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Review #1, by MoonlitTwilight Decisions

19th February 2007:
I love this story...I hope you continue it and updat soon!


Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #2, by hermione_roxx Decisions

15th January 2007:
that was a good chapter. cant wait for #4

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by Moonsilver The Storm

9th January 2007:
I like it, I think.

Author's Response: Um, thanks. I think.

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Review #4, by Midnight Moirai Decisions

8th January 2007:
Very interesting, can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review!

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Review #5, by Dracana The Storm

5th January 2007:
Oh my gosh, even though it was short, it was worth my while in reading it!! The description is really quite astounding!! I loved it, I wish you'd written more.

Anyway - sorry to be annoying, but I noticed I was on your favourite writer's list. Well, I've been nominated as Writer of the Year on HPFF, and I was wondering if you could please possibly please please please vote for me? Only if I deserve it though . . . click on the icon on my author page to vote. xx

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Dracana! Sure I'll vote for you as Writer of the Year! Your a fabby author and you totally deserve it. I'll get every other person I know on HPFF to vote for you.

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Review #6, by Living In Dreams Decisions

28th December 2006:
Amazing! i just read the last two chapters and they were great. i really love your character Calliope and i cant wait to see what she gets up to at Hogwarts. i'm glad she finally got away from that horrible orphanage too. i would hate to have to grow up in a place like that. anyway just wanted to let you know that i love it and hope you keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my story

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Review #7, by X_Y_Z Decisions

23rd December 2006:
Wow, what could happen? Plz update soon!

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Review #8, by X_Y_Z A strange Visitor

23rd December 2006:
Misty, once again you've outdone yourself! Can you help me out with my fanfic? You know my email. Thx!

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Review #9, by X_Y_Z The Storm

23rd December 2006:
Great story, Misty! I love where your gettinng with the story so far! Poor Calliope, left out all alone in the cold and rain! Also, I see someone left you a bad flame. Don't listen to them, you are a fabby author and they are probably just jealous. I love your work, keep on posting! I give it a 10!

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Review #10, by bertiebott12 Decisions

22nd December 2006:
I liked it again. It was a little short, so I was squirming in my seat wanting to find out what Caliope thought of the Knight Bus! Update quickly! I will ALWAYS read and review! So far,ure a great author.

P.S.Do u have any other fics 12 yrs. or younger?

Author's Response: Thank you SOOO much for reviewing my story! Don't worry, I'm going to add a lot more to chapter 3. My little sister, being the snotty git she is, decided she wanted to delete about two thousand words from it, so I'm going to re-write it and have it added by next week. I'm sorry, but I don't have any other 12+ fics, but I'm thinking of writing a sequel.

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Review #11, by bertiebott12 A strange Visitor

22nd December 2006:
How could her fingers be numb if it was in the middle of summer? I know,that was picky,but it is true. I liked this chapter a lot better than the last one. It kind of showed Caliope's personality and feelings 4 the orphanage. Great detail!!! Quick question: How do u prounounce Caliope? Is it Cal- o-p? WEll, anyway,great story!

Author's Response: Her fingers were numb because there was a storm and it was midnight. Oh, and you pronounce Calliope Cal-i-op-e. Thanx 4 the review!

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Review #12, by bertiebott12 The Storm

22nd December 2006:
Is this in HP's decade?I was confused a little w/ the time period.But,overall,good.

Author's Response: Yes, it is in the HP's decade. It takes place during Harry's seventh year.

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Review #13, by Jelopi Garcia The Storm

22nd December 2006:
I like it! You are one of the few people on this site who actually know how to spell! Good plot too.

Author's Response: Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing my story, Jelopi!

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Review #14, by nads The Storm

21st December 2006:
Hey yah you said you wanted to do a banner for me but you didnt leave a way for me to contact you so i thought i should try this way. neways if you could send me what i need to tell you what i want for my banner and that my email is chears

PS this chapter was really interesting keep em coming

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing my story nads!I'll email you right now!

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Review #15, by sweetie_face 14 A strange Visitor

17th December 2006:
O.k. First off, ur paragraphs are too long and yeah u suk at summaries. Secondly, wat kind of crappy name is 'Calliope'?! Sounds like a breed of horse! And thirdly, Leave off StarKneazle!!! I read the review u left that author and it was seriously harsh which is why I left this one! She is a fabby author and by the gracious way she/he accepted ur critisism she/he must be a nice person too so go bully someone else! *pokes tongue out* lol. soz. jst thought I'd stick up 4 him/her. gr8 fic.

