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Review #1, by MysticPhoenix I Need You Around

7th August 2012:
Wow just wow! This story is so emotional! I read the first chapter and just had to go on to the next! I made myself stop to leave a review before I keep going!

The first chapter had me practically in tears, and that is hard to do! The agony James was in while he remembered Lily was heartbreaking enough! But when he held Harry for the first time I nearly lost it! Especially when he manged some form of a smile for his son.

One CC I would have about the first chapter is that some of the sentences when James was remembering Lily ran on a bit too much. I think breaking them up some would help.

This second chapter was not what I expected it to be, and I liked that. I like how you did not just jump right into what happened after the hospital, but instead took us back to a few years into their marriage after Harry was born. You did not make their marriage perfect which makes it more real.

Lily was still a know it all who managed to put James down on the occasion and not trust him to be responsible. Then there is James still acting like he is back in Hogwarts from time to time, admitting he is still figuring out how to be an adult.

This take on Lily and James relationship is refreshing and as I mentioned before more real to life. Yes their love was very fairy tale like, but relationships are work and you did a good job of showing that.

Great job! I am excited for the rest of the story!

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Review #2, by kritik With ot Without You

16th May 2012:

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Review #3, by Amicus With ot Without You

25th January 2012:
I'm not usually very comfortable with AU fics but this is amazing, I keep coming back to re-read chapters, your grasp of James and the marauders is wonderfully deep and the relationship between all the characters is the best portrayal I've seen or at least the one that fitted with me best. another chapter would be amazing. I particularly enjoy it if you elaborated on why they decided Remus was the traitor or more of James and Lilly's parenting misadventures and disagreements.

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Review #4, by Pam With ot Without You

28th August 2010:
Just finished the chapter and I hadn't got a chance to review because I was so eager to read all of the chapters. This is a fantastic story!!! from the summery I was not expecting it to be so good. The story is so captivating and intriguing that I could not stop reading it, especially considering how unusual the idea is. Can't wait until you post the next chapter!!

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Review #5, by Sawyer With ot Without You

22nd February 2010:
heey will you ever continue the story? please do !!!
it is really awesome ! cheers, S

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Review #6, by Jameslovelily123 I Need You Around

12th September 2009:
aw love it ! very good

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Review #7, by hypercell With ot Without You

25th May 2009:
I can't wait to read some more!

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Review #8, by Natures Nobility Blood In My Eyes

18th February 2009:
I love this!
I started a similar one ages ago, where James dies but Lily is alive... i might look it out.
yours is perfect and works much better
My favourite bit so far is
Sirius grasped desperately at him, hugging him fiercely as though he’d be quite content with never letting go and only backed off when James let out an involuntary groan of pain
I dont know why but its so touching.

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Review #9, by Prongs7689 Here, There and Everywhere

29th December 2008:
Okay. Its hard to make me cry. Like, REALLY hard. I didn't even cry at my grandma's funeral, and I found her dead . . . but I'm brought to tears everytime I read this chapter. There's so many powerful emotions . . . it's over whelming.

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Review #10, by Crystal Here, There and Everywhere

13th October 2008:
wow... thats all I can say... absolutely... bloody fantastic... The description you used in this chapter was amazing, just reading this chapter I was bawling, I could feel the pain and sadness as clearly as if it had been my own. keep writing you great! It's hard to come by some one who can use descriptive writing so well you can make someone feel a characters pain, can't wait to move on to the next chapter

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Review #11, by lyrix82 I Am One

30th May 2008:
absolutely wonderfu, a concept that has never occured to me as a possiblity.I think this is going t be a fantastic story, please make it a full story!!!

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Review #12, by Dreamchaser I Am One

8th May 2008:
oh god, i've just read te first chapter and i'm already teary-eyed. I'm not sure if i have the guts to read further :O

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Review #13, by Jess_Redhawk I Am One

2nd May 2008:
This is FANTASTIC! I'll be reading the rest soon for sure!

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Review #14, by lily flower All Things

29th April 2008:
I think this is really good

But Im finding myself getting a bit bored with it

I do love though don't get me wrong

I know...Im coming across really confusing

Anyway keep on writting


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Review #15, by tonks938 I Am One

5th April 2008:
that was so sad. :'[
im like crying here.

