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Review #1, by Legally Brunette Epilogue

5th June 2012:
Okay hi. I am one of those silent readers who I suppose you will now be appreciating or something? Anyhow I normally don't review finished stuff. So I liked it. Obviously since I reached the epilogue. I liked how it ended. I wish that James and Lily hadn't died but, you know, that would be kind of impossible to write if you are writing cannon. So... I guess that's it. I didn't think the chapters were too short. I mean they were short but in the end that can kind of be a relief and you write the way you write. If you stop to think about it it's not really the length of the chapters its both the number and lenght of the chapters combined and you had a lot of chapters. Well, not compared to some but it worked for this story. Anyhow I think I'm rambling so I'm going to stop writing now but the main idea of this review is that I liked the story although I would like to mention that Lily found out about Remus in third year. Okay that's it for real this time. Bye

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Review #2, by lime flavoured bertie bott Epilogue

19th July 2011:
I really enjoyed that epilogue ending. Most often it's James and Lily's deaths, so it was really interesting to get it from this point of view. As for the rest of the story, well done!

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Review #3, by mrd Epilogue

20th June 2011:
loved it, the way lily loved him enough to forgiving him for cheating on her, i would never be able to do that, even though this story doesnt completly follow the book its still a nine for me

M egan-R ose D ally

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Review #4, by ariana588 Twenty: Make a Scene

5th March 2011:
ya I'm a silent reader i really enjoyed your story it made me cry when Jazz died anywho thanx for writing this!!!

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Review #5, by icefire Epilogue

11th September 2009:
Good ending. Leaves it open for a sequel if you ever wanted to make one.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #6, by icefire Six: The Wrong Ending

11th September 2009:
AHH!! I love it! Although it's abit confusing figuring out what year they're in. :]

Author's Response: Sorry about that (:

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Review #7, by inkless_quill Two: Bliss and Jazz

28th June 2009:
hi (: i really like your story so far, but a few questions: was remus really in a year long relationship before hogwarts? i mean, theyre only eleven...and why are they thinking about dating and that stuff at that seems a little early.

Author's Response: i know, i was like twelve when i wrote this though, what did i know. :)

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Review #8, by lils Epilogue

3rd May 2009:
i really liked this story :)
im a big fan of james/lily but i particularly enjoyed the twist u put on the typical ship
go you!!

Author's Response: thank you xD

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Review #9, by marauderettee :] Twenty: Make a Scene

19th February 2009:
well, i seem to be one of those silent reader types,
and i must say i literally LOVE this story :D
cuz some of the storys make james seem so bigheaded
yet youve managed to make him really sweet, i mean he even butters her toast! :P
so yeah, i love this story :D
and also your other one, which i think i forgot to review for :S
cuz the ending where they were about to maybe die, or just get beaten up to within an inch of their life bit, yet they still held hands and stuff was one of those sweet makes you happy inside moments.. even though that sounds mean seeing as they were about to get the crap beaten out of them..
but yeah, love them anyway :D

Author's Response: aww.. thank you.. xD always good to know which scenes you enjoyed
and yeah, wish a boy would butter my toast lol. i have no idea why that came into my head of all the loving things to do.

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Review #10, by 14lilyflowergirl Epilogue

3rd January 2009:
This was a nice story, I guess. I was hoping for a little more detail, perhaps add some length to those chapters. Maybe the ball and Preparations could be explained better? Many of the sentences you used were very blunt. I also think you should have at least half a chapter of Peter being in the Slyerian Commen Room or near it perhaps. I hope I do not sound to critical to you. I love rich detail and will strive for it like a pesky old English teacher.
14lilyflowergirl 8/10

Author's Response: It's fair enough, I was pretty young when I wrote this and in a hurry to write the story before it fell out of my head or whatever happens if you don't get it down quick enough. My point being, I appreciate the criticism xD thank you for reading.

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Review #11, by 14lilyflowergirl Two: Bliss and Jazz

3rd January 2009:
I am only going to make this short because I would like to keep reading, Lily has red hair, not strawberry blond hair.

