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Review #1, by Royalcheshire The Colour of Autumn

25th October 2011:
Most descriptive I've read in awhile, gave it a more mature feel, witch i like...cause all these little kids making these crap story's are getting on my nerves... But this one... its a keeper

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Review #2, by gremlin The Colour of Autumn

12th December 2008:
I thought it was really sweet :)

Author's Response: Hi there gremlin!

Thanks for your nice review! I'm glad you enjoyed my story!

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Review #3, by magicinthemoonlight29 The Colour of Autumn

24th March 2008:
Hi it's me again. I just thought I would post my reply in a review, just to make sure there's no inconvenience to you. This time, I didn't have time to read the story before I reviewed it so I'm very sorry. But I promise to come back when I have time! Anyway, here's my reply:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your points!

All I would really like on the banner... I'm trying to think of something creative because having three people on the banner might make it kind of squashed... well obviously it needs Hermione. And two roses: one red, one white. Also, two violets: one blue, and one that's clearly darker, closer to purple.

All right here's an idea: if you have Harry and Hermione in the center, with the red and white roses near Hermione and the blue and purple violets near Harry. That's really important.

I don't want to take away your creative license, but those are the things that I believe are pretty crucial. There could also be a cauldron with pink potion in it (there is a love potion in it. Cliche, I know, forgive me). Not crucial, but an idea.

And then there is Luna's presence in the story, which actually ties it all together. I am no artist, so forgive me if this sounds er... kindergartner-ish, but if the font you use for the title could look like it was painted, with a paintbrush at the end, that would sum up Luna's part (basically she enters a painting in an art contest that has to do with the forbidden h/hr romance).

But again, use your best judgment. I don't really have an eye for this sort of thing.

Well thanks again!


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Review #4, by lyrical_harmonies The Colour of Autumn

4th October 2007:
wow, so amazing and romantic, and not as cliché as most of the ones i fav, my favs are usually one of them shutting up the other with a kiss in the middle of a row. ron and hermione were destined to be together, and don't get me wrong, when i was only watching the movies and not reading the books, i thought harry and hermione were perfect for eachother, but then, i didn't even realize ginny and harry were a possibility, cuz ginny seemed so much further apart from them than just one year, but now, i'm totally canon

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Review #5, by Watery_Eyes The Colour of Autumn

11th September 2007:
It was so beautiful! I loved it! Sweet and simple

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Review #6, by mmcgonagall06 The Colour of Autumn

6th August 2007:
Aww...that was cute and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! If you ever have time to go back and edit, there are a few tiny grammar errors, but nothing major; 'too' instead of 'to'...that sort of thing. This was such a cute fic! 10/10!

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Review #7, by Spazzy Grape The Colour of Autumn

13th June 2007:

Author's Response: Sweet is good! Thank you Snazzy Grape!

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Review #8, by bubblyblonde The Colour of Autumn

13th June 2007:
aww, that is so cute! i like it! i'm glad you wrote it ron and hermione because i dont usually read the harry and hermione ones!

R/Hr is one of my favorite ships and you combined it with my favorite season! i'm so glad i decided to read this one!

i loved your descrpitions in this story! i really havent read anything else of yours...but this was so good i think i might have to check out a few that spider one sounds intriguing...!

Author's Response: Hello there!

Glad you liked this one-shot. Yeah, I don't normally write R/Hr, but I wanted to try one for once, and it turned out well it seems. :)

Oh, and you like Autumn too eh? Perfect!

It's great to hear you liked the description, and of course, it would be lovely to hear from you on some of my other stories! :)

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Beckyweasley13 The Colour of Autumn

10th June 2007:
This is sooo sweet.

Author's Response: Hello there!

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by mischiefmanaged The Colour of Autumn

5th June 2007:
Great Ron/Hermione. There was a lot of description and dialogue in this one-shot. Usually I'm turned off by stories with almost no description at all. Anyways, the dialogue was perfect for Ron and Hermione! Probably what they'll exactly say. No cliches either. Good job. =)

Author's Response: Hello there mischief! Thanks for coming over!

Glad you liked my R/Hr! Can you believe I hate that ship? I do, quite a bit. This story originally was going to be a H/Hr, but I felt I had 2 one-shots for that already, I could do with some variety, and thus, R/Hr.

