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Review #1, by krisangel Aiden

14th January 2012:
omg! this is super good!! please up date asap

aiDEN I LOVE HIM. he will save his mom and bring his parents back together

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Review #2, by Caitlin Aiden

13th January 2011:
Please tell me Hermione lives and Draco doesn't sign the divorce papers.

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Review #3, by ałshley Aiden

16th December 2010:
i really like your stories, And im kinda really into this one.. you should defently do an update!! its bugging me not known whats going on with this, :)

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Review #4, by firebolt33 Aiden

8th June 2010:
i love it!! you simply cannot stop there it has such a raising climax. its soo iventful and curious please do finish the story!!

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Review #5, by alexis Aiden

27th May 2010:
please continue i like the idea and want to know more

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Review #6, by HorseBabexo Aiden

16th May 2010:
i LOVE it!
this story is so good and i can't wait to see what happens next!


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Review #7, by agmalfoy Aiden

10th May 2010:
Could use a bit of proof reading, but the story itself is good.

Nice cliff hanger. I look forward to seeing what happens next!

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Review #8, by PotterGirl7145 Aiden

9th May 2010:
WOW! I am so glad you updated! I hope they believe Aiden! :) I am glad he is safe! Please please post more soon!

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Review #9, by dramionelover Aiden

9th May 2010:
omg! y the cliff hanger?!?plz post up immidietly!

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Review #10, by dane21 Aiden

9th May 2010:
what would be draco's reaction hahahah can't wait for the next chapter :)) and who's woman behind this all mess?

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Review #11, by caicu Aiden

9th May 2010:
This is very very intense. Love it!

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Review #12, by LolliR Unexpected News

9th May 2010:
Oohhh... Surprise surprise(:

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Review #13, by dracoisminee Aiden

9th May 2010:
awesome story line! really good, i can't wait for your next update! plz plz plz update sooner/faster!!


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Review #14, by HorseBabexo Unknowledgeable

3rd April 2010:
wow. amazing.
i love this story!
i cant wait to read more.
update as soon as you can, but but take as long as you need to write it.
no pressure(:
(i'm not saying that in a way to pressure you btw)


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Review #15, by dracoishot Unknowledgeable

1st April 2010:
Hi tthis is a good story but i don't get the torturing part and aiden part.

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Review #16, by PotterGirl7145 Unknowledgeable

21st March 2010:
This is so sad! I hope Aiden gets to Draco and Maddie! Please post more soon! I hope everthing works out!

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Review #17, by Amy Unknowledgeable

18th March 2010:
Oh u better write quick! They need to find the real mione. And I wana see what happens when their son turns up

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Review #18, by agmalfoy Unknowledgeable

18th March 2010:
It's a very interesting plot, I will be interested to see where it goes. :)

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Review #19, by JohnnyPickAlot An Encounter with Ms. Granger

17th March 2010:
I must admit, this chapter is very odd and seems like it was rushed out. And I don't think that Hermione would stop having contact with her own daughter.
But maybe the reason is deeper. If it was just over petty arguments, I'll be a bit disappointed.
But good chapter.
*next chapter*

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Review #20, by JohnnyPickAlot Unexpected News

17th March 2010:
I'm so confused. How does one react to that? Seriously, I want to know how Maddie acted when she realized her mom was her teacher!
Awesome chapter.
*next chapter*

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Review #21, by JohnnyPickAlot The Reason

17th March 2010:
Oooh, very intriguing start.
I'm very curious as to where Hermione went. I'm kind of upset that she's not there to take care of her daughter but alright...
*rushes to next chapter*

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Review #22, by Evil Sami Poo What Hurts The Most

20th July 2009:
So is the Pr. Granger actually an imposter and the other woman in the cell Hermione? Coz I am totally lost if that isn't it...

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Review #23, by SaritaMalfoy22 What Hurts The Most

11th February 2009:
I love it :)
Keep it up, can't wait to
-Sarita x

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Review #24, by SurrenderYour What Hurts The Most

23rd April 2008:
This is so far a really good story, keep writing!


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Review #25, by craziiJBlove What Hurts The Most

15th March 2008:
good story
i wanna know why hermonie left
omg it's killing me!!!

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