?

I'm happy you liked it despite the lack of length. *huggles*

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Review #8, by Tahi (Not Logged In) Storm

27th March 2007:
Eeek, a storm! Now that's bad. I thought natural things like a storm can't be calmed by magic. But here you go, our Witch King did it again! :P But why are people scared of him? Didn't he just save their lives by calming down the storm? They could have drowned. Silly crew!

Woah, so Antonius is a wizard too! Nice surprise, Loony. Not that I didn't have a hunch but oh well...still a mild surprise. I love surprises though! :D So, Moody's tongue slipped a Where was his 'Constant Vigilance' then? :P

Ah, a cliff-hanger! *pouts* Not exactly, because I know that land the Roman guy is talking about is dear old America. But now, I want to read the next chapter too. *thinks* Nope, I'll save it for tomorrow. 6 days for 6 chapters :D

Huggles from Tahi

Author's Response: Humans are silly; they're a lot more scared than they are grateful - if that sentence makes sense to you... Maybe nature can't be changed, but a bit of manipulation is always within the range of the possible, isn't it? ;)

Eek! A spoiler in a review! Just a mild surprise, eh? Maybe I should have made it less obvious before...

It's amazing how you talk yourself out of reading... odd, odd... :P

Huggles from Daisy and me. =)

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Review #9, by SiriuslyCrack To Shores Unknown

26th March 2007:
Ah, so the senate agreed? That's good news for Moody (and us!). they are willing to let us sail despite the warnings of your friend. Your friend? Imagining Moody's expression at being called Grindelwald's friends made me chuckle. By the way, is Gallia a real place or did you invent it? It doesn't seem like invented but it could be. I am not much good at geography and I have never heard of Gallia. One more question. Does Navy have Admirals too? Isn't 'Captain' the highest status? Wow, I seem so ignorant, don't I? But seeing Admiral Antonius incharge of this voyage made me curious and I had to ask.

When Moody was thinking about how the Romans used the stars as their guide and how he didn't know what to do, I thought why couldn't he just create an illusion of (or in) the sky? But I have to congratulate you again. Sea fog? I never thought of that! Simple but cool idea.

Loony, I loved how you described Ostia. I could almost see the large sailing ships and their crew. And I couldn't help but laugh at the ship's name. Minerva. Hehe. Definitely a good omen.

Are they not telling the crew members because they would be a little uneasy or uncomfortable that, despite Grindelwald's warnings, they were sailing early? You little hint about Antonius in answer to my previous review surprised me but until I know what you really meant, I'll go on liking him *cheeky grin* He is pretty smart, isn't he? He caught Moody's little trick.

Witch King? Honestly, Loony. You know how to crack someone up even in a serious situation. That's the most hilarious description of Moody I have ever heard! Ah, loved the end again. I am so glad it wasn't a cliff-hanger because then, I would have to read the fourth chapter too. But I am saving it for the next day :D

Author's Response: Ah, poor Moody... Grindelwald's friend... *chuckles as well*. Gallia is the ancient Roman name for France. Strictly speaking it's of course not exactly France, but it covered pretty much the same territory. Yes, the navy does have Admirals, actually that's where the rank came from, I think. Above Captain there's usually Commodore, and then various "shades" of Admirals. (That's what it's like nowadays, I doubt the Romans had exactly the same ranks, but I'm pretty sure there were Admirals.)

A fake sky... that's a brilliant idea, actually... I think I may steal that one day. ^_^

I couldn't think of a better name than Minerva. Mind you, I invented that ship back in the days when the story was still meant to be Minerva/Alastor romance... *hides*

I think you might like Caius even more once you know what I'm talking about. And yes, he is intelligent. And more than that.

Which King? Witch King! Oh well... how do you expect the Roamns to know better than that? :P

I'm already looking forward to your next review! I love them so much... *huggleglomp*

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Review #10, by SiriuslyCrack Rome

24th March 2007:
Moody in a tunica and toga gave me a really funny mental image, Loony. I remembered Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothes :D I have to say, you mentioned the teeny-tiniest thing that could go wrong if we play with time and I like that. It totally proved that Moody was nervous and that he was going on an important mission where he would have to be very careful.

One thing I noticed is that after Moody lands in Rome (via timeturner) there's no description of the place. One paragraph would have sufficed. Because I couldn't even properly picture where he landed and where that mentioned Inn was. By the way, how did Moody know that most of the guests would be merchants and diplomats? Did Dumbledore find that out too?

