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Review #1, by MovieLover12 Pt 2: Traitor

21st June 2011:
I loved the story from beginning to end!!
when Draco said no though had me worried but then he said he loved her and it was amazing
keep writing more stories!!

Author's Response: ^_^ Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked this one, too. I meant for him to be a frazzled, so I'm happy that you got the same little shudder of 'oh no' that Hermione felt. But of COURSE they had to be together in the end (lol, hence the title), plus I'm a sucker for happy endings.

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Review #2, by Dramione_4ever Pt 2: Traitor

8th July 2010:
this story is one i find cute without being overly fluffy, since it is a fan fic dealing with Valentine's Day. Plus i write draco nad hermione stories as well and i think its cute, romantic, and a little sad (cause of the ron/harry'hermione fight thing). all in all its a great dramione fan fic. (u said u wanted feedback lol)

Author's Response: Feedback, indeed! Thank you so much for your opinions, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and thought it wasn't too nauseatingly (like that, fake words!) fluffy. Personally, I think Draco could have done with a bit less cheer, but in the spirit of the 'holiday' it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to read my story, much appreciated.

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Review #3, by NotSuchAPrincessAlex Pt 2: Traitor

27th July 2009:
hey im from the u.s. massachusetts at that so :) i loved it not just cause its dramione but cause you involved NYC and i love it there actually My Story starts there lol i loved this care to write a sequel? i would love it and so will every one else!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really love this story and I've got so few hits on it. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I've been to NY one time, so I was kinda going off of that when I wrote this.

I probably won't write a sequel off of this, it's just too finalized in it's on One-Shot way that I can't add more.

Thanks for the review, though!

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Review #4, by emogurl2012 Pt 2: Traitor

5th June 2009:
hey that was romantic & great it'd be better if you made a sequel or epilogue just sayin what happens to the harry/ron/hermione thing& the draco/hermione ship in the future

Author's Response: Hm. I'll give it a shot!Thanks for the input :D. I'm glad you thought it was romantic though! I don't get that comment very often so I appreciate it.

Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #5, by gitgit Pt 2: Traitor

19th November 2008:
harry and ron are being bloody gits
and yaay that was a really nice ending
they admited they lvoed one another

Author's Response: Yeah, but they'll soon come to accept her decision (at least that's how I envisioned it for the future). Thanks fore reading :)

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Review #6, by gitgit Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

19th November 2008:
hahahahah i loved when he said we may have crossed paths in bed
that was really cute
nice one shot :D

Author's Response: Thank you. :] I like his pervy humor, too. Lol...

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Review #7, by Slytherinchild16 Pt 2: Traitor

5th January 2008:
That was so good I loved it the best Dramione fic I've read yet

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much :D. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'm sure there are MUCH more better ones out there, lol. I can point you to a few ;).

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Review #8, by the girl who lived13 Pt 2: Traitor

6th December 2007:
I really liked that story! I thought it was cute! I give you a 10/10! :)

Author's Response: Thanks :D. I'm glad you enjoyed it! So few people have reviewed I feel as if I should fix it or something "/... BUT thanks!

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Review #9, by cmedina2002 Pt 2: Traitor

12th November 2007:
Very Nice and Fluffy!
Great Work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D. I'm glad I got a review on this after a long time of not getting one. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by dracoginnygirl Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

29th July 2007:
That was quite an intrusting introduction. Like your pen name it is very interesting. If you want to contact me you can e-mail me at I agree though I think draco and hermioneshould be married, well either them or Draco and Ginny.

Author's Response: Lol xD. Draco and Hermione = LOVE.
Draco and Ginny, however, is [dies]. Does that explain my loathing towards it? Lol xD.

Thank you for the review and for reading :D.

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Review #11, by hpismylove07 Pt 2: Traitor

23rd July 2007:
I like it a lot! I just thought that in the end, when Draco told Hermione that he loved her, that he'd really smile, just like she was always hoping for. But still, great fic!

Author's Response: Lol, I was trying to get that to fit in, but I just couldn't get it worded right! Thanks for the input ;). And for the review, of course :P.

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Review #12, by John Clearwater Pt 2: Traitor

22nd July 2007:
Don't forget to revise your words, use a spell checker

Author's Response: I do. What's spelled wrong? :P Sometimes I overlook things bleh.

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Review #13, by John Clearwater Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

22nd July 2007:
Interesting beginning, wonder what will happen next?

Author's Response: Thanks ;). Yes, I wonnderrr.

