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Review #1, by ginnys twin Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

10th April 2013:
I loved this story! Thanks for writing!

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Review #2, by beapinkie Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

13th September 2012:
Felt that the transitions for the point of view of the characters didn't flow well enough...

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Review #3, by Hedwig_Pie Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

21st August 2012:
one of the cutest things i've ever read. like seriously. L-O-V-E-D I-T :)

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Review #4, by Hedwig_Pie Merry Christmas I Guess

21st August 2012:

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Review #5, by Hedwig_Pie I Squid You Not

20th August 2012:
dude, that was awesome, i dont think anyone will hate you. its kinda cliche, but i think thats why i like it so much, great job :)

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Review #6, by Hope's Mom Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

26th June 2012:
This story was great! I know you completed it quite a while ago but just in case you ever check back in on the site I wanted you to see that someone still appreciates your story. Thank you!

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Review #7, by Madz444 Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

15th October 2011:
I loved it!!! You are an amazing writer! You should write real books as well as ff!

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Review #8, by Helena Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

14th January 2011:
I read your story over the last three days, which is actually a miracle, because I had like three exams to pass :P But I just couldn't stop reading, and even though it's cliché I love it! You just make a few spelling mistakes but from your notes I see you know that anyway, and really it's no big deal...
Btw I love you authors notes :D they made me laugh so hard :D
So, it really is a great story, and I love how your characters are all so unique. I especially like Nat and Eben. They're awesome really, I'd love to have that kind of relationship.

Really really really really great story!!


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Review #9, by bunny is better Taking Back What's Mine

1st December 2010:
I have to say this might be the best story ive read. its so much fun. like...i would actually play with whole refuse to lose game with someone. Its not all quivering with excitement cause he is talking to me or im socially awkward and therefore intriguing. its cute and fun and real.

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Review #10, by Kelley Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

23rd October 2010:
loved it so much! i hope you continue to right, and this made me laugh a lot and often

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Review #11, by PetrificusTotalus Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

22nd June 2010:
Funny, well written and an awesome ending, especially for a marauders story :)
What more can I ask for??? (Nothing in case you were wondering lol)
Thanks for writing an excellent fanfic!

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Review #12, by Petticoat_Alice Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

31st December 2009:
Absolutely brilliant. It went at exactly the right pace and had exactly the right amount of twists and turns and jokes and suspensful bits and...and... Agh! I want to cry from happiness!

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Review #13, by christwithana Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

16th October 2009:
i liked the ending; very different from other sirius/oc's
usually they all end in death; its depressing
so yay for you!!
and i like this picture. its actually my favoritee.
ah well. cant agree on everything in life..

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Review #14, by Yasmin Potter Rumour Has It

26th August 2009:
Helllooo! I just have a question for this ah-mazing story you've got going here. Are Analiese, Natalie & Eben in sixth year, whereas the Marauders and Lily are seventh? I've been wondering this for awhile and I can't seem to find it anywhere if their the same ages or not. Thanks :)

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Review #15, by explosion Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

16th August 2009:
would it be too much to say i think this story is even better than every book i've ever read? and believe me i've read a lot of books. This was probably the best written and cutest stories ever.

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Review #16, by AnnaMalfoy Who knew times two

11th August 2009:
I'm really liking the storyline so far, and the way you write... its really good. My only problem is that Ana, Eben, Nat, (and sometimes Sirius) are constantly arguing or talking about things that don't make sense... it gets really annoying. Like, they never just have a normal conversation.. like all their conversations are trying to prove some stupid point, like the fact that Ana has a problem. and none of their arguments even get them anywhere. It seems like I'm just sitting around waiting for something to happen, for her to find the guy or whatever, but nothing is happening and it doesn't even seem like anything will ever happen... this story seems to be making no progress. I suppose I am only on chapter six. maybe something will happen soon.

Well, I'll keep reading.


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Review #17, by bandloviee08 Nothing Like a French Martini

4th May 2009:
:D I'm reading this story again and reviewing to all the chapters I didn't review yet. =P

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Review #18, by bandloviee08 Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

3rd May 2009:
I love this story so much thanks so much for finishing it! You write sooo well :D

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Review #19, by bandloviee08 So Lucky to Have You

3rd May 2009:
Lol ;D How I love this story, it never gets old.

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Review #20, by Dancing_by_Magic Confusion's Wearing a Hat!

17th April 2009:
In fact I think confused skated past me long ago wearing a pink feather boa and a straw hat.


Too funny, i had to leave a comment!!


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Review #21, by marauderettee :] So Lucky to Have You

13th February 2009:
i was actually laughing at my laptop when i read this,
i shall use some of these lines on my friends :D
yepp, this is very quickly becoming my most favouritest ever,
and thats something :P

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Review #22, by marauderettee :] Of Fairy Wings and Mystery Men

13th February 2009:
ahh wow!
can you really get a hat like that?! i want one (;
oh, and before i forget to mention it, i love this story :)
and yes, i do realise you have already completed this story,
therefore some people might see it as a waste of time to comment more..
but reviews are fuun (;
ishh x

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Review #23, by SamBlack Smells Like Reciprocation

23rd January 2009:

i really truly madly deeply seriously love this.
most deffinately.
it made me laugh.
severely actually. . . . . .

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Review #24, by SamBlack Prologue: A Realist in Peach

22nd January 2009:
my. how cynical. . . . . but i must admit that i am kind of in love with it!

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Review #25, by KiTkAt14 Nothing Like a French Martini

30th November 2008:
Fun. A little confusing, but fun.

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