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Review #1, by becky the one and only

7th March 2011:
lol xxx hilarious xx

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Review #2, by malfoydraco the one and only

31st December 2010:
Funny really funny! Like hilarity! It was very interesting, too bad his dream ended before she said the spell. Oh well, and I love Molly's, Fred's, George's, and Ron's reaction to Ginny's reply "all the way"! It was really good!

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Review #3, by wat. the one and only

12th February 2009:
I only got far enough to read Ginny drinking the Veritaserum, and I only have one thing to say.

A couple sips?! Seriously? In the books, they never use more than a few drops, and that lasts a good 10-15 minutes. A couple sips would likely last a couple frakking hours.

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Review #4, by 934782 the one and only

7th June 2008:
You definitly need to continue from where you left off. That was a pretty damn good story

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Review #5, by couting crows the one and only

3rd June 2008:
this is a little funny make a harry/ginny song fic with accidentally in love by couting crows.
it will be wonderful with your talent

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Review #6, by RealMagic777 the one and only

2nd April 2008:
So funny!I like the ending. CAPITLIZATION!

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Review #7, by Ron is my hero the one and only

17th March 2008:
AWWW!!! this was soo cute! i was laughing very hard! amazing job! if you hav some time...could you read mine?
again amazing story!!!
10/10 :)

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Review #8, by XxgrangergirlxX the one and only

7th December 2007:
that was hillarieous! im still laughin! my story will never be as funny as that! truely funny! im still laughing now :D.

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Review #9, by caer24 the one and only

1st October 2007:
Good one

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Review #10, by crzypottergrlz the one and only

16th September 2007:
I luv it make a sequel that isn't a dream

Author's Response: ok ill try im kinda busy...with drama and singing and school lol but ill try =)

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Review #11, by ihs the one and only

11th September 2007:
I like!

Author's Response: thx!!

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Review #12, by seeker150 the one and only

3rd September 2007:
very short
not enough dares
it was ok
it was good at first but then went down hill

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Review #13, by dark-lord--happy-pants the one and only

2nd September 2007:
it was... very odd. but i liked it! nice job!

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Review #14, by EmmyWemmy the one and only

31st August 2007:
that's realy funnnye!!

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Review #15, by _Kirsten the one and only

21st August 2007:
Well that wasn't what I expected..Great story, very original. 9/10.

Author's Response: thx i relle appreciate lol

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Review #16, by jenkent the one and only

14th August 2007:
Hilarious! I loved it! Never play truth or dare in the wizarding world!

Author's Response: so true nothing good can come of it im glad u liked the story hope u read the others
xoxo julia

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Review #17, by Unforeseen the one and only

9th August 2007:
Lmao. xD *Tries to stop giggling* I love it. xP

Author's Response: thx soo much...im glad u liked it and yea we couldnt stop laughing either

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Review #18, by i_want_to_be_ginny the one and only

8th August 2007:
random but cool

Author's Response: thx and yea very random but heyy we're random ppl loll

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Review #19, by ginny_roxmysox the one and only

7th August 2007:
LOL! That was such a surprise ending! loved it!

Author's Response: thx loll i appreciate the review and im glad u liked the story...ive been thinking of writing a sequel let me kno wat u think!!

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Review #20, by samster278 the one and only

4th August 2007:
better than all the others? no. Good? Yes. if i were you, i would change the ending, it isnt that good but the actual main story was good. AND, before you say anything, this is constructive criticism, i am only trying to help.

Author's Response: yea and i def appreciate it but i guess catholic school has some influence on us lol!! glad u liked it

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Review #21, by meester the one and only

1st August 2007:
hahahahahahah i loved it it was most hilarios. i hope theres a seqwel.

Author's Response: thx im glad u liked it

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Review #22, by timehp123 the one and only

15th May 2007:
LOL! That was funny! It's all good! Write more!

Author's Response: thx and i will i promise things r just busy but promise ill find time

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Review #23, by Hermionegirl13 the one and only

20th February 2007:
Keep going. Bad ending. All a dream? Gross

Author's Response: fine u dont have to like it but my suggestion to u is to give constructive critism instead of being so blunt and mean about it

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Review #24, by Elphaba to be the one and only

17th February 2007:

??? didn't quite get it.

Author's Response: wat didnt u get about it i thought it was pretty straight forward just wondering in case its something i have to change

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Review #25, by drkmystic the one and only

17th February 2007:
it was really good you should deffinently keep on writing but i dont get when ginny said all the way

Author's Response: oh ok no big deal it just means theyve slept together and glad u liked it

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