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Review #1, by sails The Choice

27th January 2008:
loving it! please update soon =)
and yeaa def wanna see more camilla and sirius

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Review #2, by Infinite101 The Choice

13th January 2008:
Wow this story's great :)

What was up with Dillip? Was that even him or someone under Polyjuice? It was really out of character of him,
Sirius's little moment With Camilla was cute, can't wait to see what happens next between the two of them, i know this is going back a few chapters but i've got to say i liked the way you had her and Peter talk about the deatheater stuff and how they weren't sure whether they'd stay on the good side if they had to make the choice, it gave quite a bit of insight into why Peter probably changed sides in the end,
i wonder if anyone will actually ever discover her diary? I really hope not, it'd be distasterously ironic if someone did,
Have you managed to reach 50,000 words yet?
can't wait untill the next chapter =)

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Review #3, by Infinite101 The First Christmas in the Castle

8th January 2008:
lol, i love your style of writing!
Camilla's brilliant and totally hillarious, its a shame about her christmas, i wonder how her first christmas at hogwarts will turn out?
10/10 =)

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Review #4, by HermyGranger The First Christmas in the Castle

25th November 2007:
how ON EARTH can there be too many good-looking guys anywhere? It is not possible!! But if Hogwarts really is filled up with all those gorgeous males - I WANT TO GO THERE!!!
anyway, I love Sirius already. And I love this story too. I think I'm reading it for the fourth of fifith time now.

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Review #5, by Razz_The_Dazz The Choice

20th September 2007:
i think you are an awesome writer! keep up with the good wrok, and get some more posted!


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Review #6, by LilyAmongThorns The Choice

31st July 2007:
It's July and you haven't updated. :(
I love this story!!! The style is so appealing and why is Dilip being like this? Hmmm.

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Review #7, by LilyAmongThorns The Unforgivable Curses - Crucio, Imperio and Avada Kedavra

30th July 2007:
I LOVE THIS STORY! I don't really understand why Camilla isn't popular, though. She seems quite outgoing!

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Review #8, by mionelover The Choice

23rd June 2007:
when are u going to update because im in love with your story and the suspense is killing me lol

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Review #9, by holey moley The Choice

21st February 2007:
NO ONE!! No one, that's who. Wants to see camilla with Dilip over Sirius, that is.
Well. Now that that's compleatly clear... I love it!! It's funny and sweet. perfect. Keep it up, and I will love you forever!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, and I'm really glad you'd rather see Camilla with Sirius.

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Review #10, by Bullet_fan22 The Choice

10th February 2007:
hey, i think this is awesome!!^_^
ur charater camilla is sooo much like me only i liek to think i have a bit more strength than her but that's what caught my attention is that ur description reminds me so much of me!!
i waited and waited to see camilla and sirius together and i cant wait till it happens!
dilip is wierd enless he still has feelings for her then he's not so wierd but im rambling...

Author's Response: But is Dilip really that weird? Hmm? *raises eyebrows* Not gonna say anything!

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Review #11, by Lilyflower22 The Choice

10th January 2007:
Whoa. Whoa.
Some seriously freaky things. I am so happy I put off doing my history homework to check this. I shall do that shortly, but! Yay.
Amazing. And now I will pine for the next chapter that you will torture me with by not posting for an age. You are cruel!


Author's Response: I actually think I'm going to post it in January. That's not too long, is it? But I think I'll have to finish it first.

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Review #12, by adnelakiss The Choice

10th January 2007:
ooh mystery . Wow I started reading your story last night and well I hae been addicted ever since. seriously. I went to school and printed out a copy of a chapter I didn't read to have in silent reading during class. Don't ask why but our school board decided that not enough teens are reading so we should be forced once a week . But I was glad I had yours to occupy me. I loved it. I'm actually quite nervous now , I'm starting my first chapter and having ti realesed this weekend form the story I'm writing called ' Confessions of a Gold Digger' and I am so nervous. How can it ever be as witty as yourrs or portray Sirius in the way that it does? Anyways hopefully it will all sort itself out once i write it. Hmmm..I have my theories on what's going on btw. Dilip and what happened at the end but I'll just wait and see. The only reason I was so put off with reading this story for about a month is because the banner really wasn't that appealing...I just couldn't stand to click on it and then last night I was done reading all my fics and decided 'hey let's give it a chance' . I Personally think you should get a new banner , maybe professionally done because it would be way more appealing to your audience. Honestly. THanks for everything and update soon.

