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Review #1, by angelrosieMD Reunions And Sorting

3rd July 2007:
aaw, she should've been in Slytherin. could you have her and Malfoy get married after they get done with school ?

Author's Response: we'll see. that all depends on what is going to happen next. because honestly, i only have it writen out to about Christmas, and there's a lot that happens around then, so who knows?

thanks for reviewing.

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Review #2, by Draco is fit 123 Reunions And Sorting

3rd July 2007:
Yay a bit of Draco and electres wo =P thanks for the chapter it was soo good. i loved the bit where Draco was poseing haha so funny. wirte more cause its so good and i love it. i love the character of electres she is so mysterious. so write more please Luvs XxX

Author's Response: thanks. i'll get it up as quick as i can. i love how much yu rate, cause your about the only one who does. next one goes out to you. when i get it up.


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Review #3, by kyrandia Reunions And Sorting

30th June 2007:
oh this is so good please update again real soon

Author's Response: thank you so much. your the only person to even commebt on this chapter. so i take my hat off for you. thank you and i will update as soon as i can.


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Review #4, by Draco is fit 123 Art Supplies & Easel With A Past

17th June 2007:
Great chapter Loved it. Please write more im hooked so please can i have a new chapter Luvs XxX

Author's Response: i'll get it up after Lost To Time chapter is up. then i'll get right on it.

thank you for reading. your about the only one that really says anything about it anymore.


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Review #5, by kyrandia Art Supplies & Easel With A Past

26th May 2007:
this is so good i cant wait for more

Author's Response: thanks. the next chapter should be up today, or tomorrow. thank you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Draco is fit 123 The Truth About Jake And Dragon

20th May 2007:
awww i new that draco was dragon and its soo good how she went back to her family even though she wants to be with draco (i would have stayed with draco :P) sooo good chapter keep writing more because i love it XxXxX

Author's Response: thanks. yeah, things will be getting a lot more difficult ver soon. i'll post as soon as i can. thank you for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Henria The Truth About Jake And Dragon

18th May 2007:
Yay! Go Draco! :D I can totally invision Electres as I can have that sexy blonde. :D Anyway, I like it! I really didn't read it when I was editing it. So, this is technically the first time I have read it. :D Good job!

Oh, my phone is back. So, feel free to call me. Before 6:00 tonight though. I have practice at 6:30. So, yeah.

I love you! Keep writing and just bear with the last few days of school. You can do! I love you muchas!!

HUGS and Kisses bye bye for now. Love always,
Henny, that lucky Penny!!

Author's Response: thanks sweety. i don't really have anything new to say. i'm going to post another when only because theres only one day waiting. so i love you machos



ps i know, i am really trying to bear through. it doesn't feel like the end yet. thats why when you guys left it was like, whoa.

anyways love you

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Review #8, by angelrosieMD Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

18th May 2007:

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #9, by manic_rage The Truth About Jake And Dragon

16th May 2007:
hehehe wonderful

Author's Response: thank you. your writting is amazing.

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Review #10, by Draco is fit 123 Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

10th May 2007:
Awww so good again. i love it i want to find out more. and thank you for this chapter. please update soon Luvs XxX 10/10

Author's Response: i'll try, but i got some peoples graduation coming up and one of those girls is my editor[new thang] so i might be awhile, but i will try. thank you

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Review #11, by Henria Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

9th May 2007:
:D I know, I am special...

I like how you made her tell some of the truth and not all of it. Great job. Haha 'How did you beat the potion?' 'Well, duh, it is me...'

Oh goodness. You should have put that...:D Just kidding. Now, I am going to try and finish up my chapter and have it in waiting some time this week. That is my goal...and passing my finals...

Author's Response: pshhh you don't need to pass your finals. you can stay with me for another year. forget about signing you soul away to the government. i'll fight for you.

anyways thanks dear. well hello she beat the potion because of who she was, if the master had ben busted, the girls would be able to tell and he would go down, with havinga blocker, they can't.

yeah get that
love you machos

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Review #12, by Avanell 2 Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

8th May 2007:
Great story...can't wait for more!

