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Review #1, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter Velly Bail

8th April 2008:
I can't believe I haven't read this one yet. It's OLD. (or, older than everything else.) I like this, though! Very cute and romantic! I love how the guys get hit on the head. :)
And by "best friend" did you mean Alexis? What about me? I'm positive you didn't mean ME as the volleyball player.
-Tessa (I've officially implemented my new name now!)

Author's Response: Thanks! Ha, the do get hit. I did mean Alexis. Just easier to say. You are too! I have a cousin named Tessa!

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Review #2, by norapotter Velly Bail

2nd September 2007:
This was funny and short and got right to the point! Excellent! Really good job. I loved the ending. And it all seemed so proboble and...well this was just perfect!

Author's Response: You're too sweet! Thanks a bunch! Love reviewers like you!

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Review #3, by TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd Velly Bail

28th February 2007:
lol good story, "velly bail"... only James would say that =D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love your story! please update soon!

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Review #4, by Nymphie Lupin Velly Bail

24th January 2007:
AW!!! That was so so so CUTE!!! I really enjoyed it! You did a great job! I give this a 9/10! I think that there could have been a wee bit more detail and could have been a wee bit longer, but this was really cute and I loved it! You did a great job! Velly Bail! SO SWEET!

Author's Response: Thanks! I probably would have wrote more about the actual volley ball, but I couldn't since I don't play volley ball. We played it in gym today and I sucked at it! The story was kind of an in-the-moment thing. Yeah, it could also be described as an in-the-morning thing! You should have seen me! I woke up with the story in my head, before breakfast I just had to type it. I'm such a nut some days! Anyway, thanks again!

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Review #5, by LovelyMioneWeasley Velly Bail

15th January 2007:
Cute one-shot. It was different...I liked it though lol. Hmm oh and fyi, i am doing a sequel for The Fear of Loving You.
LMW 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks! and YAAY sequels!

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Review #6, by Blonde_at_HEART_14 Velly Bail

11th November 2006:
oh, come on! when i asked you if you needed to know how to play, you said you already know how to! oh, well, i guess i'll just re-teach you how to play. (cue evil laugh) LOL! j/k.
Blondie =3)

Author's Response: You see? Am I the only one with the evil best friend? Okay, I'm just kidding, she's not evil, most of the time. She's nice. But don't get on her bad side!

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Review #7, by ashladon242 Velly Bail

10th November 2006:
:D LOL!!! :D That was VERY good!!! I REALLY like it!

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you SOOO much!

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Review #8, by chocolatefrog Velly Bail

24th October 2006:
lol, liked the humor, and it was indeed cute! I wanna play velly bail even though its freezing outside!

Author's Response: thank you! You rock, and yes it's freezing outside. Especially for us Michiganders!

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Review #9, by la la lexi Velly Bail

21st October 2006:
hey chica! this was really cute! lol velly bail. silly! but ok so my little sister Kimmie let me read one of her clique books, the first one, i think, and i thought it was funny! a little bit fake...but funny. i liked clare though. now i have to go and change that pretty comitte thig in my but ohhh well. Kimmie got mad at me when i dissed her books. lol. shes one of those 'i want to be so popular' people. she's in 7th grade. she always goes into my room and takes my clothes!! we wear the same size...shes kind of big and im kind of small. we even wear the same bra sick is that! but she reads those stupid books because she thinks they'll 'give her tips'
yea. wow.
but i actully don't read that much. i've only read each harry potter book once all the way through, if you can believe it. but i just love writing. i needed a place to write stuff where people could tell me how ima doing. you know. none of my friends even know i like writing. when im with them, im in to guys and shoes and abercrombie like the rest of them. lol. so i'm a closet fan fic writer. thats pretty cool. lol.
wow i just babbbbled away there, huh? lol, sorry! but i loved your sweet story!
ohh one more thing~~i UPDATED!!
stay cool!

Author's Response: I'm one of those people where I let people know what I think (unless it's really mean!). I'm in the seventh grade and also on the big side, like your sister. I don't have a sister and all of my friends are shorter than me (none of us where the same bra size, in fact, most of my friends don't need to wear bras yet, I think it's so funny when people stuff them, you can tell). My friends think it's cool how I write online stuff. And now I can hardly walk around my own school without people screaming "I'm sooo excited for you!" in my face. I got the part I wanted in the school musical! Too bad I can't sing or dance! I'm a great actress though! My one and only REAL passion!

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