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Review #1, by Anonymous The Girl Next Door

28th January 2015:
Awesome story do more chapters they are really good

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Review #2, by wonwon4eva...because he's HOT The Girl Next Door

17th March 2007:
Kind of confusing, but a pretty good chapter. Chantal and Sirius or Chantal and Remus! Or Maggie and Remus! Please have some people besides James and Lily be happy lol. :-D. UPDATE!

P.S. Your fic has gotten a lot better!

Author's Response: THANKS! practice makes perfect or so they say! yeah its confusing but what boarding school drama isnt?! you either knows whats happening or why or dont. if you dont your torn apart like a cheese sttring. anyways yes yes there will be happy people! im a sucker for a happy ending! expect things to right themselves soon!

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Review #3, by margarett The Girl Next Door

14th March 2007:
HEY! i am not a loser! the avatar is the coolest tv show in the history of tv shows right after CSI (becuse of greg) and video on trial. but it is still way up there! you cannot deny that you like the avatar, especially the new earth bender chick that ang is getting to teach him... don't dis! by the way, your dissing skills are beginning to pull ahead of mine! *tear* and i think i might cry! but i'm running out of things to say just because i don't know, i am and so um, ya, lmao we are so walking to the mall again some time soon and we should surprise laura and walk to her house, i've become slightly odsessed with walking lately, have you notices?

Author's Response: of course. avatar is awesome. whatever you say. and yes greg is a sexy beast. and margaret i will forever be belittled by your dissing skills. but my sarcasm is better. na na! and there is no way i am walking to the mall again. its cold again and look what happened to my pants! (readers, you dont even wanna know) and yes i noticed. you didnt shut up about it on the way to meaghans.

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Review #4, by *white roses* The Girl Next Door

13th March 2007:
Kind of complicated and hard to follow, but pretty good. I like it. UPDATE SOON :-D!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! i know its really complicated and i tihnk im going to edit it and make it easier to follow... i dont know... its a happy ending i promise!

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Review #5, by margarett A Very Bloody Halloween

13th March 2007:
hello hello hello lol i finally read the a/n and what's wrong with ploys coming from dreams? lol that's where all my best ideas come from! lol well OMG avatar's on! ok bubi!

Author's Response: your a loser margaret!! and yes dreams are awesome! thanks for the review!!

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Review #6, by lunalovegood1329 The Girl Next Door

11th March 2007:
This was an interesting chapter, but if I can give you some constructive's getting kind of confusing, I thought Remus and Chantal had already talked about the werewolf-y stuff (Chapter 7). Also, you didn't elaborate very much on Voldemort's Hogsmeade visit. Update! :-)

Author's Response: yeah voldemorts visit is kinda the part where Peter joins the Death Eaters and it gets clearer the farther it goes! there are a ton of references to voldys visit later on! also its kinda a love-crush mix-up that unravels later on. so basically right now its
chantal likes remus
remus likes maggie
maggie likes sirius
sirius likes chantal
yeah. confusing. ans remus was talking to maggie not chantal... thanks for the review! constructive critism IS ALWAYS WELCOME!!

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Review #7, by lioness47 The Girl Next Door

9th March 2007:
great story i jst finshd reading it all. lik how u pt songs in it lol. keep up the good work. update real soon =]

Author's Response: THANKS!:) yes i just finished writing chapter 10 so it'll be up as soon as its validated!

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Review #8, by 4ever_dreaming_of_magic The Girl Next Door

9th March 2007:
niiice! lol great ending! ironic really I love it!

Author's Response: thanks:) wow! i didnt think i was ever going to get any reviews!! thanks for the awesome review! irony is a newer thing im experimenting with so im really really glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by someone A Very Bloody Halloween

8th March 2007:
nice story but wasnt james a chaser not seeker?