Glad you liked the description and yes, the dialogue at the end. And yes, no cliches, though I'll admit, I don't know any of the R/Hr cliches. :)

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #11, by JustSuper The Colour of Autumn

14th April 2007:
For a H/Hr shipper you write a good R/Hr!

Author's Response: Hey there JustSuper!

Yes, I think this R/Hr has done well with canon shippers. Surprisingly, it's my least read one-shot, but has the most reviews.

For this one, surprisingly enough, I originally had Harry as Ron. I felt that having all these H/Hr one-shots would get a bit bland however, and felt a R/Hr would make a good change and some variety. So I put Ron, and I worked in all of his oddness, and Hermione's thoughts to Ron. Worked well of course. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Erised Staeh Ym Si Gnitirw The Colour of Autumn

3rd April 2007:
I would never have imagined it was your first try. It was amazing. The descriptions were unbelievably real. Wow. I really enjoyed reading it, and I am a ron and Hermione shipper through and through, so I loved it. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: OK OK . . . let me get this! . . .

"Writing is my heats desire" . . . ? I think you meant "hearts" desire, right? Still though, very good on the play of the Mirror of Erised. :)

Glad you liked this R/Hr one-shot. Yeah, my first try at R/Hr really. Not a fan of that ship, so I thought to try it out.

Glad you liked the descriptions, and the scene on a whole. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by HarryPottersHot The Colour of Autumn

4th March 2007:
awww that was a great story! I love R/Hr 10/10

Author's Response: Hi there HPH (Just short forming it). You're from the forums correct? Thanks for coming by!

I'm glad you liked this story. As I remember, you don't like H/Hr, so I thought you'd like this little R/Hr one-shot. Thank you very much for the 10, and for reviewing!

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Review #14, by harrypottersangel The Colour of Autumn

25th February 2007:
Well first off thank you for reading my will/won't read list. It is very much appreciated. Wow this story was incredible! Truely beautiful in it's own light, and I loved reading every word of it. Excellent job-- you should be extremely proud of yourself for writing such a magnificent piece. (haha I feel so smart using those big words =])
Keep writing!
Love ~K (10/10 in favs)

Author's Response: Hello there K! You came here from the forums, so thank you firstly!

Yeah, I saw your pairings warning there. I have a good number of H/Hr, and knew you wouldn't go for them. :)

I'm glad you liked the story though. Having fun with some of the fancy sounding words eh? Magnificently done! :)

Thanks again K for reading and reviewing! I know I don't have any more R/Hr, but perhaps I'll hear from you again!

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Review #15, by MysticalE The Colour of Autumn

6th February 2007:
I Loved this story!
The banner caught my eye first, and since I love autumn, I wanted to read it. I was planning on reading your stories in order... but this one forced its way in. :)

The descriptions were wonderful, the setting and emotion of the story were great. I love how Hermione knew Ron would want to be the first one to make a move, and how she let him, but encouraged him slightly.

I don't have too much to say, but that's not because I didn't like it. I just think the story as a whole was wonderful, and I find it hard to pick it apart and mention one thing. :)

Great job - love it!!!

Author's Response: Oh, you came back! And oh man, you even did a third story! Thank you so much MysticalE!

I'm glad you liked this story. It's kind of funny, I don't really like R/Hr, yet I wrote this to see if I could do it, and it's my most reviewed one-shot.

Of course loving autumn, I'd expect you'd like this story. The banner, I had fun with (I make all my own banners). Lots of colour, and of course maple leaves (I'm Canadian). I thought people would notice that, since you know, maples I don't think are that normal in England (I may be wrong, who knows?) :)

I'm glad you liked the setting and everything. I wanted to really relate the autumn weather to everything. I think Hermione would know to not be the instigator with Ron. Ron's put admitting to Hermione he likes her so high, he'd probably feel low if it took her to do it.

Of course I'm glad you liked it! Thank you very much again for reviewing!

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Review #16, by taylorj828 The Colour of Autumn

1st February 2007:
Hehe. Ron and Hermione are cute. Hopefully we'll finally see their kiss in Book 7, eh? I liked it. Short and sweet, of course. Some typos and stuff, but not enough of a bother to turn me off from the writing, which is quite good (as I've suspected for some time now, even though this is my first read of your stuff!) Lots of descriptions, unrushed, painting a picture (something I hope to achieve one of these days in my writing!)

