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Review #1, by Clare Epilogue: 3 Years On

19th January 2014:
I absolutely loved this story. Love how you've described Sirius and his interactions with Kate! I'll be honest, I died a little at the end that Sirius' children don't know to the full extent how brilliant their father was. But beautifully written! I loved it!

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  Epilogue: 3 Years On

16th March 2011:
Loved it!! Really well written, and very funny :D

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Review #3, by Stefenie Epilogue: 3 Years On

12th October 2010:
Good story...the end needs a bit more, they should meet him or something...and shouldnt her kids be around harrys age? and the title of the last chapter isnt right, its more than 3 years. The other part of the story was really cute!

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Review #4, by snowflake asia A Series of Small Events

14th February 2010:
well it was really good so far and i believe its right how come sirius is such a smart assed git? sorry but i mean really. i mean this girl lets him stay at her home after he was kicked out they become friends and when they get back he wants everything to go back the way it was before and forget all about her. i mean who does that? any way i am sorry for that he was just never one of my favorite charectors in any story cause he is a play boy. i really dont like giving people critisism but you know its nice to rant to people you dont know. well i really loved it despite my rudeness so i am giving you a ten.

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Review #5, by marauderettee :] Rolling Along

30th January 2009:
well, i must say this was my most favourite line..

"the prickling sensation that had been growing behind her eyes were actually ears, and apparently wanting to surface."

i never knew you could grow ears behind your eyes .. haha
nahh, i love this story really,
it's rather awesomee :D xx

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Review #6, by SamBlack Surprise Surprise

29th January 2009:
NO! gah! ashton=bad! sirius=good!

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Review #7, by SamBlack Killer Tomatoes

29th January 2009:
gah. . . . i have to admit im kind of hating on sirius in this story currently.

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Review #8, by Kt_Clare_Lily Epilogue: 3 Years On

18th December 2008:
Wow, what an amazing story, i simply loved it. But u left me hanging i so want 2 know more.

nyways great story

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Review #9, by rosie_sirius93 Epilogue: 3 Years On

14th December 2008:
I loved this story!! I'm just about to add it my favs in fact! It was really sweet and really well thought out!

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Review #10, by lunafan3997 Epilogue: 3 Years On

18th November 2008:
that was an awsome story!
your a spectacular writer

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Review #11, by JSB 073 And So It Begins

24th May 2008:
Wonderful start. Really great.

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Review #12, by jazzydee23 Epilogue: 3 Years On

14th May 2008:
thank YOU! for writing it! and entertaining me, it was simply brilliant and beautiful!!

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Review #13, by jazzydee23 Smile and Nod

14th May 2008:
OH MY GOODNESS that was the absolutely cutest chapter ever! love this story!!!
it was not bad and not rushed at all! completely adored it. probably my favourite chapter so far, which is fitting! can't believe i've reached the end...

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Review #14, by ruby_slippers Epilogue: 3 Years On

28th April 2008:
this is a beautifully written moving story. Very few could actually pull off a piece that moves so regularily from memory to reality but you have done it with style and perfect fluidity. Well done on an amazing story. Sorry i didn't review more.

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Review #15, by silver_serpent Epilogue: 3 Years On

31st March 2008:
omgawd i think im going to cry
that was the perfect ending 10/10

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Review #16, by Draco is fit 123 Epilogue: 3 Years On

16th January 2008:
aw i can't believe it's ended.i loved it! love the story you're writing.can't believe it's over...and it didn't suck.was awesome!
i was gonna write update asap but it's over :O
lol anyway great job!
Yours Emily

Author's Response: well, i am very glad to hear it didn't suck! :)
i am very happy that you loved it, and i am soooo thankful you took the time to review it! thanks so much!
hope you stick around and read some of my other stories some time :) i'd apprieciate it very much hehe
thanks again and again and again

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Review #17, by Rose Epilogue: 3 Years On

5th January 2008:
awww what a sweet ending! i wanted to cry so many times! especially about Marcel! that was so sad!

