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Review #1, by tiff Missing

22nd July 2011:
aw D; i liked hankie lol great story :D

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Review #2, by Pygmypuff2 Promises

20th May 2008:
Nice, subtle and emotional. Please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: omg Pygmypuff2, it's been so so so long ^__^ how are you? =D thanks for the review ^_^, gahh it's taken me forever with this story, I promise I shall update as soon as I can ^_^

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Review #3, by Nadine Promises

2nd March 2008:
it's really gud...i've finally read it LOL

Author's Response: Nadine!!! Zomg, heyyy! thanks soo much haha, and thanks for thinking its good. I mean I started this when I was young, hehe, so the beginning is in the process of being rewritten. :P

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Review #4, by MalfoysBtch12 Promises

30th January 2008:
omg please write more like pretty pretty please

Author's Response: haha, never fear m'dear, I shall write more soon ^____^ thanks for the review =D

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Review #5, by Christy86 Promises

27th December 2007:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: I shall don't worry m'dear ^___-

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Review #6, by DmslilAngel103 Promises

27th December 2007:
love this story. please update soon! 8)

Author's Response: aww, thanks hun ^_^
I'll try and update soon =)

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Review #7, by cate Promises

25th December 2007:
Woow, this story is so sad, but brilliant!

please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks Cate ^_-

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Review #8, by Alonia187 Promises

24th December 2007:
Finally you update this EXCELLENT story of yours. Got a little confusing on who was talking but picked it up afterwards. Other then that, it's good. ;). Please update soon, please? 10/10.

Author's Response: aww, thanks Alonia for you never ending support in my story ^_^
I'll try and update as soon as possible,
thanks a lot for the review sweetie ^_^

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Review #9, by Dracosgurl715 Promises

24th December 2007:
my mind is ofming theories, lets see which come true

Author's Response: LOL
I hope one of them come true ^_-

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Review #10, by Cassidy Black Memories

12th October 2007:
Hey Tana! Its Cassy...OMG! I lovee this story, sorry I couldn't review for the other stories...I was so caught up with this ^_^

Author's Response: Hey Sweetie ^_^
aw thanks you I've finished chapter 5 already, I just need time to post it =D thanks love for reviewing ^_^

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Review #11, by fluffballthegreatcherry Memories

10th August 2007:
*sob sob sob* I can't believe that andy died, i'm close to tears now. the way he was just cut off is horrfic!! (sry i'm ranting) but i must say you can't just leave it have to write MORE!!!

Author's Response: ahh!! there is more to come soon, never fear hun!! =P
i will be updating as soon as i get back from my vacation! =D
yes Andy is a terrible loss in this fic, but there is a good reason as to why he died, as you will find out later ^_^

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Review #12, by Lori Memories

3rd August 2007:
You took a long break from the story, I was wondering if you were even going to continue :( Then I saw the update and I was so glad. Also Hermione finally came into the story, yay. Great story!! :D

Author's Response: HI there Lori! ^_^
im sorry for the long delay, chapter 5 will be up as soon as i get back from my vacation. and updates will come in alot sooner, since inspiration has hit me from all side for this story! ^_-
sorry for the looong wait hun, i will make it up to everyone! =] thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by averynseamus Memories

12th July 2007:
this is so sad...plz finish...

Author's Response: im busy with the fifth chapter, ^_^ just hang in there and it'l b up soon im hoping ^_^

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Review #14, by Restricted_Beauty Missing

8th July 2007:
aaaw, poor hankie. :(


Author's Response: i know right ='(
thanks for the review?=S

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Review #15, by Nikki Memories

