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Review #1, by Pile of crap “Just give up!”

13th April 2015:
I love the story but u need to update it was so good

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Review #2, by weaselredhair “Where am I?”

29th October 2011:
I don't like how Lily and James are fighting all the time.

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Review #3, by Dobs12 “Just give up!”

30th April 2011:
I love the way you write please write more soo though don't worry i understand how long it can take for a chapter to get validated, im still waiting for one now!

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Review #4, by harrypottergurl2009 “Just give up!”

23rd June 2010:
This was a great story. I will keep an eye on it for updates cause I can tell its not finished. So keep up the good work.

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Review #5, by harrypottergurl2009 “Thought I saw a Galleon”

23rd June 2010:
I like the story so far. Its cool to see Harry and his parents even if they are the same age. And I think Hermione is right about what they have to fix. It's that James and Lily are taking to long to get together.

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Review #6, by Sirius Black Dog “Just give up!”

11th June 2010:
I love this story so much and really want to read more but the last time you updated was in please keep writing i want to know what happens next.

This story is really one of a kind and by far a brilliant story but im in suspence and holding my breath. PLease update soon.

Thanks for such a great read :)


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Review #7, by Sirius Black Dog “MOVE OR I WILL HEX YOU!”

9th June 2010:
OMG that was great :)

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Review #8, by Sirius Black Dog “Am- am I dreaming”

8th June 2010:
That was an awesome chapter. This story is really turning out to be a good one :)

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Review #9, by Samantha “Just give up!”

30th April 2010:
This is such an interesting story... please write more soon!

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Review #10, by husain “Just give up!”

2nd November 2009:
well its more than a year n half plz update soon

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Review #11, by georgina_bass “Just give up!”

26th July 2009:
in one of ur chapters u mentioned that ud need an like to help.loved the story,btw

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Review #12, by Cassie_Heart “Just give up!”

4th June 2009:

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Review #13, by potter_fan_17 “Would you two give it a rest!”

30th May 2009:
Ok first of all, Its Evans. not evens. 2nd of all, Its Sirius and Remus. Seriously, did you read the book, no offence?

Author's Response: sorry it was my beta- They changed all the names so that they were wrong and really I tried to change them back but probs missed loads I'm so sorry!! But it does not stay like that after 3 its all back to normal!

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Review #14, by i_heart_robbins "IT'S NOT AWESOME!"

26th April 2009:
I like the plot, but there are a lot of misspellings. It's not anything that word would catch though; it's confusing things like there, they're, and their. You might want to proof read it some more. I think it'd make the story a lot better!

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Review #15, by ClearCutDiamonds “I knew you’d mess this up!”

28th March 2009:
I really like the idea of the Marauders going to the future to meet Harry. It's really hard to find a story that plays out this plot well, and I really like this first chapter. Good chapter!

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Review #16, by gummybear “Just give up!”

25th March 2009:
Loveee it, write more, don't abandon it!!!

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Review #17, by kelty1546 “Aquariatum!”

21st March 2009:
Lily better love james now

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Review #18, by Sara C. “Just give up!”

11th February 2009:
This story is wonderful. I hope you will keep updating when you have time.

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Review #19, by izfaxxx “Just give up!”

4th December 2008:
I enjoyed the story very much :) I've been waiting for you to update for ages!! Hope to see the next chapter updated soon.

Author's Response: sorry so busy- lots of personal problem- college and uni as well /I'm so sorry but i hope i'll finish it soon.

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Review #20, by aks_potter “Just give up!”

17th November 2008:
wow.. that was great as everytime..

hope the next chapter will be up shortly.. take care.. ciao

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Review #21, by aks_potter “Merry Christmas, Son”

17th November 2008:
great... the twins are definitely geniuses.. best out there..

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Review #22, by aks_potter “Am- am I dreaming”

17th November 2008:
perfect.. i am on to it..

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Review #23, by aks_potter "IT'S NOT AWESOME!"

17th November 2008:
but it is.. its really awesome.. great writing.. think i am going to read through the night.. all of it in one go..

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Review #24, by kit hallie “Just give up!”

4th November 2008:
I love this story but it's been a long time and I need an update!

Author's Response: I am so sorry but i am really busy i have planned and started the next chapter and when i get a spare moment i'll finish it! Should be up soon **fingers crossed** Thanks!


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Review #25, by Mrid “Just give up!”

13th June 2008:
wow...really touchy..really down-to-earth it...but its been such a LONGGG time since u'v updated, i kinda think im loosing update soon...awsome story...

Author's Response: im updating really soon- im just finishing of the chapter lol sorry

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