Author's Response: ahh yes the age old contraversy of james' quidditch position. while i am adament that he is in fact a seeker, you are free to belive what you please. in any sense his position has no influence to the plot so its not a huge deal. its not like the snitch/quaffle (whatever butters your bagel) is a bomb that kills him... i mean hell, screw voldemort! screw the dramatic sacrafice! screw the plot that this whole story is based on! JAMES POTTER DIED FROM A CONCEALED BOMB! oh i can see the headlines now..
wizard terrorists kill teen!
deranged hinky punks wire snitches!
retarded author carted straight to the loony bin! speaking of which i need to go visit my friends in the long white lab coats

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Review #10, by 4ever_dreaming_of_magic An Unwanted Visitor

21st February 2007:
oh snap! 10/10

Author's Response: THANKS for the great rating!! :)

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Review #11, by lunalovegood1329 An Unwanted Visitor

21st February 2007:
OMG! Voldemort in Hogsmeade! The suspense is killing me! UPDATE!! :-D

Author's Response: lmao im trying im trying!! the lack of reviews is KILLLING ME!! thank you SOOO much for reviewing!! i REALLY appreciate it!

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Review #12, by 4ever_dreaming_of_magic A Very Bloody Halloween

11th February 2007:
you must have very good dreams lol! its divinantion Prof. Trelenwey woudl be so proud lol. kant wait for the next chpater!

Author's Response: lmao thank you! lol at the time my dream was terrifying but now... well lets just say im VERY grateful! oh yes...Prof. Trelawney is jealous man! lol its coming!

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Review #13, by harry_is_da_bomb A Very Bloody Halloween

11th February 2007:
yay! finally on chapter 7! i dont really have anything to say except im still reading and you better still send me your chapters. JUST BECAUSE I DONT HAVE INTERNET DOSNT MEEN I DONT HAVE FEELINGS!
ok bye bye

Author's Response: lmao yes yes yes i know... you may not hae internet but YOU STILL HAVE TO SEND ME YOURS!!! sheeshhh... lol
ok bye bye

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Review #14, by lunalovegood1329 A Very Bloody Halloween

7th February 2007:
Update! :-D

Author's Response: will do! :) the next chapter is in validation process!

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Review #15, by margarett The Marauders

1st February 2007:
muwahahaha, it is i, margarett, lmao i love it, You’re a-!” (Please note that this space is filled with lots of bad language punctuated by insults and French cursing). lmao my favorite line, and i know where you got it from too! and don't worry, i won't clam it as one i gave you but i do know where you got it from.
well, as you know i love the story, i love the swearing and i love the fact that you need a warning pop up! lmao laugh every time i see it!

Author's Response: yes yes you love to laugh at my misfortunes dont you? im a potty mouth and i cant help it. BTW do you know whats wrong with harry_is_da_bomb? whats happening on july 21? i feel so out of the loop!!!

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Review #16, by 4ever_dreaming_of_magic Mr. and Mrs. Perfect

31st January 2007:
haha i remember watching the show mary poppins *oh a spoon full of ketchup make the medicine go up* haha good times, i love this story! keep updating!

Author's Response: haha i like that ! thanks so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #17, by wonwon4eva...because he's HOT Break-ups and Make-ups

23rd January 2007:
That was awesome...

Author's Response: Omg Thanks! :) Happy Reviews! Yay!

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Review #18, by lunalovegood1329 Break-ups and Make-ups

23rd January 2007:
that was a funny and dramatic chapter! great job! UPDATE!

Author's Response: haha thanks:) humor is important... it makes it more laughable.. which makes sense... riiiiighttt... anyways thanks for the review!!

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Review #19, by 4ever_dreaming_of_magic Break-ups and Make-ups

20th January 2007:
YAY! im so happy! this story is amazing!! update soon!

Author's Response: OMG THANKS! such a nice review:) bubbly feelings all around! YAY! and im done the next chapter so its all on the validators now!

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Review #20, by lala4286557 A Long Car Ride

17th January 2007:
Really good story, the beginning is a bit like Grease, which gives you bonus points cuz I

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing... i think you may have gotten cut off but i'll just guess here... I love Grease too! its so cute! although i have to admit the high pants scare me a bit.. lmao thanks for the review! byee!

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Review #21, by venus de malfoy A Long Car Ride

16th January 2007:
smashing effort!

Author's Response: THANKS!!