I think you've pegged Hermione as a character. Just seems like her. Ron - eh pretty close yeah. And I definitely think he wouldn't take it well if Hermione didn't let him make the moves. And I think it's hilarious that Hermione brought the image of reading-in-the-bathroom to Ron's mind (at least that's how I read it... lol) Anyway, it's cute! A relief to read a nice R/Hr story.

Author's Response: Hello there JT! It's great to see you here! I do hope my advice on your chapters will help of course. I still have to read them, but will be trying hard to get them under my belt by the weekend. :)

Of course Ron and Hermione will kiss in Book 7! JKR all but showed us in HBP it'll happen.

I am sorry about the typos and some of the problems. Like I said to you, grammar isn't exactly my strong point. But I'm pleased you pushed through some of those annoying little problems, and enjoyed the story. Paiting a picture here was looked for yes, so I'm glad that came through.

Of course I'm glad you liked Hermione. Ron, well, I know he's a little off. This is in a fake year 7, so I think Ron could be a little more mature.

Yeah, I don't think Ron would like Hermione making the moves. He'd want to be the one to move, even if Hermione gave him a push. The mental image, yeah, I'm sure it popped in Ron's head. :)

But thank you again JT on the wonderful review. I'm glad you liked this little one-shot (it was the first time I wrote R/Hr). :)

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Review #17, by Anony_Mouse The Colour of Autumn

31st January 2007:
I read this last night, but didn't have time to review, so here I am:

I really enjoyed it. It's especially wonderful since you don't normally write R/Hr's and I know that if I ever attempted at a Harmony, my attempts would be miserable. My favorite part is how you let the "autumn" theme shine throughout-the beginning, the end, and the title...not many writers do that, so I like how you did.

My only piece of critique is I'm not sure Hermione would say "oh my"-it seemed a little OOC. But everything else seems to flow nicely and I really enjoyed reading this.

Author's Response: Hey there Anony! It's great to see you back!

I'm glad you liked this story. I don't normally write R/Hr, but I felt you may like this more since it goes R/Hr. I think writing Harmony when you don't like it is harder than the other way around.

I'm glad you liked the autumn theme spread through the story. I wanted to always remind people of the colour, and the chil. It's great you felt that through the whole thing.

She wouldn't say "oh my-"? Well, perhaps you're right, but remember she didn't notice him there. I mean, if you were reading, and into your book so much you didn't notice someone standing almost right next to you, how would you react when you heard someone speak? I know some people that would scream, let alone say "oh my-". I thought her saying that was actually alright. Proper, and surprised (it wasn't like "oh my!", just regular speech).

I'm glad you liked the story though. Thank you again Anony! I really hope to hear from you again!

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Review #18, by stargazer The Colour of Autumn

29th January 2007:
Aw that was so cute. I love Ron and Hermione together. I loved the idea of having this set in the autumn. Your descriptions were just beautiful. I loved this. I was sitting here freezing because its so cold outside but this story just warmed me up lol. I really enjoyed reading this. :]] *stargazer*

Author's Response: Oh hello there stargazer! It's wonderful to hear from you!

I'm glad you liked this little one-shot. It was autumn when I wrote it, hence the season. Plus I think Hermione is one of those girls that loves the autumn, for the colours and the atmosphere. I don't really picture her as a summer type girl.

I'm glad you liked the descriptions too. It's cold here too, so I get you there about using the imagination. :)

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #19, by PadfootBlack16 The Colour of Autumn

20th January 2007:
good job. really liked it, other than the fact that it was R/Hr. I mean, most of my fics bout Harry´s time are R/Hr and H/G, but that´s only because I write them better than the H/Hr ones, but I like reading H/Hr much more. It was still a wonderfull fic. Congrats!!!


PS:bythe way, thanks for that review, hope you can read some more, but if u cant dont worry bout it.

Author's Response: Hello once again Padfoot!

I'm glad you liked this, although yes, it's a R/Hr one-shot. You write about H/G and R/Hr 'cause you write them better than H/Hr? Hmm . . . interesting. Of course I like H/Hr, and tried this one as a shot at R/Hr. It seemed to have done quite well too.