Haha, I love this idea of magic-muffling spell. How useless is that? :D I'll snag the idea for one of my stories as well :P

Okay, another the first chapter, there's mention of James Potter. So that means that it's the Marauders Era when Moody tells Minerva his story. And in this chapter, he says (er, thinks) that Extendable Ears hadn't been invented in the past. But weren't Extendable Ears invented by Fred and George Weasley? How would Moody know about them when they weren't even born in the Marauders Era? Either I am reading too much and I am confused or else it's a typo. But it made me go *blink*

Yay! Grindelwald is gone!! I was feeling nervous myself while reading and couldn't help but pray that he better be gone by morning or everything will go wrong. Silly me! [Narcisus says I am always silly. Is that true? :( ]

‘Heck, he doesn’t even smile,’ That cracked me up. How many times have we seen Moody himself smile. lol. Hey, what does 'salve' mean? At first, I thought he called Moody a slave but then I read closely it said 'salve'. I haven't heard of that word before. And I call myself an author *eye roll*

Ah, thankfully it all worked out in the end with the Admiral. Now, I know who this Caius guy is. So that means I won't be in the dark anymore when you mention him on the Journey to Atlantis :D The last line made me smile. Now I am more curious than ever and I want to know what happens next. Loony, you did a great job uptil now!

Author's Response: Wow, that must have been one of the very longest reviews I ever got! Thanks a lot for the little glitches you pointed out, I'll work on these points soon! I guess you're right about the Ears, but I'll look them up in the Lexicon too.

You had to fear whether or not Grindelwald would be gone, or else there would have been no suspense - right? ;) And Cis is always right... *whistles innocently*

"Salve" is a Latin greeting and means "be well", the plural would be "salvete". No, nothing to do with slave! ;)

You think you know who "this Caius guy" is? Are you quite sure? *wink*

If you get huggle-glomped in a dark alleyway, you'll know it was me - thank you a thousand times for this wonder- and thought-ful review! *huggle glomp*

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Review #11, by Tahi (Not Logged In) Messing with Time

23rd March 2007:
Hey, Captain Loon! The summary itself tempted me to read this right now! The beginning seemed a little dull since it was just small talk between Moody and McGonagoll but then onwards, it became really interesting. I didn't know Phoenixes had deeper understanding of time. Is it mentioned in the books? Or did you research?

Ooh, you have put phoenixes to great importance in his fic. I like it. I just didn't understand how they became too important to Europe.

I am typing this while reading. Now I am truely curious. I'll definitely be reading the next chapters tomorrow!! Great start, Loony!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Tahi! The deeper understanding of time... Hm, I think I made it up because it made sense to me. Phoenixes are very old and wise creatures, and I like the thought that they're more sensitive to the fourth dimension of our world than we are.

The importance of Phoenixes; you know that Fawkes is Albus' friend and will probably give him advise quite frequently. Now my thought was, what if the great sorcerers of old times also had Phoenixes to advise them, at least some of them? Seeing as Phoenixes are so wise, they'd probably have made advises for the good of the people, against wars, etc - thus preventing good old Europe from having a yet more violent history than it did.

I hope you'll have fun with the rest of the story! *huggle attack*

P.S. Almost forgot: Thanks for pointing out the dullness of the beginning! Maybe that's part of the problem... I'll see if anything can be done about that. =)

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Review #12, by ElissandrAnne Epilogue

24th February 2007:
Amazing ending! I would have liked too to know what became of the Admiral after Moody left Ancient Rome... Ah, well... So it was Fawkes?! This phoenix is SO full of surprises, hehe. I really liked that story, loony. It was so different from any other. And in a good way, trust me!


Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Anne! *huggle attack* Of course Fawkes is full of surprises - he's a lot like his special friend Albus, I think. ;) I'm considering writing a sequel about Antonius... we'll see. Again, thank you for reading and reviewing, and I'm happy you enjoyed my story so much!

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Review #13, by ElissandrAnne America

24th February 2007:
Moody's confusion cracks me up. I would like to know how to brew a Translation Potion - it might come in handy for me. hehe. Anyway, I really like the interactions between Moody and the Admiral. And I just hope the Maya will be more cooperative in the next chapter...
Good job, loony!


Author's Response: Hm, not sure about the Maya... but I'd love to have that potion too. If I ever find the recipe, I'll let you know. =) Thank you again!

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Review #14, by ElissandrAnne Storm

24th February 2007:
A storm, a legilimens... hehe, you did great! Your Moody cared a bit more at that time about what people - and especially Muggles - thought of him. As it should be, of course. I liked the a little bit of this, a little bit of that during the storm. And I like your Admiral - he's a smart man.
Good job! *hugs*


Author's Response: Thank you so much! Moody had to care, he couldn't risk the whole crew trying to burn him at the stake, right? Um, okay, wrong era, but you get my point. ;) Yes, I like Antonius as well...

