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Review #1, by Lilypotter Family Portrait

27th December 2007:
Umm that happened when. Plus lily is the youngest and they have another brother.

Author's Response: This is before the seventh book.

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Review #2, by TheFalk Family Portrait

29th September 2007:
great song.
sad story.
real good job!!

Author's Response: Thanks! That's the planned affected I wanted. If you liked this one check out my other stories.

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Review #3, by Malfoy 4 Potter Family Portrait

24th January 2007:

Sooo sad **cry**

I love this song .. Brill!

From Me x

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you! I love the song cuz it relates so much to me and I tried to hook it up with a one-shot and this is what came of it!

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Review #4, by witch_wannabe Family Portrait

9th December 2006:
This is a great story, really beautiful.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hoped it was okay! I tried, and it may be a bit OOC with Harry, maybe Ginny too, but people are telling me otherwise! Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Ginny Rox the Burrow Family Portrait

25th November 2006:
Aw.I did like it but it was sad.='(tbh,by the end I thought they'd go back and everything would be hunky-dorey but it doesn't always end like that in real life.=(Good story though.^^)*GRtB*

Author's Response: Thanks for the review...i did the ending likee that because it doesn't end hapilly ever after...gld u liked it

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Review #6, by meggie Family Portrait

18th November 2006:
i loved it. There could have been more detail but it was good.

Author's Response: Thanks, I may edit it if I have time... That's what I do... Write horribly, then edit it with perfection! :P

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Review #7, by ariannazockets Family Portrait

16th November 2006:
omg. i cried. like, i bawled. why do harry and ginny have to fight? why do lily and james have to be in the middle? *dissolves into tantrum on floor of computer room*

Author's Response: Wow... I never thought it was THAT emotional! Thanks! I tried to make it as really as possible, so I dug up some old painfull memories... And I tried to put all of my anger and pain into it...

About the fighting, I like to think that every marrige is happily ever after, but it's not, not even if it's fictional. I wanted it to be a sad story, one as realistic as possible (within reason). Harry and Ginny, to me, as perfect as they are, will always have very short tempers, one they passed down to Lily only 2 time shorter.
I hope you liked it!

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Review #8, by sarcastic hp lover Family Portrait

9th November 2006:
*weep*it's soo sad!but good.Why!?

Author's Response: I am glad u liked it! I know it's sad, but based on true events, (sorrta, I took real life and put it into my fiction, that's where the idea came from.) I tried to make it as realistic as possible, to make it not OCC, it was hard, because I could never really see that happening, but then again, I could.

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Review #9, by Shona Family Portrait

9th November 2006:
This is really sweet! Well done. I really enjoyed this and I think its indepth and good emotions. I really liked it. Harry's anger has always been strong, so its not OOC at all. I like the way you named Lily Lily and made him act like James from the Marauder's era and you named James James and made him act like Lily in the Marauder's era. It was really sweet and well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I am glad u liked it! I was hoping Harry wouldn't be too OCC, he is just a tad, but soon I may out up a prequal explaining just a few things to help people understand it all. Lily I wanted her to be like James because to me, I am honeslty tired of having big brothers do everything, Lily is independent, when you have Potter and Weasley blood crossed that's what you get. I am glad you thought it was fantastic, I honestly didn't think I did to well, but people are telling me otherwise!

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Review #10, by Savanna Weasley Family Portrait

8th November 2006:
Hi!! insertusernamehere here, and I wanted to leave a reveiw. But I don't understand, why would Harry/Ginny not like each other??

Author's Response: It's just sumthing I thought of doin, it says it's AU though, so read at ur own risk...

But I am thinking that maybe I should post a short prequal and maybe that would make sense of it.

But the consensed version of it is,

Harry is always at work as an Auror and he is always with everyone else but his family. Ginny gets pissed and when he does come home she tells him, as we all know they are both ill tempered and anger easily flares up. Lily goes to school and she is like James and Sirius, sarcasm is her friend, she was basically born with her sarcastic mouth (So am I my oh so wonderus mother tells me *more sarcasm*). She talks back to the teachers and gets detention atleast once a day. She is very smart but forgets to do her homework, she is an insomniac and can't do anything without changing how it's supposed to be done. She made average grades in a muggle school she went to.
Harry thinks she is failing and blaims Ginny for Lily's faults, saying he spends more time with Lily that he does. And then more yelling.

Basically Harry changes after the Final Battle, yes he wins, but now he's arrogant and thinks no one is above him, that he can do anything... As I said before, it's AU...
I hope you liked it and I cleared some things up for you!

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Review #11, by tammyriddle Family Portrait

8th November 2006:
I really like this... the idea is pretty darn original and you've done a super job blending everything in with the story... Its class and I think it takes talent to write something intersecting with someone elses stuff- and believe me I know how hard it is..

So keep it up, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read more of your stuff if they are half as original or half as well written as this!


Author's Response: Wow..... Just.... Wow... I never had a review life that... THANKS!!! I apreciate your thoughts! I am so glad you liked it! I had a sucky day at school and you made it so much better! Thankies!

I hope you like my other stories! I didn't think this one was good... But obviously I am wrong!
Thanks again!

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