Author's Response: lol i really don't mean to make things sad, i really have no idea how i do it. i hope it was a good sad...? hehe
thanks so much for reviewing, it brings a big smile to my face :D

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Review #18, by sirius_the_best Epilogue: 3 Years On

24th November 2007:
this was fantastic! it was breathtaking! it even made me cry... i know i havnt reviewed all your chapters for the story so i hope this big review makes up for all of them... it think it was really, i mean really really nice the way u startd it... the way she cant concentrate on her surroundings, always remembering her summer with sirius black. it was unique the way u presented it. the way you told us what happened in the summer by her memories. it was really nice, and your story was really adicting. i actually read the first five chapters without taking my eyes of the computer. And then came the part when sirius tells her tht he wants things back the way they were before summer, tht was really mean of him! and i could actually feel the pain when kate sees izabella kissing sirius. And i had this feeling tht kate liked aston, thts why she behaved like tht. the last few chapter were also very lovely. the way sirius proves himself, esp the second last chapter, the ending totaly made me cry... they were so good together... i had to read tht chapter twice, it was so beautifuly written. the ending... was nice. i hate sad endings but your was diffrent. it was sad, yet not tht sad. i loved the way u described elinor and oliver, the way they had gone after sirius and looked so much like him. omg! i forgot to mention cassendra, she was an amazing character. all in all, i would like to say tht this is one of the most amazing stories i have read. i love stories from the marauder era and this is one tht touched my heart. you are an amazing, terific and very talanted writer! never give up on your stories.

Author's Response: okay, you've done it. this is offically THE best review i have ever, ever recieved. thank you so so SO much for taking such time to write it!!
i feel so honoured! i am so glad you liked it.
thanks again, and i hope you come back some day to read another one of my stories :D

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Review #19, by soccerhottiee06 Epilogue: 3 Years On

17th November 2007:
absolutely breathtaking. i adored this with all my heart, and at this very moment, im going to see if you have any other work on thee site. fantabulous jobb =]

Author's Response: oh wow, thanks so much! i am truely touched, and i'm really glad you liked it. hope you read my other stories some time - although, you know, things are going a bit slowly at the moment. it should speed up soon enough :)

thanks again!

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Review #20, by mayo Epilogue: 3 Years On

15th November 2007:
I LOVED IT!! my thoughts? you should totally make a sequel! hehe

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Review #21, by himynameis05484 Epilogue: 3 Years On

12th November 2007:
Sad, but a fantastic story! :D Keep writing.

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Review #22, by ere Epilogue: 3 Years On

1st November 2007:
wow. amazing. i wish sirius had come back though... oh wait, he died...
absolutely beautiful!!! !!! !!!

Author's Response: hahha if it wasn't for that teeny, teeny, tiny little fact i would have. but alas, he is gone and thats the way it forever will be :(
lol but thanks so much for reviewing and i'm so glad you liked it!!! :D

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Review #23, by Anna Epilogue: 3 Years On

26th October 2007:
Wow that was so sad! It made me cry! Great ending though. IT was so realistic. I think you should write a chapter 16, though, and have Kate meet Harry and find otu the truth. Even if she didn't get to see Sirius again, she'd know he was innocent.

Author's Response: oh no! i didn't mean to make you cry, i am so sorry! hahaha but i am glad you liked it! and that it was realistic, because i am starting to hate unrealistic things :P
that's an interesting idea of yours, i shall ponder it for a while :)

thanks for the review!!

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Review #24, by Holey Moley Epilogue: 3 Years On

24th October 2007:
Wow... I love the ending!! Its really nice, to know that the family are happy and safe and all that- and yet it doesnt do that typical 'sirius comes back and all is perfect' thing...
Love it!!!
And i think that trying a next generation fic could be great!!!

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Review #25, by bator_leo Epilogue: 3 Years On

24th October 2007:
i loved it! i loved the whole story, it was really good. very sad, but good! can't wait to read your future ones!!

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