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Review #1, by Erisal95 The Scar

23rd November 2007:

Author's Response: I'll try. I've veeeeerrrrryyyyy busy. THANKS FOR READING

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Review #2, by R_H_Angels_R_H Prolouge

23rd June 2007:
It's adorable but the way its written in some points are a bit childish and i think the story would be more passionet if you used wiser words.

Author's Response: um.... im only 12

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Review #3, by mistakenimmortal099 The Great Hall

4th February 2007:
yes fighting that was good short but good

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #4, by deeelliish! i love kirsty! confrontation

28th October 2006:
I had pancakes for breakfast this morning.

can you help me with the title for my story? right now it's about this french girl(contribute to you!) named Antuanette Dellaraux. and it's called The White Heart of Antuanette Dellaraux. i think it's okay but it can get better.

and now for the R&R. OKAY! i know that i've reviewed this before but I'M DOING IT AGAIN!

and..(drum roll)..IT WAS LIKE AWSOME!

Author's Response: kirsty, please get a life.
but on a happier not, i like the title as it is.

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Review #5, by gorgeous! it's kirsty again! confrontation

22nd October 2006:
you are annoying me with your spelling now.

and this chapter was exactly like the last one.

oh no! my evil is showing! i'm sorry!

i liked it!

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Review #6, by yummy! it's kirsty! The hogwarts reunion

22nd October 2006:
i'm in love....

hermione is such a fart for doing that.

it really good.

lluuuurrrvee and kitten hugs,


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Review #7, by's kirsty Prolouge

22nd October 2006:
ok, here's the kudos. i hope you know what those are

-very original(ORIGINAL, nneka, ORIGINAL.)

-cool how harry's a quidditch player.

and then there's the critizism(i think)

-too fast


-hermione and ron would know the freakin risks of sex before marraige, and honestly, sex before marraige lowers my respect for them BY A MILE.

-check your spelling. honestly.

but most of it was pretty gooood.

Author's Response: i get it kirsty. spelling. YOU KNOW I SUCK AT SPELLING!!!

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Review #8, by harryginny confrontation

22nd October 2006:
OMG!!!!!!! HURRY UP WITH THE UPDATES!!!! UR KILLING ME...killing me u hear? so chop chop! loved it heaps!!! cant wait for the next time

Author's Response: i am working on it. i can only type so fast.
thatnks for reading

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Review #9, by chelkan confrontation

22nd October 2006:
i ve honestly read way better and u made quiet a few mistakes urself

Author's Response: yeah i know
did i review you and say something mean?
cause if idid, sorry
ive been in a kinda stinky mood this weekend.

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Review #10, by harryginny The hogwarts reunion

19th October 2006:
SHE GOT MARRIED?!?!?! HOW DARE SHE!!! dude u gotta update soon im talking real soon!!!

Author's Response: lol, i'll try too. i am working on it as i speak.

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Review #11, by suchageek Prolouge

17th October 2006:
ugh i'm so horrible, i have midterms tomorrow and here i am reading ur story. lol i like but it's just a little unbelievable that that would be the last time they saw each other. i mean like harry said, they can apparate why couldn't they just apparate to each other? i like how hermione came back in and shouted, very hermioneish however one suggestion is to maybe be a bit more descriptive, perhaps describe their reactions and such. i'm looking forward to see what u'll write next. update soon

Author's Response: thanks for reading it. and, ron is going to be in australia for some reason, harry shall be in america, and hermione will be in london. they will be living there. forever. maybe not forever, but... w/e. and i was trying to make it more dramatic. you can also read my other story if you havent. i just added a new chapter to that one. lol!

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