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Review #1, by grangerrox The Message

8th June 2009:
ah this is so sweet!

i love remus cuz he is sweet.

Author's Response: i love remus too! actually sirius is my favorite but remus is a close second!
i do too like that he's nice and sweet.
thanks for the great review!

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Review #2, by SBSL The Message

28th August 2007:
that was a bit confusing! you said annie, then laura! which is which? still good tho. me likey! this is gonna be a shorter review, but i still loved the story, no matter how long my review is.

Author's Response: oh, yes, yes. i've gottne that a few times. hehe. i just keep forgetting to change it. i don't know why i put laura. it's annie. and thanks. so glad that you like it! no matter, a review is a review, all are appriciated!

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Review #3, by SiriuslyNot The Message

7th April 2007:
Aww, that's so cute :) I really liked it, a bit confusing though. In the beginning of the story, your OC Annie, and somewhere along her name changes into Laura. And i would have liked it to be a bit longer! But otherwise, very sweet story, liked it muchly. 10/10

- Lily xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And yah, I do believe that I did change the names, but I guess I some how missed it. Ok, well, I'll change it back to Annie. That's what her name really is. And longer? Well, we'll see about that. Thanks again, and feel free to check out my "Prettifying Sirius" stories! /D

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Review #4, by wicKeDwitch1316 The Message

24th January 2007:
Oh my god, that was so sweet and unexpected! But in the beginning it says her name is Annie. Did you switch half-way through? You might want to edit that. Otherwise-aw.

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, hmm...I guess I didn't notice. I'll have to check though. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #5, by cait_hp_fan The Message

4th November 2006:
Aww! So cute! And so short! :( You should make a longer story w them all it would be awesome! lol Well loved the story! :)

Author's Response: Why, thank you! I've been reading one of your stories too! Please read my reviews! And I'll think about making it longer. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Stella Luna The Message

2nd November 2006:
Nice. Short but nice. If you are using mon inplace of my, it should should ber 'ma' not 'mon'. You need to use the femine form, if that's what yuou're trying to do.

Author's Response: thank you :]
yah, i had some confusion about that, i got a few different answers and honestly i don't really remember which one i thought was best or why. thanks for your input too though, the more help the better :]

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