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Review #1, by lifter57 It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

19th March 2008:
This "story" is immature, badly written and not a shred of anything redeemable

I am sorry for being so cruelly blunt but you came no where near capturing any of my interest

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Review #2, by love _Conquers_ All It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

7th February 2008:
the whole stories just wrong. completely out of character. for well everyone. just very very weird

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Review #3, by SpazMonkey It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

8th July 2007:
I COMPLETLY agree with harrylovehermione
i was disquested and replused! becides that was sooo out of charater!for all of them. escellially making the sweet innocent little girl die at the hands of harry! it was horrible !

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Review #4, by SpazMonkey It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

8th July 2007:
ok that was stupid,dumb and i hated it

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Review #5, by harryloveshermione299 It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

3rd July 2007:
I just want to say that I think this story is disgusting. what you have written is completely repulsive. having a man kill his own daughter and then wife only to continue with suicide... well why would anyone in their right mind want to read about something so depressing? I sincerely hope that the rest of your imagination is not this morbid and dark. does reading this story make you happy?
I am sorry if you think i am being to harsh, but i find this story offensive and disturbing

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Review #6, by Coder Move Along

29th June 2007:
This is quite possibly the most SICK thing I have ever seen done with Harry Potter! There are topics you should NEVER write about. This is one of them. The boy who lived would NEVER turn on a friend, would never betray the ones he loves, and unspeakably evil to think he would harm a single hair on his own CHILD'S head! The Imperius Curse is a cheap ploy for this. People can tell when other people are under it!There should be a new Warning: Harry kills family members! DO NOT READ THIS, EVER!

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Review #7, by DarkWizardKiller A Different Kind Of Love Song

5th May 2007:
1) Hermione's eyes are brown.
2) The only friend Harry has lost up till now has been Cedric Diggory (and they didn't even know one-another that well.)
3) Harry and Ginny didn't start seeing one-another until their 6th year.
4) Harry Potter had gone through a tough life. He lost both of his parents when he was very young, got his curse scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead, moved in with his only remaining relatives, his Muggle aunt, uncle, and cousin, lived a dreadful life, until the day he found out that he was a wizard, and he got an admittance letter to his school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and lived a year of new dicoveries and magical adventures, that is, until he faced the person who'd killed his parents. You may not know this but there are these thing that people use when they write; they are called periods, sentances and paragraphs!
5)After that, Harry had been emotionally disturbed. Hmm, when was that? Must have missed that.
6)Harry(nor anyone else) has never call Hermione "Herm" AAARRRG!
7)Harry has lasted through another 10 rough years, got married to his best friend Hermione, and has had a young girl named Kylie. THE END!
8) "Herm, I just don't think that we should've had a daughter so early. I wanted to wait until I was like, 21." OOOPS, so much for the cleverest witch of her age thing huh? Guess they need to add sex education as a class at Hogwarts!
9)Harry was wondering at the time if he made the right decisions in his life. He felt that if he ran away, his family soloutions would solve themselves, but if he did, Hermione would find him, and if she was mad, he'd want to kill himself. I'm considering taking my own life after reading this... ;>

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Review #8, by candy_coded_goodness It Ends Tonight (Your Time Is Up)

24th March 2007:
um what the hell this is a very confusing fic

Author's Response: If you think this is confusing, talk to me and I'll fix anything I need to.

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Review #9, by ... Move Along

15th January 2007:
that was a really bad story!

Author's Response: im allowed to be critically critisized like that, no!!!!!! can you make it a little positive?!? can you at least tell me what i did wrong????????

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Review #10, by magicguy93 Move Along

4th December 2006:
Oh My Gosh he killed his daughter?
That is horrible.
It is also very good.


Author's Response: i know, really good twist, right???????

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Review #11, by PotterBlake Move Along

19th November 2006:
What the heck?

Author's Response: well i bet you're thinking that this is gonna be a weird story, but im still working on editing it, but that wont help, cause im done and i really wanna make the plot better, but i dont have time. im really sorry.........................................
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no, im just joking. ill try to fix the plot as much as i can.

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Review #12, by PotterBlake A Different Kind Of Love Song

19th November 2006:
It was pretty good

Author's Response: thanx. im happy u like it

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Review #13, by ihtara Move Along

11th November 2006:

Author's Response: my new ones, once i get them finished, will be angst stories, so i hope that you're ready!

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Review #14, by magicguy93 A Different Kind Of Love Song

4th November 2006:
I love this story.Write more chapters please.

Author's Response: thanks. sry but ive been so busy posting my new story, but ill hav mor on the way

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Review #15, by padzy *padfoot* A Different Kind Of Love Song

2nd November 2006:
wow! this is gonna be interesting! keep writing! really good!

Author's Response: ive finished it but itz on my computer and im waiting on my new 1 2 b finished. sry its takin 2 long.

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