3rd July 2007:
Well this has to be one of the most original story idea's I've heard yet. Plus I really love how you've actually made it a bit from after the 6th book. I know we don't have long until the 7th book comes out, and even if this story doesn't go in the same direction as The Deathly Hallows will, I'd still love to read on to what you'd like to do with it. Honestly It's great reading original idea's and not always the same kind of stories over and over, not that I'm kicking them, I love a lot of HP fan fics, even if some are the same there's almost always something different each author wants in their story, but reading one that is unlike anything else, is fasinating. I love it, keep on going. I love the Andy character, and I was almost crying reading his last wishes. Although I did guess that Jay was Jaynee. And I also figured out that the nickname came from her middle name, which I am glad you used her real one. Alot of stories have different stuff for it, and it kinda urks me ya know? The "curly honey brown hair" discription from the funeral was a big give away, that's where I knew for sure, before that I was assuming it was her because it is after all a Draco/Hermione story. So, keep on writing and I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: wow
Thanks so much
^_^ you've inspired me to get off my lazy butt and start writing the next chapters for this story. I'm so glad you thought it was original!! Thats what alot of authors like to hear ^_^ it really boosts the confidence =D
I'm glad you noticed that part of it is written after book 6 =P
Lol I know hiding Hermione's character wasn't very well done. But i wanted to make it so, that people would wonder was it her or not. i did that on purpose =PP
thanks for the amazing review. today i might actually start continuing this story again ^_-

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Review #16, by brighteyed56 Memories

11th June 2007:
hey this is a kick ass story hope to read more soon

Author's Response: aww, thanks! brighteyed56. =P
will be updating all stories this coming weekend, exams end on thursday \m/ ^_^
thanks alot for the review!

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Review #17, by kialiana Memories

17th April 2007:
yey i new it. is this how andy new his sername? did hemione tell him about draco. i cant wate for more

Author's Response: lol, can't give away the secrets just yet =P
let me just clarify that Hermione didn't know that Draco was Andy's "friend"
thanks alot for the review^_^

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Review #18, by Hogwarts_grad Memories

17th April 2007:
Wow!! Great story!!

Author's Response: THANKS Hogwarts_grad! ^_^

it means alot to!

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Review #19, by harry_lover_07 Memories

17th April 2007:
Like...nice spelling trick, and clever too! You are a good one! I am kinda sad that Andy had to die, but I guess I saw it coming...update soon!!

Author's Response: lol, yeah that spelling trick, haha! to be honest i didnt know how on earth i was going to disguise hermione, but alas, i remembered her second name just before i made up my own =P
thanks a bunch for the review ^_^

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Review #20, by Alonia187 Memories

17th April 2007:
Hon, I stumbled across this, and I have fallen for this fanfic. You got me hooked! Update when your done with the next chapter! ;)

Author's Response: hi Alonia!
im glad you stumbled upon my fics^_^
i dont think this fanfic is that good, i actually went back and read over chapter one, and i was "what on earth were you thinking?!"
i'll try updating faster ^_^
thanks for the review

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Review #21, by Pygmypuff2 Memories

17th April 2007:
I had a feeling it was Hermione. Nicely written chapter. I simply cannot wait for more, but I will refrain from demanding you to hurry. Well, until the next chapter...

Author's Response: i guess me disguising Hermione wasnt really a "job well done" =P
but oh well, one tries ^_^
thanks for the review, chapter five is being written, should be posted this weekend if im not busy, and of course it will be up by end of this month, i think?

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Review #22, by harry_lover_07  Andy

16th April 2007:
Kinda lost, but i guess it is just the beginning...

Author's Response: which part were you confused by?
thanks alot for the review =D

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Review #23, by Pygmypuff2  Andy

5th March 2007:
Interesting, very interesting. Who's Jaynee? I know, I know, I'll have to wait. Soon I hope. Love it so far.

Author's Response: lol's, you'll find out in the next chapter, thanks for the review

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Review #24, by the ooops girl Missing

27th February 2007:
Hey tana, its mad. Missing you like crazy! Fantastic story btw and i love the banner whoever made it! xoxox

Author's Response: hey maddie thanx so much, yeah the banner was made by sparrow. but the stupid qatar internet thingy, blocked the dark arts site, so now i can no longer access it. so im trying to make my own banners now =P
anyways thanks

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Review #25, by Pygmypuff2 Missing

14th February 2007:
I liked this chapter, it gave me some in sight to Draco's past. I am, however, wanting to know EVERYTHING so please up date soon. Since I know how hard it is to get chapters up in a fast enough time frame to make everyone happy I will not badger you about it. But please let me now when you have. Thanks.

Author's Response: i've just posted chapter 3 today, so as soon as its validated, i'll be sure to let you know on the reviews i leave you, in your future chapters.


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