A 10 is of course a wonderful score, so thank you very much.

Your welcome for the review, it was an interesting story. I will try to come by and read your other stories, for sure. I'm just at a minimum of free time lately, and that's why I only read 1 of them (particularily, one of the smaller ones). But I will come back to read more.

Thanks again Padfoot!

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Review #20, by harryginny The Colour of Autumn

17th January 2007:
ok thats it

i love and hate you (but more love =D) at the same time you manage to write everything perfectly d/hr, r/hr and h/hr i loved it once again as i do all your stories now im off to read whatever others i have left out =D

i was also wondering if you would possibly mind reading my story i only have one and i have read the reviews that you give out and i wish that you could give me some tips in the hopes that i better myself at writing

vithiya (harryginny...but really an avid harry/hermione supporter)

Author's Response: Love and hate me? :) Ah, because this is R/Hr right? Well, again, like D/Hr, I wanted to try writing a pairing I don't normally write. R/Hr seemed a good choice, 'cause it's something that's going to happen, so me putting my own spin on it I thought would be nice. Plus I had the scene in my head, and was going to write it H/Hr, but figured I needed some diversity to my stories, and made it R/Hr.

Read your story? Of course I could. Alas, I am bogged down with school lately, and I haven't had much time for writing, let alone reviewing, but if free time presents itself, and I find myself here at my computer, for sure I'll review your story.

Thank you once more Vithiya for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Healer_25 The Colour of Autumn

13th January 2007:
aww, well regardless of if its your first harry, or ron ship with Hermione its fantastic!

You really do have a talent for the heart warming romances. I enjoyed the more simplistic romance they have, when its Harry its easy to fall into danger and excitement, but with Ron it tends to be simplistic ones.

Author's Response: Well, this story is my first R/Hr story. It came after "It's all in the stars," as a project to see if I could write R/Hr correctly.

I've been told I can write romantic spots pretty well. You'll notice most of my stories are romance, or things close to it. I try not to have them as total romance, but the one-shots are mostly that.

This one is meant to show how simplistic it could be for Ron and Hermione. Just for Ron to calm down, and for Hermione to slowly inch him forwards to taking that step. I am a H/Hr shipper, so you'll find most of my stories are that, but there are some different ones like this.

Thanks again Healer for reviewing!

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Review #22, by none The Colour of Autumn

12th January 2007:
this was amazing...easily one of the best fic i have ever read!

Author's Response: Hi there,

That's great to hear! I'm happy you liked this little one-shot. It was fun to write, and I thought the moment would be nice.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Loveable Punk The Colour of Autumn

7th January 2007:
I enjoyed this story as well. As I said before, I'm not a huge fan of fluff romance, but you managed to allow me to enjoy this story again through the exquisite use of details.

Just a few gramatical errors I noticed in reading... Second paragraph, it's "losing", not "loosing". And near the end... eight paragraphs from the bottom, "immediately fell relaxed" I think should be "immediately felt relaxed".

Other than that, very well done. Congratulations on being able to pull off a very similar scene as to the one in "It's All In the Stars", but make it seem different at the same time.


Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing this as well! All my one-shots are romance ones, 'cause I haven't tried writing a one-shot with action or drama as the focus. I will be trying sometime though, so I'll have to let you know when that comes online.

Thanks for letting me know about the errors. I'll be going and fixing those up.

It is very similar to the first one-shot, yes. A part of me still wanted to write Ron as Harry, but Ron needed some spotlight in the mix of all my H/Hr fics.

Thank you again for reviewing, and that great 9!

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Review #24, by Tigerlilly The Colour of Autumn

6th January 2007:
wow! it was so good i loved it! it showed a part of ron i havent seen yet. confidents! i loved it!

Author's Response: Hi there Tigerlilly! Tiger Lilies are very beautiful flowers, so I like your penname! :)

I'm glad you liked my little one-shot here. Ron in this story is a bit more mature than in the books, but this takes place during the fall of seventh year, in an AU universe (I doubt, with Voldemort running around, Hermione would go for a walk in the forest by herself).

But again, glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by LexiGirl The Colour of Autumn

6th January 2007:
Great story... I love all the descriptions on the surroundings. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm guessing you liked it, reviewing twice! :)

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