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Review #1, by Snapefan The Plan

21st November 2008:
its immense so please update

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Review #2, by Karkaroff The Plan

16th October 2008:
Excellent idea and I felt sad for Draco as his father was a cruel man who murdered his mother. Thanks for writing a cool story.

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Review #3, by mlui The Plan

14th August 2007:
I really liked the Summer Series - it showed a side that no one has really touched on: Snape's and Draco's point of views. The stories were excellently written and for the most part, almost flowed with JKR's HP stories. The only thing that I found different was that Draco was marked before - I thought he had the mark on him when he tried to kill Dumbledore... anyways, great job! =) 10/10

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Review #4, by BatSEnecal The Plan

6th July 2007:
These were all great stories. It was interesting to see the points of view from Draco and Severus before, during and after HBP. I give the chapter, and the rest of this lot, 10/10.

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Review #5, by BatSEnecal Midnight Confessions

6th July 2007:
I didn't think of killing Narcissa as not only Draco's punishment, but also as Snape's. That was definitely a nice little twist on things. Good job. 10/10

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Review #6, by BatSEnecal The Price

5th July 2007:
This chapter felt kind of fast to me. I don't know why. All your other ones felt nice and smooth. Maybe I have been reading too much fanfiction. 9/10

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Review #7, by BatSEnecal Happy Birthday, Draco.

5th July 2007:
Now, what is going to happen? This is definitely a good cliffie, to me anyways. Good job. I didn't see anything wrong with this chapter. 10/10

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Review #8, by Evil_Toothpaste The Plan

19th June 2007:
Sweet! Very nice! It's-i just-I lOved It with a capital 'O'. ^^
Please review my stories!

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Review #9, by XxLaydee_PreciousxX The Plan

4th February 2007:
this has been a great read so far i hope dat its continued

Author's Response: It ends with the one-shot 'Decisions'. Thanks for the review. (Can read further on Draco in my Dramione- Circle of Love. That is also based off the summer stories.) huggles ~~juls

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Review #10, by Tribblelet Midnight Confessions

11th December 2006:
I really like this have read all three... Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Glad ya liked my 3 piece-- the ending is sort of previewed in my one shot Decisions. Thanks for the review huggles ~~juls

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Review #11, by ValhallaAdonisSnape Midnight Confessions

21st November 2006:
Hrm, I deffinetly liked the point you brought up about the fathers made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside(Maybe cuz my dad always manages to save/fix everything) but good stuff ^_^.

I feel bad for Severus though *hands him hankie* :(

Will be awaiting the next instalment! -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: thanks ags.. I heart you so much. huggles ~~juls

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Review #12, by ValhallaAdonisSnape(Skyris-too tired to sign in) The Price

21st November 2006:
Awe, I knew the death was coming.now I'm sad :(, you know I actually love the whole plot you have created for Snape and Narcissa, totally different from the way I invision her in my own fan fiction. Oh, I gots a suggestion! :D

You should consider thinking up a name for the whole series including the one-shots so that way people know the fics are all linked. Anyways I must run now, that Starbacks across the hall from me looks really tempting and I'm running on about 6 hours of sleep. Till next time. -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: This was THE hardest chapter for me to write. I spent months building her in my head and I was avoiding it. Thanks for the review Ags (HUGGLE) juls

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Review #13, by ValhallaAdonisSnape(Skyris-too tired to sign in) Happy Birthday, Draco.

21st November 2006:
You know you brought up a very valid point that didn't occur to me until now for some reason. Snape never knew of the task Voldemort had assigned to Draco in book 6 did he? Because if so then that just adds another point to my Snape is innocent argument. XD, thus I read on -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: I am THE Snape redeemer!!! Glad we both love him so. huggles ~~juls

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Review #14, by holly bergman Midnight Confessions

16th November 2006:
Snape is getting a bit too OOC for me but I still really like this fic. I love the idea of him being good and all but he's still got to be...Snape. I know it's damn near impossible to do that in a romance fic but...i dunno...a few Snape-like remarks? Anyway, I still really love this.

Author's Response: Thr OOC stuff ends soon, I promise. I couldn't keep him in char for the last 2 chapters. He wanted romance. Eh... Thanks hun for the review =) hug ~~juls

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Review #15, by kandykane Happy Birthday, Draco.

