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Review #1, by Emily Gail Chapter 8

28th March 2009:
this is amazing! if i had known that you hadn't updated in two years, i wouldn't have started it. you need to keep updating! please!

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Review #2, by wibaly Chapter 8

2nd January 2008:
ok. come on. new chapter. NOW!
lol. i loved it!
i was so worried about faye being by herself.
and as for faye. STUPID GIRL!
i would have told draco that if he were sleeping in my bed the rule is NO CLOTHES! :P

Author's Response: jeez! maybe i'll update this one today. idk.
lol no that's the rule for MY bed. hahahaha

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Review #3, by wibaly Chapter 7

2nd January 2008:
to move! i feel so bad for faye and her poor parents. how disastrous. i would be making people into meat pies. but i still don't think it was a good idea for faye to go out on her own.
silly silly girl.
she is like princess peach and draco is mario.
loved this chapter

Author's Response: no i see draco as more of a Luigi. :D

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Review #4, by wibaly Chapter 6

2nd January 2008:
"he repeated and stroked her hair which had been pulled out of her bun."
ok so i read that line wrong.
when i read it my eyes skipped something or something and i read 'he pulled hair out of her buns"
i was like um how does this fit in?

anyways. marvelous chapter!

Author's Response: . . . . BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is hilarious. i don't know how you managed to do that!!!

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Review #5, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Chapter 8

2nd September 2007:
Awww! This is such a cute story. I love how their love for one another keep them together and how Draco seems to be a different person. I always knew there was another side to Draco. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more!

Slytherin Review Circle

Author's Response: i knew it too. lol At least i was really really really hoping for it! :D
thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #6, by D_H Chapter 8

23rd August 2007:
This story is great, i love it, i cant wait for the next installment

Author's Response: thanks! though i don't know when that will be. . . .

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Review #7, by IceShards Chapter 8

31st May 2007:
Whoa good! DId I already comment on this chapy? Oh well! Anywho update quick!!!

Author's Response: i'm not sure if you did or not. . .
anyways, exams are here! oh no! lol so updates will be more delayed than normal. sorry! but summer is 5 days away. . . and you know what that means!!!! :D

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Review #8, by Froggi Chapter 7

24th January 2007:

Author's Response: hey thanks!! but for somereason, i don't think chapter 6 is up. i think it went from 5 to 7 lol. so you might be missing some details. . . unless i missed my email or something :)

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Review #9, by kingdom_hearts_2_rocks Chapter 7

24th January 2007:
how do u become a trusted author?
luv the story 2o

Author's Response: thanks!! :D

there's a forum for this site and in it there is an explanation under 'Ask the Staff' i believe. :)

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Review #10, by wibaly Chapter 5

3rd January 2007:
awww cute chapter! i love faye's excitement, she is like a child. . . remind you of anyone? but since they are happy at the end of this chapter can we expect trouble is brewing? cant wait to read more! let me know when you update!

Author's Response: trouble brewing?? me?? hahahahha. . . *sigh* yeeaah. you know me too well.
and faye is like you or me in this chapter also. heh.

and i'll let you know when i update, of course.

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Review #11, by wibaly Chapter 4

3rd January 2007:
so yeah, draco's father is a BAD BAD MAN! *rolls up newpaper to hit him with it!* the owl part had me laughing cuz i could see me or you doing something like that. ha. great. cute ending, and i like your grapic, it is swell. yes i said swell. it is aslo 2:02 in the morning and i should be in bed cuz we have school tomorrow but i would much rather read your story. to bad there is on ly one chapter left. *sad face*

Author's Response: you could always read it again. hahaha!!

yes, please beat Lucius Malfoy with a rolled up newspaper. i think it might set him straight.

and the owl part was kinda based on something you or i would do in this situation. :D

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Review #12, by wibaly Chapter 3

3rd January 2007:
lmao "you think they’re happy now? Ha. I don’t allow my characters to be happy for more that a half of a chapter or one short chapter tops" you are so evil! i love it! lol i like the strange food combinations! and the pillow fighting, very fun! i like how this chapter was mushy, but then fun it wasnt like GAG ON MUSH, it was like aww mush. lol. do you get it?

Author's Response: yes, i get it. :)

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Review #13, by wibaly Chapter 2

3rd January 2007:
great chapter !i thought i reviewed it but i guess not! i like how you can see the characters being one of your friends. like you just want to reach out and rub their backs and let them know everything will be okay. ok now i am reading more! buahhaha! love it!

Author's Response: i wish i could rub his back too. . .
lol your review made me laugh. thanks!!!!