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Review #15, by ElissandrAnne To Shores Unknown

22nd February 2007:
The Roman being the first to discover America... That's just amazing! lol. I hope Moody is not sick on board a ship, because it's a long way to that continent. hehe. I like the interactions between Moody and the Amiral. That OC is interesting.
Good job!

Author's Response: Antonius is just cute... *insert heart smiley* No, I don't think Alastor Moody, the toughest auror of all times, gets sea-sick... but then, who knows? *giggles more* Enjoy the rest of the story, and thank you for reading and reviewing! *huggles back*

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Review #16, by ElissandrAnne Rome

22nd February 2007:
OMG! Just imagining Moody in "a white tunic and toga" cracked me up! Ancient Rome... Wow! That's what I call time-travel! Your Moody is in character, and I'm glad you made the Amiral no more than 30 (people had shorter lives back then). Good chapter!


Author's Response: *giggles* Now that you mention it... I suppose it did look funny! And yes, of course people had shorter lives, that was one of my reasons. The other one was more selfish... Thanks for your lovely review!

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Review #17, by ElissandrAnne Messing with Time

22nd February 2007:
Wow! Messing with time - I'm doing that too in one of my fic. hehe. ;) Anyway, it's one of the most original stories I've ever read - and I mean that in a good way. I love that kind of stories!
You did a great job with your characterization of the CCs. Poor Fawkes... I would be afraid too, if everything about me could be changed. But Moody's there to make it better!
Ok... on to chapter 2!

Author's Response: Yay for time messing stories! I think I've had an overdose of Star Trek, that's why I love that so much. I'm happy you're enjoying the story. Hopefully Moody can do something to ease poor Fawkes' fears...

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Review #18, by blackruby Epilogue

10th December 2006:
Like the way your story went

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. =) Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by juls Epilogue

27th November 2006:
Great ending. Loony. Yup it was Fawkes just like I thought. Hugzzz and look forward to your next story. ~~juls

Author's Response: Wrong. It wasn't Fawkes like you thought, it was Fawkes because you gave me that idea. ;) Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! *huggles*

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Review #20, by juls America

18th November 2006:
I love how Moody and the Admiral interact. Almost like old frineds, hehe. (I could be wrong!!) And I'm glad to see they have arrived safely in America and are at the temple. Hopefully the high priest is understanding enough to ship Fawkes' decendant (or it Fawkes himself?) to England soon. Keep up the good work, and stop letting Daisy distract you from your writing!! huggles juls

Author's Response: Hm, the part about Daisy will be the hardest, lol! Is it Fawkes? My, my, you're giving me bunnies, dear... But I also hope that he's understanding. Moody and Antonius. Yes, they're a bit like old friends... Can't say yet if there's more to that, simply because I don't know. ;) Thanks a lot for you review! Huggles, Loony

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Review #21, by juls Storm

15th November 2006:
Ah, Antonius is a Dark wizard! Gah, hope he's a Severus-type and not a Lucius-type. Intrigued I am? Yes. Can't wait to see the rest =) Great chappy once more loony. huggles juls. (sorry it is REALLY late. I started talking to Daisy.)

Author's Response: He's a dark wizard? Is he? What did I miss? :P Thank you so much for your review though! I'm hoping to update soon... What's wrong with talking to Daisy? Huggles, Loony

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Review #22, by juls To Shores Unknown

12th November 2006:
I loved it loony!! Moody is gonna get the ride of his life, lol. Huggles juls

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope Moody won't have too hard a time, lol... Huggles.

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Review #23, by juls Rome

11th November 2006:
Finally Mad-eye is getting his own story! He's so lucky to have you writing him. I like your characterization of him. I can't wait to read more. UPDATE!

Author's Response: Is that a threat? :P He's fun to write, I really like him. He's one of my favourite characters. I'll try to update tomorrow, or on Monday, I'll let you know. Thanks again! I'm happy you're enjoying my Moody. =)

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Review #24, by juls Messing with Time

11th November 2006:
Yes!! I love hearing about history, and in the magic world Phoenixes and time travel is real! So, tis history to me =)
I feel for Fawkes, someone is trying to change his history for the bad... They MUST be stopped. on to chapter 2!!

Yay, loony!

Author's Response: Wow, juls, you really do read fast! Of course it's true and real... I'd never lie to my readers... :P I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing! And yes, poor Fawkes...

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