13th November 2006:
Darkness. such sexy sexy darkness.
I really cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Why thank you! ~~juls

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Review #16, by fieryred Midnight Confessions

8th November 2006:
That was so good i love dit you did a great job so keeep it coming

Author's Response: Thanks fiery huggles juls

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Review #17, by Jessi_Rose Midnight Confessions

5th November 2006:
*shock* It never gets old, reading this chapter. I LOVE it. Seriously - this is a grand bit of writing. The interactions at the end it amazing - Severus' bit about Narcissa and Draco being all he has left of her - pure brilliance. 10/10 .. nothing less ;)

Author's Response: Thanks jessi, you helped alot with this chapter and it's due to you that it came out so well. huggles for the review ~~juls

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Review #18, by Jessi_Rose The Price

5th November 2006:
Dang, girl. I LOVED IT! Stupid Lucius. Even though I always picture him and Narcissa happy - I can really get into this evil Lucius/good Snape thing. Poor Draco, the kid can't live his life the way he's expected, and now he has to suffer his life period. Great, amazing chapter, my dear. :)

Author's Response: I picture them as outworldy happy. There has to be a reason she never gets out much. Lucius for the most part locked her away in the Mansion. Draco's life will get better. huggles ~~juls

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Review #19, by Jessi_Rose Happy Birthday, Draco.

5th November 2006:
Very nice introductory chapter, dear! I like your take on what happens after Albus dies - it's so sad...and to watch Snape being tortured for helping is heartbreaking. But I loved his small interaction with Cissa. :) Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Sevi is the silent tortured hero (cliche- yes true- yes!) in the HP world. He's done so much good, but no one remembers. huggles ~~juls

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Review #20, by playboy101 Midnight Confessions

5th November 2006:
this is an brillant story with a so far well written plot write more becuz i will be back to read it

Author's Response: Thanks, should be a few more chapters to add before completion. Its sort of sequel is Circle of Love. Thanks for your review ~~juls

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Review #21, by Scriblerian Midnight Confessions

4th November 2006:
Wow, what a powerful chapter! I've said this before, but you really do write Snape extremely well. I love that he has this inner battle going on, and that he's holding on to this bitterness about his situation. Very realistic.

“I die, and I'm released from this hell my youthful mistakes created.” Snape said.

I loved that line. It tells so much about Snape's character and how much he's suffering. This whole chapter was wonderful, juls. The emotions and such were perfect, as always ;). 10/10 yet again!

Author's Response: Thanks, Scribbie.
Snape is, as everyone knows, my obsessive passion. I hope the stories I write mirror what JKR ends up doing with him. I'll fight till my last breath that he is truly a good wizard. But, that is only my opinion.
Snape was trapped, pure and simple, by circumstances and the one mistake of his youth. And he's been paying for it/trying to rectify it for years.
Anyhow, thanks for your comments. Reviews like yours build me up and inspire me to write more. =)
Huggles ~~juls

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Review #22, by TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd Midnight Confessions

4th November 2006:
Fab! Are you going to do another sequel for this? Rhona

Author's Response: As for now, my chaptered fic, "Circle of Love" is its continuation. The Draco contained in it is based on the Draco here. Thanks for the review Rhona. huggles ~~juls

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Review #23, by magic29 Midnight Confessions

4th November 2006:
Very good, as usual, How much farther are you planing to go with this story? Up to the finale battle? less? Or can I hope for post-war? I hope it goes for as long as possible I really like this fic and your stories in general, so keep it up, cheers ;)

Author's Response: Not too sure how many chapters are left in this story, but its continuation has already begun of sorts in "Circle of Love", my Dramione. Thanks again for ALL of your reviews, they inspire me. huffles ~~juls

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Review #24, by tiffers Midnight Confessions

4th November 2006:
What a wonderful chapter Juls! I love how much information was disclosed in this chapter, and it really makes lots of things about Circle of Love fit better. Once again I have to say how much I love that all of your stories work together, it's an amazing achievement. I loved Snape's emotions in this chapter; we rarely see him really let loose. I also thought it was really interesting that Voldemort knew by killing Narcissa he would be punishing both Draco and Snape.that evil corrupt jerk! I love the line about Draco being the only thing Snape has left of Narcissa, very powerful! I also loved that Dumbledore made an appearance in this chapter, he's always so intelligent, and always there when you are in a tough spot. Overall a fantastic chapter, I love what you have done with this story!

Author's Response: Thanks Tiff, your praise means alot to me. I felt the need to finsh this series off becaus it does explain alot for Circle of Love. Voldemort knew of Snape's and Cissa's connection from Death Eater's Pensieve/Mourning's Wake era. Part of Snape's deal with him was giving up Cissa to gain fame and glory in the Wizardry World. (Which obviously Voldy didn't come through). Dumbledore is a wonderful crutch, isn't he? I miss and love him. More coming soonish. huggles ~~juls

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Review #25, by holly bergman The Price

3rd November 2006:
Oh no! Do me a favour and get Lucius with something BAD...I loved this chapter. (Besides the fact you broke poor Snape's heart)

Author's Response: Lucius will get his, don't worry. (Some of it has already begun in ch 3 of Circle of Love.) thanks for the review =) juls

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