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Review #1, by aly 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

8th April 2012:
please new chapter now! pleaaase? i'm dying here! love the story, can't wait for more!

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Review #2, by Shannon 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

4th July 2011:
oh yes! i love this story and so glad you came back for the summer ;D

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Review #3, by lokita95hp 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

3rd July 2011:
you you you you you!
well, do you have something to say?
*I give you ice cream for updating & making me fall inlove with this story all over again! but its low fat because it took you so long? :D
great chapter
btw, leave me in this chapter & I will hunt you...
OH! & love the justin bieber bash hahahaha'

be happy(:

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Review #4, by Jesabelle 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

27th June 2011:
im really liking this, i love that your charicters are so real and likeable. MORE PLEASE

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Review #5, by Greene 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

1st June 2011:

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Review #6, by stepnhunguyen 80x More Adventurous Than Usual

30th May 2011:
Got hooked on this story! I love Nena and Oliver. And I can't believe he kissed her! I can't wait until the next chapter and tO see how she reacts. Because it's Nena, she'll probably faint or run away from the scene. And we love her that way.


Happy daze

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Review #7, by Chloe Rose Twice in Two Days?

27th November 2010:
I think you are brillant writer and this story is awsome. I checked last year but little more chapters were written. I checked it a year later and two more were added! it's very intresting and readable, keep writing!

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Review #8, by Alice Cullen I Swear...

16th October 2010:
omg like my name is tiffany too!

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Review #9, by Laughing_My_Tail_Of Twice in Two Days?

17th July 2010:
Loved when you put in Justyin and glee ;)

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Review #10, by rotem Diagon Alley

15th July 2010:
you made Fred and George evil

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Review #11, by callmedaynuhh Twice in Two Days?

11th July 2010:
speaking of justin bieber, i love his last song.
and glee... is amazing

anyways; i love oliver... GET THEM TOGETHER! hehe. :D

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Review #12, by RoseCrimson Twice in Two Days?

27th June 2010:
Love the Glee and JB references, even though Glee wasn't on TV in Nena's time, and Justine Bieber probably wasn't even born yet. But hurray for anachronisms!

You make George even more loveable than he normally is! I love George :)

Thanks for the super fast update! Makes my day!

Author's Response: oh for defs they weren't! i think justin bieber was like... three at this time. haha. when i was writing it, i was just writing whatever i wanted to write to be honest.

george is so loveable and i just tried to get it all out in one time, haha.

thank you! i'll try to update soon!

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Review #13, by blimmchen Twice in Two Days?

26th June 2010:
Hey there again!!! I did like this chapter quite a lot. I did get the Glee reference and I absolutely love Journey...I still think that would have been a good song choice, but yes, very cliché... Anyways, I am looking forward to the Hogsmeade trip and all... also want to know how the duet works out. Update soon :D

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Review #14, by Marauderette Twice in Two Days?

25th June 2010:
I love the Glee reference. Just saying. And awesome chapter! I can't wait for Hogsmeade and more of the duet project!!! 10/10
Oh, and thanks for updating so quickly! Do it again, please?

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Review #15, by FoundriaPenguin Anemia and Autographs

23rd June 2010:
don't worry, I'm still reading! YAY for updates! :D can't wait to see how this story plays out.


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Review #16, by Merry Witch Anemia and Autographs

23rd June 2010:
Hey, so I may be the one person who is reading this, and it's been so long I had to go back and re-read it. And I've remembered why I loved it. So, since you asked a question, and I figured you'd love a review, I don't think you've lost her voice.. It's just more mature. I like it. Keep it up, and I, at least, can't wait to read more. :)

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Review #17, by Teal Anemia and Autographs

20th June 2010:
I love your story I've been checking for an update regularly and I absolutely love it. keep writting!!!

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Review #18, by katie Anemia and Autographs

18th June 2010:
Love this story,it's different from all the other Oliver/OC stories (in a good way of course)I would of reviewed each chapter but i couldn't stop reading and instead went straight through :) Post the next chapter up as soon as you can.Don't be one of those one-hit writers who start a great story and never finish it because i will be very depressed if you were to do that and your way to talented of a writer to even think about stop writing.

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Review #19, by RoseCrimson Anemia and Autographs

18th June 2010:
At last! I was beginning to despair, my dear, I'm so glad you're back and working on this story.

I have to confess, though, it's been so long that I don't quite remember everything that happened. However, I'll keep reading new chapter because one thing I do remember is that I love this story, so please keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for sticking with me so long. My only recommendation is to go back and read the rest (though you can totally tell what a terrible writer I was in 8th grade!)

If you do like this, I have another story that I will toot my own horn about titled Madly, which is my personal favorite. :)

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Review #20, by blimmchen Anemia and Autographs

18th June 2010:
Hey there! This chapter certainly was a bit different from the previous ones. I like where you're taking the story that you started with Nena as this shy kinda insecure girl, that somehow learns to trust other people and looses her shyness. I still love the guys from the Weird Sisters, they're awesome. As for Oliver... I dunno... you are making it very very easy. He is a bit too nice in my opinion and too understanding... but hell, it is your story, so you get to decide how the characters behave. I hope you stick with the story :D

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Review #21, by blimmchen First Day of Class

18th June 2010:
way to start a lesson!! That must have been uberly awesome...well maybe not for Nena since she obviously wants to get it over and done with, but I wouldn't mind having a rockband starting off one of my classes :D

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Review #22, by blimmchen The Last Train Home

18th June 2010:
Yay, back to Hogwarts! And Wood and Nena get on and she isn't too nervous... :D

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Review #23, by blimmchen I Swear...

18th June 2010:
Ooh back to Hogwarts along with the boys. I do have to agree with you...summer starts off extremely good, gets boring and then you just don't want it to end... Oh god, I still love summer though :D

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Review #24, by blimmchen Nightmares

18th June 2010:
Ugh, that was a pretty bad nightmare at the beginning of the chapter. Poor Nena... I hope she'll get more confident soon or whatever so she stops stuttering and enjoys herself more. She seems like a really awesome girl, especially when she's around the band. And OMG the band teaching at Hogwarts? Bring on the funsies :D

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Review #25, by blimmchen Indulging in a Guilty Pleasure

18th June 2010:
Nice chapter, must read more

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