Author's Response: About the banner - I know it's pretty bad. :p To be honest, I was wondering if people seriously would read the fic when I had a banner like that. A little experiment, kind of. Some people probably think that's very stupid of me, but I was really interested.

About everything else - I'm so glad you like it! We're forced to read once a week, too, but I'm not complaining! If I've got a good book, I mean. Good luck with your new story! And let's see if your theories are right!

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Review #13, by neverfallx3 The Choice

10th January 2007:
Eww Dilip no. Hehe =D good chapter

Author's Response: lol

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Review #14, by HermyGranger The Choice

10th January 2007:
ooh, that was so short!!! But I liked it!! Update soon, please please please!!!

Author's Response: I'll admit that I actually haven't written anything on Camilla since November... until yesterday! Now I've written 800 brand new words! lol. So I'll update soon (well, that depends on what you mean as 'soon', though ;)).

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Review #15, by HermyGranger Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

10th January 2007:
oh my God! This was so great!!! I love Sirius ... he's so sweet. Aaargg, why did the stupid glasses have to be in the way? They should have kissed. They MUST kiss. Anyway, off to read the next chappie now!

By the way, I'm so glad you updated!!!

Author's Response: lol! I love Sirius, too. *hugs my Padfoot*

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Review #16, by HermyGranger Camilla Montford's First Kiss

10th January 2007:
This is such a brilliant chapter!!! I love the kiss and the scene with Sirius is so funny!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, HermyGranger!

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Review #17, by EvilSmurfa The Choice

9th January 2007:
ooo, what happened?!?!?! I must know! Tell me! *Holds sponge to authors head*


Author's Response: lol. You'll get to know some day.

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Review #18, by potter_freak2 Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

29th December 2006:
update update UPDATE!

Author's Response: I will. Soon. Possibly.

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Review #19, by Lilyflower22 Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

23rd December 2006:
Aw, wow. Poor Camilla's life is (as I've mentioned, you may recall) incredibly complicated.
Actually, seeing this story (and Daydreaming too) updated is probably the best part of getting out of school for winter hols so far! Haha.
Amazing job once again!


Author's Response: Haha! I love the holidays... and I love your reviews! Thanks so much!

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Review #20, by x_marauder_x Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

21st December 2006:
oh my...XD GO SIRIUS! death to Dilip Patil...may the flees of a 1000 camels infest his armpits XD cant wait to read more ! ^_-

Author's Response: LOL! Yeah, go Sirius! He rules!

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Review #21, by x_marauder_x Dilip and Camilla

21st December 2006:
l gasp! he liking of two ppl! lol good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, x_marauder_x!

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Review #22, by x_marauder_x Camilla Montford's First Kiss

21st December 2006:
poor Camilla. I would hate to be lied to but you kno I think Sirius like her! cant wait to read more

Author's Response: You think so? *looks innocently at the sky* Really?

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Review #23, by potter_freak2 The Unforgivable Curses - Crucio, Imperio and Avada Kedavra

21st December 2006:
why is she at the gryfindor tabel? shes hufflepuff. great story tho so far

Author's Response: Well... er, I think I made a mistake there, but I suppose she just expected Peter to come so she sat down there instead of Hufflepuff.

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Review #24, by hpfan_091 Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

20th December 2006:
Dang...your a really good so hooked now! how could you jsut STOP like that??? So i am now ordering, well actually more like computer-like begging (?), for you to PLEASE update SOON. :D

Author's Response: lol. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I'm evil. That's why I can stop like that. ;)

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Review #25, by hogwarts_witch Dilip's GIRLFRIEND. Remember That

20th December 2006:
Another wonderful chapter! I aboslutly love how you write! Keep up the great work. I can't wait to read another chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, hogwarts_witch!

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