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Review #22, by harry_is_da_bomb A Long Car Ride

16th January 2007:
MARGARETT's STORY IS UP! review it NOW! annoying to have messages left in your reviews isnt it.

Author's Response: ... nahh not really... i do it people too so... yeah... for all of you reading this go to the story "Slytherin Girl" and its good... even if the summary isnt so good... we have to work on that yes? yes... anyways byee

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Review #23, by harry_is_da_bomb Control

15th January 2007:
snow day. Ive never actually stayed off on a snow day...not since like kindergarden. i went today to.shut up. I know right now your mentally or verbally laughing yourself silly at me right now...because i know you so well. Yeah. i dont feel good today eather. i was supposed to go sledding with your sis today...and you...i donno but i dont feel i want hot chocolate. ill ptrobably burn the house down though. i set soup on fire once. i ryed to hideit from my mome but the black pot and smock in the room kind of gave me away.
so, im leaving you a nice long review (long for me but no where near your standards) about basiclly nothing.
i cant breath out of my nose. and that really sucks. ive got a clarinet teast tommorow and not being able to beath out of my nasil might cause some issues. Another reason why i cant go sledding. snow+hill+contraption used to ride down hill+your sis=wet=cold=more mucas in the nasil=not being able to breath out of nose=F for me in music. yeah.
ok i think thats nice and long. im gonna go now and wollow in ,my pile of tissues with some cold hot chocolate (I CANT BE TRUSTED TO HEAT IT!)
great chapter by the way...i didnt read it again but i know its good.

Author's Response: haha you actually GO on snow days?!?!?! what a nerd! haha you know i love you! yeah... its wednesday now and im still sick and it sucks... i wanted to go sledding on Monday too but, alas, fate has interveened... haha that sounded funny.... yeah... never go sledding with my sister... its not safe! bad things happen! lol anyway i g2g have a nap... byeee thanks for reviewing

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Review #24, by brighteyesx3 A Long Car Ride

9th January 2007:
It reminded me of Grease ... but i liked it a lot! It was quite cute, actually. Off to read the next one!

Author's Response: THANKS! yeah I based it loosly on Grease because im obsessed with it (blushes) thanks so much for the awesome review! :)

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Review #25, by margarett Control

7th January 2007:
oh my god oh my god oh my god! i'm posting my story, now i know it's not as good as yours because yours is a musical so it automaticlly earns supremicy lol you absolutly HAVE to put can't touch this in this story! that will be sooo funny!!

aha are you going to have the whole emo thing in it? cuz no offence or anything but that was weird because it was only there for like two lines and what the hell is crack a cola?

well, because it seems that our foster sister is incapable of putting in a good bitch slap into her story (if you already have one in there then i give you props (yo)) but still, i really really really want you to put one in, i plan on having at least two of them as well as much kicking of guys in the... well, you having the same amout if not more sick mindedness as myself you know where they are going to get kicked.

well, if you don't finish this story then i will butt clench you and tazer you and do other thing to cause you more discomfort aha ew that sounded sick! lmao ok well ew school tomorrow :(

aha you have to read my storyas soon as it's validated lol i'm so exited! even though it's not really all that great but i sorta like it! lol i called it Slytherin Girl well odviosly and it's really long but i can't help it! my story's not as funny as yours either but anyway you have to leave me an extremely long, annoying and pointless review that you barly even have mention the story at all in lol just like in our foster sisters story!

aha lmao me and laura "you go and make a destraction!" "and then?" "by then i should have the rest of the plan figured out!" aha and we would do it too! that the sad part.

ok well i think that this is a long enough review


Author's Response: Nahhh there's no such thing as a long enough review...

I AM SO putting that in my story (the plan thing) as a tribute to our idiocy!

and NO i cut the emo crap. but that chappie still sucks. and its lover's fault. she said it was good! emo kid! and to make you happy there is a bitch slap in the next chapter! waahoooo! out who is slapping? and who is being slapped? I shall not tell... but you find out as soon as my story is validated! yay! omg i AM SO FILLING YOUR REVIEW PAGE OF CRAP! yay! im excited... ewww school... poop...


thanks for the pointless review (which was mainly about your story... gee thanks...) but i love you anyways!

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