Author's Response: again thank you. this chapter tok about three times before it would be accepted. i'll try and update soon

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Review #13, by Avanell 2 Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

8th May 2007:
So...who is "dragon"...Draco? Someone else? Ooh! Just noticed another chapter :) Or two.

Author's Response: yeah, your gonna have to wait. thank you for rating, not many people do. thanks for reading

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Review #14, by ILoveLost1888 Treason & Blood Mixed With A Hint Of Uncertainty

8th May 2007:

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #15, by angelrosieMD Malfoy and Ruby

26th April 2007:

Author's Response: yeah. well i have a huge soft spot for him... thank you. and there is more coming.

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Review #16, by Draco is fit 123 Malfoy and Ruby

22nd April 2007:
OMG i really love this is so powerful please keep it going i really love it so please can i have another chapter please =D Luvs XxX

Author's Response: of course i will keep up with it. and yes you can have another chapter, the second something else gets valdiated, i will get one into waiting. promise.

thanks for reading

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Review #17, by Henria Malfoy and Ruby

20th April 2007:
Yes! Kissing!

I totally know who Electres is based off of. It took me many months to earn her trust. And we all know I am a very trustworthy person.

I liked it a lot. You need to fix the spacing. It would make it easier to read. I swear.

I love you muchas mommy! See you on Monday! I hope you had fun at the zoo.

Author's Response: hello the love of my life. thank you. i will work on the spacing business.

you wanna know what sucks? people have been hounding me for this chapter update, sixteen reads and your the only one who commented.

but its ok. i know you love and love my work. i love your work.

go see the saturday showing of 'The man who came to dinner' i don't i think i have laughed that much in a while.

ok. there is a problem.

colton is dating someone named missy. and missy [as in the girl i want to punch every time i see her] is seeing someone named colton. please god tell me that it is just a misunderstanding, that its not them together.

please i need help. when i was told this, that it could be both of them, i am pretty sure i threw up in my mouth a little.

i pray its not true. i pray.

i locve you babe

macho macho


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Review #18, by Henria The Secret, Inroductions, and Stand-Off-Ness

1st April 2007:
Ok, so this pink thing is an April Fool's prank. It is already April 1st in Australia. I figured it was when I read the main page...

Author's Response: i know, i know. i think tomorrow cause i'm tired right now, i'll post the Wednesday one, then after that i'll post the Pax one. so much to do.

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Review #19, by marble Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

2nd March 2007:
good story. please update soon. are you going to have her go to hogwarts with everyone elese ? can you make her whole family find out what happened to her for all those years ?

Author's Response: well its already written out to a point and i just have to post it. lets just say, you'll like it

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Review #20, by VanilleSky Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

26th February 2007:
nice story, I wish you told us a bit more about this girl..

Author's Response: well thats coming up. actually down the road. i jsut need to post it. but thank you.

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Review #21, by crazy_shamel Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

3rd January 2007:
the bloody shirt is jake's right? whoever that is. will we ever know who dragon and jake are? you know, through flashbacks or sumthin?

i like it a lot. octillion out of ten.

Author's Response: thanks. i think i do and if i don't i think i explain it.

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Review #22, by kissedbyavampire The Secret, Inroductions, and Stand-Off-Ness

1st January 2007:


Author's Response: thanks

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Review #23, by musicgirlhp14 The Secret, Inroductions, and Stand-Off-Ness

26th December 2006:
Okay, here we go. I have a few things you may want to do with your story. First of all you may want to go back and edit, there are a few spelling, and grammerical errors. Secondly you may want to add a little more detail. And in the beginning of the chapter you talk in past, then present then back to past. It's rather confusing, and hard to read. But the plot is interesting, and I give you props for that! Good job so far!

Author's Response: thank you alex. and if youre the alex i think you are. your grounded. if not, sorry for the confusion.

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Review #24, by angelrosieMD Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

5th December 2006:
love it. update soon. in the next chapter, could you make one of her family catch her cutting herself ?

Author's Response: actually no, because she doesn't do that. And plus this is all already written out just not posted. sorry.

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Review #25, by dragon Numbers, Make-Up, Swimming, Promises and Secret Places

18th November 2006:
thank you. update soon.

Author's Response: hi there. there's a new chapter. enjoy!

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