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Review #14, by ElissandrAnne Chapter 4

16th December 2006:
Ah, Lucius wants to be the next Dark Lord. It makes sense in your Potterverse. And I guess it's going to change a lot of things for your characters...


Author's Response: my Potterverse. heh. that made me giggle!
thanks for your help! :D

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Review #15, by ElissandrAnne Chapter 3

16th December 2006:
Happy? I don't think Draco and happy go together well. lol. That was sweet - would she really have pulled down his boxers? Tut tut tut...


Author's Response: i dunno.... lol i didn't really think about that. lol
Believe me, i don't allow characters to be comfortably happy for more than like a chapter. lol

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Review #16, by ElissandrAnne Chapter 2

16th December 2006:
By the way, yes, I know what you meant in your post. There are Mary Sues, and there are the other female characters. However, the other OFCs all have some mary sue-ish characteristics - they are girls, after all. The most important thing when you create a character is to get to know her. At first, a character may seem perfect, then being showed as having flaws. I've encountered some Mary Sue, and so far, Faye is not one of them.


Author's Response: that's great to hear! thanks. :D

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Review #17, by ElissandrAnne Chapter 1

16th December 2006:
I read the summary of the Part I. The first scene of Part II is sweet. I guess Faye is the one who could be a Mary-Sue? I'll have to read more. For now, she sounds just like a normal teen to me.


Author's Response: yes, it would be Faye. :)

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Review #18, by IceShards(don't want to log in) Chapter 4

15th December 2006:
Oh yay! Antoher update! I liked it!!

Author's Response: i'm glad! thanks!

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Review #19, by Froggi Chapter 4

12th December 2006:
LUV IT!! ^_^

Author's Response: thanks!! :D :D :D

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Review #20, by Kira Chapter 1

6th December 2006:
Ok! This story has the thing I love, originality! I adore original stories, ones that explore the horizens a little if you will.

There were a few spelling mistakes intertwined in there, but I think most stories have that. I am sure you proof-read (because most of this is very finely written) but I would recommend reading the chapter out loud to yourself. It really helps when you are trying to catch mistakes. Trust me. One that I did find, and remember is the in the sentence:

Voldemort was planning for her to be his successor when he grew up. I belive it should be "when she grew up." Your spelling mistakes seem to be a simple error in key stroke rather than major spelling problem. Don't feel bad about that, I am a horrible typist and have countless mistakes.

Keep writing away at this and like I said in the forums, don't really worry about how many reviews you get. Its really the content of the reviews that matter. All the ones you have recieved are postive so keep going. Be encouraged instead of worried! You have obvious potential and your story shines with prospect.

Good luck to you! Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks soo much for the feedback! It helps a lot. :D
Yeah, it was supposed to be "she grew up." And yes, I do read over my work. But, of course, there is stuff I don't catch. I often have someone read over it for me too, but not so much for this story. She's been busy.
I'll try reading it out loud, well, out quietly. Haha. No one really knows I write fanfiction, so i'll do it, just quieter. :D
You're right about reviews. They are all positive, I was just worried that only a few people actually liked my writng. As an aspiring writer, it is helpful to know how many people like your style of writing or the origionality of your stories (even if they are fanfiction :D )

Thank you, oh so very much for your review!!!

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Review #21, by IceShards(don't want to log in) Chapter 3

6th December 2006:
Oh pretty please hurry with the next chapter! I seem to be nagging you but still.

Author's Response: it's ok. lol the next chapter is in waiting. although i have a feeling it will be sent back to me because of my confusion with the new options when submitting a story. lol.
i, naturally, had trouble with it. hahaha
but it is submitted! so not too much longer! :D

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Review #22, by IceShards Chapter 3

19th November 2006:
Oh yeah an update!
My chapter in my story took forever to process. I was so happy when I saw that you pudated I screamed "YES!"

Author's Response: yeah this one took awhile also. but it's up! yay!!! lol
thanks for reading!!! :D

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Review #23, by Twilight Magic Chapter 3

19th November 2006:
awe...how cute!!!

Author's Response: thanks!!! :D

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Review #24, by Mrs_Malfoyxoxo Chapter 1

14th November 2006:
Hi I'm new. I've got a story I'm planning to post but I need to know how to put the banner on. Could you please help me?
Thx Mucho,

Author's Response: there's a place for that, dear. take a look at the forums!

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Review #25, by Froggi Chapter 2

11th November 2006:
y throw the ice cream away? lol jk it was good.. make more. ^_^

Author's Response: i know seriously!! hahahaha
and i will be sure to make more. :D

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