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Review #1, by Ginny Potter Chapter Five/Six

4th March 2009:
Great, great story!

And I'm very sorry about Kristen.

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Review #2, by Kait Chapter Three

29th May 2008:
What's the deal with this in every story with the same story line like this when hermione is telling ron she pregnant this happans

"ron i'm pregnant"
"Whose's the the father?"
"I'm looking at him."
I've seen that 5 zilllion times


Author's Response: Yeah, feedback is great.... when it's not insulting my creativity. I wrote this at least 3 years ago. But please, spare me the critism if it's not going to be helpful. Because, maybe, if you read my other works your might see, creativity is not something I lack. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Review #3, by Jenn Elaine Chapter Five/Six

8th April 2008:

Author's Response: Bahahahaha. Suspense!

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Review #4, by Jenn Elaine Chapter Four

8th April 2008:
...i still like it. Its nice haveing everything short and sweet sometimes

Author's Response: Yes, short and sweet is good. I'm glad you think so too.

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Review #5, by Jenn Elaine Chapter Three

8th April 2008:
ummm. a little to quick on the whole thing but still okay

Author's Response: Well, there was no need to draw things out.

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Review #6, by Jenn Elaine Chapter Two

8th April 2008:
I like this chapter too. Though, you are right it is REALLY short. Well i hope that the next chapter is just as good!! Umm... is this a work-in-progress?

Author's Response: Yes, it is still a work in progress. As it says, I'm working on it.

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Review #7, by Jenn Elaine Chapter One

8th April 2008:
This chater is realy good. I love Ron and Hermionie relashionships. They are my favorite. I am going to keep reading the story. Great job! ( o ya i like the anner too)

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Review #8, by The_Girl_Can_Rock Chapter Five/Six

16th March 2008:
oh its so sad... but it is very good... please write more really soon!

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Review #9, by kareid Chapter Five/Six

1st January 2008:
Oh my god i feel so sory for you and kristen my she rest in peace.Great story by the way

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Review #10, by kyrandia Chapter Five/Six

29th December 2007:
ok your evil with the cliffe please dont wait months again to update i like this story alot

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Review #11, by BrittanyWeasley Chapter Five/Six

29th December 2007:
This one was very good. You should add more though. :D

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Review #12, by ginny_roxmysox Chapter Five/Six

5th November 2007:
Such a compelling story! Update soon!
Sabrina :)

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Review #13, by munkeyfreek23 Chapter Five/Six

4th October 2007:

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Review #14, by gogirl Chapter One

17th August 2007:
hurry up and finish this is a very good story

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Review #15, by crazygurl17 Chapter Five/Six

3rd June 2007:
what no sound im so lost

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Review #16, by HermioneGronaldW Chapter Five/Six

27th May 2007:
o can the baby not talk!?! and woudln't Hermione have her baby before Ginny? Love the story plz plz plz plz update!

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Review #17, by ginny_malfoy22 Chapter Five/Six

25th May 2007:
This is really good! Update asap!

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Review #18, by Natural Amortentia Chapter Five/Six

23rd May 2007:

-calms down-

Okay, sorry. I was just really like...excited because you finally UPDATED! OH JOY! 'Kay calm again.

Wowww, Ginny was pretty mad, there, wasn't she? xD She kinda cracked me up when she was screaming and swearing at Harry. Ah, poor man...poor, stupid, naive man. Hahahahaa.

Well, good job! Good! Good! Me likey! Please update again, SOON.

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Review #19, by obsessive Chapter Five/Six

20th May 2007:
I'm sorry about your friend. That's sad, but great chapter!

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Review #20, by abbeydraco7 Chapter Five/Six

19th May 2007:
PLEASE CONTINUE. Let the baby be alright!

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Review #21, by nads Chapter Five/Six

18th May 2007:
great story a new life in the family but why didnt the baby cry? Wont be long before Hermione has hers and that should be fun now then wont it lol

Was Kristen your friend? i'll light a candle for her, god bless all my love


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Review #22, by EternalGold394 Chapter Five/Six

18th May 2007:
Great Story. God Bless Kirsten.

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Review #23, by evil_step_sister Chapter Five/Six

17th May 2007:
more what will happen?

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Review #24, by 93dragonwhisperer93 Chapter Four

16th May 2007:
I Love it!!! Although you could tel us how Percy died because it's a little vague at the end but appart from that its all good!

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Review #25, by swimnh7 Chapter Four

9th April 2007:
i really enjoyed it i think u should make hermione have a normal birth and ginny have a dramatic and comlicated one. WRITE MORE SON!

Author's Response: Bahahaha. You totally read my mind. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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