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Review #16, by Silent Reader..UNTIL NOW! Everything is You

19th March 2008:
Oh my God! What are you and WHY haven't I found this story before? It is very well written, especially the characterisation of the Marauders. Even Peter (the part where Lily has the baby and Peter is all awestruck). Very typical reaction from him. I also like Lily and James' occasional sniping, very in character with the war background; and James not being home so much. You have a way with words. I of course, am DEEPLY indebted to you for your noble rescue of our beloved Padfoot. I mean, what happened to the marauders was just depressing. Thanks for cheering me up about it :)
I mean, I'm practically considering regarding this as canon... Anyway I have a teeny weeny tendency to ramble (didn't notice it didja), so I shall beg my leave and sit here waiting for you to dish out the remaining chapters (especially with the James / Sirius recon).

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Review #17, by rowenaravenclaw94 I Am One

10th March 2008:
oh my good golly gracious... that was frightening. it's just so sad! good job. wow. depressing! poor james! at least harry still has a father though... 10/10!

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Review #18, by prongsie_potter_rulez I Am One

21st February 2008:
:is bawling her eyes out:
but i must carry on; for such a fanon plot (which i usually hate) this is amazing. :continues:

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Review #19, by Lily Marie Evans Potter With ot Without You

3rd February 2008:
Hi Noblevyne,

I have a very important question! Who is that guy on your banner that's supposed to be James? I would love to use his pic on my still to be made banner!!

Cheers, Lily M.E Potter

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Review #20, by war and peace With ot Without You

14th January 2008:
I'm getting into the habit of repeating my facorite quotes, so here's the one for this chapter: 'James Potter: the mad pervert.' I loved it.
I loved this one too: 'didn’t care for a future as a perverted old bachelor with loads of cats and an eventual death after choking in a hairy mint he found behind the couch'. It made me laugh when I got to the hairy mint bit.

Having said that, great chapter. I am so sad that this is the last one though! But it is probably for the better, because I have run out of skittles.

Going completely off topic (has any of this review been on topic? I think not) go sydney. boo melbourne. sorry, formalities there.

update soon! I'll be waiting!

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Review #21, by war and peace Wicked Game

14th January 2008:
'Dumbledore was deliberately assigning them missions together for his own nefarious purposes' I have to say, this sounds so like DUmbledore.

I have to say that this chapter disappionted me a little. I don't know why, but maybe I was just sad that it ended so soon.

good chapter apart from that though. It has really got me thinking about how everyone portrays Lily and James as the perfect couple, but here you are bravely saying that they hadn't gotten on all that well half the time, which is probably more realistic given their history.
was that really all one sentence? No wonder I'm failing English...

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Review #22, by war and peace Here, There and Everywhere

14th January 2008:
just a spelling mistake in the ninth paragraph. 'Pomphrey' should be 'Pomfrey'.

also, I just have to mention this bit: 'when they went to Liverpool to stalk the greatest band that ever lived'. All my friends look at my really weird when I say that I have the Beatles on my iPod, because 'they're so old!'. The only person who doesn't say that has Queen on hers. hehe...

andyway, that got REALLY off topic. it was a great chapter, and very sad and emotion filled. For some reason though (and don't ask me why) I feel that you didn't write Petunia right. But don't take my word for it, that's just my gut feeling.

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Review #23, by war and peace Every Part of You

14th January 2008:
I was grinning like a madman after harry's birth. I don't really know why though...
Having said that, this is the only chapter that has seen me smile. Not because it's bad writing of course, no, it's amazing writing, but just because it is so sad!
I'm glad this was a break from it.

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Review #24, by war and peace Death of a Mind

14th January 2008:
just another question (which isn't totally off topic this time)
in this chapter you say 'Remus he had believed to be a traitor'... why did he believe Remus to be a traitor? I'm kind of confused.
Geez, I'm terrible aren't I? I can remember what colour Healer's robes are, but can't remember the big things...

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Review #25, by war and peace Everything is You

13th January 2008:
this was a great chapter... but I have noticed that you don't always respond to your reviews. I can understand why, but I just get such a buzz out of it that I was wondering how on earth you could go without! Sorry, off topic.
lovely. I am really looking forward to the next flashback though. I think I like those the best.

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