Author's Response: She likes to think of it as strawberry blonde, in my story.

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Review #12, by Emily Gail Epilogue

2nd January 2009:
it was very good! most of it isn't possible with the new information of course, but i still enjoyed it.

Author's Response: True, yes, but I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #13, by coolkitty Epilogue

15th December 2008:
ok, I really liked the story, and the end, I'm on the verge of tears actually, lol

Author's Response: Aww, glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by Mintelle Fontaine Fifteen: Letting Go

1st December 2008:
reading this fanfic makes me think of the song "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" -Relient K.

lovelovelove this fic! it always cheers me up(:

Author's Response: ooh thank you :) i will look that song up right now. xD thanks for reviewing

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Review #15, by Une jonquille Prologue & One: The Marauders

7th October 2008:
Hi , you know that your story is great , don't you ?
Well , I'm writing a list with the best written stories and the ones that are worth reading on hpff , and I'd like your story featured (banner , summary ). If you have nothing against this , please contact me at pool.mermaid@(yahoo).com.
Wanna see how it would look? It's worth-to-read at blogspot(.)com.
Thanks ,

Author's Response: Wow :) that would be great thank you.

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Review #16, by ginny93 Ten: Crash Landing

12th June 2008:
i thought dorcas meadowes was made up by someone else on this site. i read their stories and she was with caradoc. i think it was a story on this page so did you make up this character or did j.k. or did u take it?

Author's Response: Dorcas Meadowes is an actual character created by JK Rowling, member of the Order of the Phoenix in the picture Moody shows Harry in the book "Order of the Phoenix".

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Review #17, by irrelevant Epilogue

22nd May 2008:
wow... can't really describe this with words, but I'll try anyways. I really liked the way you protrayed the character, I think it's very realistic. But the thing I liked most is that you came up with a PERFECTLY believable story of why Lily hated James in fifth year and how did she 'stop hating him', and then married him... you know, I really believe that happened. I mean, any other way? Not likely. So, congratulations! Oh, and I don't think I've written this yet, but I LOVE YOUR STORY!

Author's Response: Aww thanks I'm so pleased you liked it xD

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Review #18, by pixie4sparks Epilogue

17th May 2008:
I loved your whole story. There wasn't a part where I wasn't laughing like a lunitic! My sister was staring at me weirdly for doing that and now I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm crazy! [haha] I really liked the ending. "Sirius Black was going to escape Azkaban" nice line!

Keep Writing.


Author's Response: Thanks, I wanted the epilogue to have a different focus, I'm glad it was ok.

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Review #19, by Mrs. Black Epilogue

15th March 2008:
very good story, but i am still wondering, you said somewhere in the story that james asks lily for a spell, 'mimiking spell' this questin has been bugging me for a long time as to why james asks lily for that spell??

Author's Response: I think it was for the Marauder's Map. I'm not quite sure but I think that was it.

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Review #20, by me!!!!!!!!! Epilogue

4th March 2008:
hey,you are an amazing writer!gosh i loved the story!LOVED IT!

Author's Response: ha thanks =]

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Review #21, by chocolatefrog123 Epilogue

14th February 2008:
oh wow. that was SERIOUSLY amazing. BRILLIANT. an AMAZING ending to an AMAZING story. WOW.

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #22, by chocolatefrog123 Twenty: Make a Scene

14th February 2008:
AW!!! that's brilliant!!! REALLLY REALLY GOOD JOB!! :D

Author's Response: hehe thank you

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Review #23, by chocolatefrog123 Four: Like a Troll

14th February 2008:
it's cute. really, nice job :D

Author's Response: aww, thanks.

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Review #24, by chocolatefrog123 Two: Bliss and Jazz

14th February 2008:
nice job. really enjoying it :D

Author's Response: =D

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Review #25, by lucy Epilogue

3rd January 2008:
from a silent reader! brillant. :)

Author's Response: Ooh cool. Thanks =)

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