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Reading Reviews for Together At Last
34 Reviews Found

Review #1, by ginnyrox895 Did I miss something?

7th September 2009:
Hee hee! Cute! I like that you added details and lots of dialouge.

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Review #2, by Marauderess Did I miss something?

6th March 2008:
Wow that was really good! I loved it as much as the first one keep up the good work ;P

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Review #3, by Potterfreak4 Did I miss something?

16th January 2008:
That Was great Im still Laughing! LOVE IT!

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Review #4, by ron is my hero Did I miss something?

16th November 2007:
o sweet!!!

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Review #5, by netballpro13 Did I miss something?

11th November 2007:
awesome sequel please do another i love ur stories

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Review #6, by _Kirsten Did I miss something?

21st August 2007:
That was funny ^^ I like it just as much as the story before this one.

Author's Response: thnnkk u

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Review #7, by bittersweetness15 Did I miss something?

25th June 2007:
aww, so cute

Author's Response: thnx

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Review #8, by ralj1640 Did I miss something?

27th April 2007:
(claps hands) so cool I loved them both and I can just picture Ron and Hermione getting together that way:)

Author's Response: haha thanks so muchh
xo audrey

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Review #9, by Hedwig123 Did I miss something?

5th April 2007:
I luv it! I've always been a fan of Ron/hermione fanfics! I also luv the twins! good job.

Author's Response: thnks!

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Review #10, by xmenfan117 Did I miss something?

19th March 2007:
I love it

Author's Response: =)

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Review #11, by aredlollipop Did I miss something?

17th March 2007:
rofl! hahahahahahahahahaha!

Author's Response: lolz

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Review #12, by My name is Taylor but you can call me tonight Did I miss something?

12th March 2007:
That was HILARIUOS. I loved it. I give this story like 10 thumbs up although I'll have to borrow some of my family members thumbs.

Author's Response: lolz thnks for the greatt review! =)

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Review #13, by erinweasley108 Did I miss something?

19th February 2007:
that was funny. it will definitly be in an argument that h/r will confess.

Author's Response: haha yeah they better hurry it up tho! thnx 4 the review =)

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Review #14, by mini_marauder101 Did I miss something?

3rd January 2007:
Teehee!!! That was funny! You made me giggle! Very cute. 8/10! :)

Author's Response: lol thnx..=)

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Review #15, by PrincessDanusia Did I miss something?

1st December 2006:
Haha! That was very good! The fun part was the argument. Really nice writing. Keep going!

Author's Response: thnx! glad u liked it! i liked this one too...lol

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Review #16, by CedricLuverxoxo Did I miss something?

30th November 2006:
that was funny
i always imagined Hermione and Ron getting together that way
u have a couple of spelling mistakes
but besides that great job!
this is going into my favorites with Spin the Bottle:Griffindo Style!

Author's Response: thnx! yea i kno there were some spelling errors...lol im prolly going to rewrite that one eventually with better spelling and grammar

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Review #17, by dracoindahouse Did I miss something?

24th November 2006:
i love it was awsome! i wonder who fred and george will pare up next?

Author's Response: lol..yea I haven't thought much about that but I just finished writing a new Ron/Hermione fic and I can't wait till it's validated..ijust have to say I like this one better than the one I just wrote because they get together in a funny way...thnx 4 reviewing!

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Review #18, by purplefire Did I miss something?

19th November 2006:
great way to end a story. i totally liked it. how you got ron and hermione to confess through an argument, was so cool. "and the best ron/ hermione fanfic goes to.ginny 108!" i could just she the harrypotterfanfiction peoples saying that.

Author's Response: awww thnx so much for the great review lol! So glad u like it!

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Review #19, by Weasley twins rock Did I miss something?

9th November 2006:
Hee, hee, typocal Ron and Hermione behaviour. That should be how it happens in the seventh book. I swear it WILL happen.

Author's Response: I know it BETTER happen..we've all been waiting about 6 or 7 years! It's gotta happen....yea i thought this story was short and funny...glad u liked it!

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Review #20, by granger_2007 Did I miss something?

3rd November 2006:
loved it. made me laugh. poor gin

Author's Response: lol thnx!

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Review #21, by CCC Did I miss something?

28th October 2006:
Cute story. Fred and George are always a lot of fun.

Author's Response: thnku

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Review #22, by please read Did I miss something?

28th October 2006:
lol that was really sweet, and funny. so like hermione and ron ! goodwork :) 10/10

Author's Response: thnk u soo much...im so happy u think that my story deserves a 10/10 thnku!!!

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Review #23, by mary_hpfan Did I miss something?

28th October 2006:
I LOVE IT! =D i didn't like it i LOVED it! it was amazing and i can't belive that the other story leading up 2 this was ur first one it was amazing 2 u r an amazing writter! i think i have used that word 2 much! do u think so cus if u do i am going to shut my mouth! OKAY! OKAY! fine. bye =)

Author's Response: lol ur soo funny and thnx for your reviews! lol ily


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Review #24, by gabzi27 Did I miss something?

27th October 2006:
she sure did

Author's Response: lol thnx soo much!

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Review #25, by Ginnyrocks Did I miss something?

27th October 2006:

Author's Response: thnx for the review!!!

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