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Review #1, by Serenity Sneak Attack

11th February 2009:
Nice chapter, it's a really nice story as well. Just started to read it and love it already lol :)

Author's Response: aw thank you!

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Review #2, by Tearlit Sneak Attack

14th April 2007:
This was funny! How does one "stand like a werewolf" exactly?

Author's Response: Not sure exactly...I thought it sounded cool...I'll elaborate if I ever figure it out!


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Review #3, by Lynx Silverhawk Sneak Attack

26th October 2006:
great chapter....and nice A/N! that made me laugh....oh and

"what love...abandon us, gorgeous"

is one of my new favorite quotes, third only to "Harry's having fantasies!" and "It's the noble thing to do"

Author's Response: I had a hard time throwing that together in a way that made sense but didn't. Only Sirius...

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Review #4, by Infantasia Locking With The Gaze Of An Angel

17th October 2006:
Too lazy to log in, but what does it matter? :) This story was brilliant. Well, not really story yet; better to say, this chapter was awesome. Personally, I think it was a bit too short, but that's just me, and this is an introduction after all. I was hooked by the summary, so congrats on that! You've got the potential to make this an unforgettable story, so keep working on it! I'll support you all the way! Cheers and happy writing!

Author's Response: Aw, thank! :) I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, this was more of an intro chapter - I expect the others to be a LOT longer. I wanted to get this out there, and I didn't have much to convey. I just managed to get it over the word min. The summary is good? I'm glad - I hate writing summaries. Thanks again, and I'm glad you reviwed!

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