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Review #1, by hanlovesmelody Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

24th June 2007:
wow thats really good, please do more

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Review #2, by summersgir2526 Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

22nd December 2006:
nice please update

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Review #3, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

19th November 2006:
I HATE cliffhangers. i wish ppl would stop using them. oh well, good story. keep going.

Author's Response: I hate em too. I'm having a SERIOUS writer's block. While you're waiting for the next chapter, you could read RomTimberWolf, a friend of mine, story.

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Review #4, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 Prologue: 'Powers of the witches rise'

9th November 2006:
How can you make a sequel, when you abandoned the first one. the first one was good by the way so i think you should finish that one before continuing this one. PLZ unabandon 'Hew Girls 1'

Author's Response: It's just on HIATUS till I finish this story(or atleast make it to 10 chapters). And I can make this story the sequel, cause I always knew how I would end the other one and how this one would start.

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Review #5, by RomTimberWolf Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

5th November 2006:
Honestly, I despise you. You had better update quick to make up for this one!

Author's Response: What do you mean, 'make up for this one'? And why do you despise me?

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Review #6, by angelx33 Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

25th October 2006:
omg i love it so far! you have to updatee! =]

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Review #7, by 1 silly mom Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

25th October 2006:
stinker! I hate cliffies...where's the rest of it??? "I says"...who taught you english???;-)

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Review #8, by KrazyHyperGirl102 Chapter 2: Happy birthday, Harry!

24th October 2006:
I loved it. You said it was a sequel to Hex Girls but you haven't finished Hex Girls.

Author's Response: Well, I know how Hex Girls is gonna end, I just don't know what's gonna happen inbetween. I figured that if I didn't start on this soon, I would forget how I had intended to go in the first place.

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Review #9, by Patti Chapter 1: Seventeen-Year-Old Son

22nd October 2006:
I have enjoyed reading your story an dI look forward to reading more of it. Keep up the good work.

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Review #10, by AzureSkye Prologue: 'Powers of the witches rise'

22nd October 2006:
Wow I love this story your writing is so brilliant and captivating, it's just I don't know there's something about it which makes me want to read more I really like your style. Could you maybe read something of mine and give your opinion on it? It would be such an honor for you to have a look at something of mine.

Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you! Personally, I think my story pretty much sucks, but I think most people think that about their own stories till bout the 10th chapter, which I've never reached with ANY of my stories.

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