Author's Response: It's not my fault the paragraphs are too long! I use a really stupid word document thing, Notepad, and it sucks like h*e*l*l, but that's all I have. Secondly, I agree, "Calliope" isn't exactly the most catchy name around, but I've heard some really suckier names. Calliope sounds like music from heaven compared to something stupid like Thomasina. And what am I supposed to do about her name, edit the whole story again and change it to Giselle or somthing? And thirdly, reviews are so that you can tell the author how you feel, whether it's complimenting or critisizing! I'm not "Bullying" StarKneazle, I'm just telling them how I feel about their fic! I've gotten bad reviews, like one that said "I give it lower than a 0/10", how do you think I felt about that? If you hate me so much, then just don't read my stories. And anyway, how is this a review? You barely mention the story! >:(

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Review #16, by Pixie_dust04220 A strange Visitor

16th December 2006:
Hey, thank you for reviewing to my story, The Love Of Two, I also need a Banner for I Promise Nothing Happened, in the Banner for The Love of Two I need Draco, and Hermione, one on each side of the banner, and a littl girl with brown hair that could pass as their child in the middle of them, and for the Banner on I Promise Nothing Happened, I need Ron on one side, Hermione in the middle and Draco on the other side, if you could make Draco look more arrongant in the second banner, the love of two. hopefully that makes sense, I will e-mail you this as well. Thank you, and your story is very good so far, I love it. Keep up the good work.


Author's Response: Thank u SOOOOOO much fo reviewing my story!!!!!!!!!

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Review #17, by Leah-Anne The Storm

16th December 2006:
This chapter was too short. It told you nothing about the girl except that she was wrongly accused of a crime unknown. Also, you rushed through the story too much. Terribly written. I give it lower than a 0/10.

Author's Response: :(

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Review #18, by Mistydiamond Decisions

13th December 2006:
I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been really busy, eleventh grade is SO stressing. Anyway, The next chapter is being validated. See ya!
~ Misty

Author's Response:
What did I tell you about posting????!!!!

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Review #19, by Camo Spy_penguin A strange Visitor

2nd December 2006:
I'm following u, Misty.

Author's Response: ???????????

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Review #20, by hermione_roxx A strange Visitor

23rd November 2006:
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! the first 2 chapters were awsome!

Author's Response: Thanx!

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Review #21, by Camo Spy_penguin The Storm

16th November 2006:
Neat story! Really hope u will update soon! luvin' it! 10/10~ Tis' on my faves!

Author's Response: Thanx, Camo Spy_penguin! I'm glad you like my story!

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Review #22, by Snitchsista The Storm

16th November 2006:
Hee hee!! Look at you, reviewing your own stories!!! great work, Misty Diamond, and glad you enjoyed, was it, 'A Cut Above The Rest?' Anywhoo, excellent stuff, and hope to hear from you again! 10/10 x ;-) x

Author's Response: Thanx!!!

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Review #23, by Mistydiamond A strange Visitor

14th November 2006:
Hi!!! R~E~A~L~L~Y sorry this is taking so long, but the next chappie is being validated right now. But no worries, it will be out before you know it , and then you won't have to hate me anymore!!! And if you want to make a comment or suggestion besides in a reveiw, my email is . Love to hear from ya!!

Author's Response: ~YO~

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Review #24, by Living In Dreams The Storm

13th November 2006:
Great story. i like it so far. poor Calliope, being left out in the storm all night. some people are so cruel. i'm guessing Hagrid is going to get her and bring her to Hogwarts. atleast i hope he does. she needs to get out of that horrible place.
cant wait for the next chapter. oh and by the way i laughed when i read the review you wrote to yourself it was funny. hehe

Author's Response: Thanx!! And, you guessed right, it will be our beloved Hagrid who will save Calliope from seven more years of misery at the EVIL orphanage. Thanx again 4 the reveiw!!!

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Review #25, by keira2007 The Storm

12th November 2006:
~*~I think your story is good so far. It gives a good background picture of her life so far, it kind of reminds me of Harry's in a way. Hope to read your next chappie~*~


Author's Response: Thanx 4 the reveiw~~(: The second chapter is already being beta-read and will be posted soon!

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