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Review #14, by stagsrule626 Pt 2: Traitor

21st July 2007:
awww. that was cute!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #15, by RachelBee42 Pt 2: Traitor

18th July 2007:
I definately liked your story! I'm a huge fan of the Draco and Hermione pairings, but rairly do I find a story that has them being in love, but without taking away their character. Most of the time, writers change Draco into something he's not: A bug wuss. But here, you captured him rather well. He was still mean, but in a loving way. If that makes any sense. A 10 rating!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you =D. I'm glad you found my story so refreshing ;). If you were looking for a story with a... 'tough' Draco, I'm sure I could point you in the right direction =D.

Thank you for the review, it was very nice and, just thank you =D.

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Review #16, by live_love_die Pt 2: Traitor

16th July 2007:
omg twilight! thats like one of my fav books!

Author's Response: Lol, same here, which is why I included it ;). Thanks for reviewing =D.

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Review #17, by Harry Potter Nerd Pt 2: Traitor

16th July 2007:
plain and simple this story was amazing =D

who acres if tis in africa america or france

it was a brillant romance story with all our favourite characters

this is one of my all time favourite stories from hpff

its just waow!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Lol, well I just know quite a few people don't like when America is added into Harry Potter (since it's English-based). :P

I'm really glad you liked it so much! =D Thanks for all the very nice compliments!

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Review #18, by Harry Potter Nerd Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

16th July 2007:
wow this is really really good!


Author's Response: Thanks =D.

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Review #19, by janel Pt 2: Traitor

16th July 2007:
aww i love it! I like that u didn't get into too much detail with Harry Ron and Hermione's friendship That way it was mostly centered on Draco and Hermione's relationship :) I love Draco and Hermione together!!! Its so cute! and I love the Valentine's day theme thingy and I love happy endings. They make me so...happy. haha!!! Great story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D. Since it was so short I thought it would be better to not have too much on their friendship :P. Being a dramione, I had to add some of course, but not an overwhelming amount! I'm glad I did well =).

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #20, by janel Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

16th July 2007:
Aww this is such a cute story :) I really like this chapter and I love the length. Short chapters annoy me lol.

Author's Response: Thank you =D. Hah, this is my only story yet that I've written a long-ish chapter for :P. It's no 10,000 words, but eh, it's better than my usual 2,000 ;).

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Review #21, by diamond clover Pt 2: Traitor

16th July 2007:
that was gorgeous!
are truly cute fic and well written.
its led me to think..what happens harry and ron accept them do they marry and what not
well done!

Author's Response: Thank you :D.

I'm glad I left you wondering! That was the general idea I had when I left it semi-open. If you prefer them being accepted and then getting married, well then there's the ending you have (in your mind, though :P). Lol xD.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by lilpygmypuff Pt 2: Traitor

15th July 2007:
it's says that this is complete but i'm not sure. i think that this could be much more of a story. this was great.

Author's Response: Hah, it's complete, I assure you ;). I know it's very cliffy-like at the end, but I like to leave reader to fill in the blanks themselves.

Maybe sometime in the future I'll add a bit more; but as of now, this is all you've got!

Thank you for the review, and I'm glad you liked it =].

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Review #23, by x_hbprincess_x Pt 2: Traitor

15th July 2007:
Aww Wow!!!

Author's Response: :o! I hope that was a good 'wow'! (=

Thank you for reading!

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Review #24, by SiriusRoxOnIce22 Pt 2: Traitor

13th March 2007:
yay! great story! and i LOVE borders! and twilight! twilight is the best book ever!~! anyways, great story, though i think you should've elaborated moe on the past, and the note and stuff. but anyways, since it WAS a short story... haha well ten outta ten!

Author's Response: Lol, when did I bring up Twilight in the story?! Haha xD. Yes yes, I just bought New Moon, though! *weee* Now I have my own copy =).

Thank you for the advise! Maybe if I revise it sometime ever I'll fix that up and add to him and be more detailed! Nice rating, again =D. Thank-yuu!

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Review #25, by SiriusRoxOnIce22 Pt 1 : Secrets, Suspicions, and Surprises

13th March 2007:
'She charmed her hair' i'm glad you used the word charmed. most people say 'magicked'. i'm like, 'thats not what the word is! you stupid muggles!...' haha jk...anyways, i love how you're doing the flashback thing, it awesome. good story ten outta ten

Author's Response: magicked?? xD. How do you even pronounce that?? Damn muggles and their pronunciation problems xP. You can't even imagine how many calling Hermione things like hero-inny. xP. Thank you for the lovellyy rating =DD.

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