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Review #1, by Trick9 My Last Memories

4th June 2008:
You are still amazing! I hope you don't think I hate you because my life is SO busy. I do read what you write but I haven't been on in about a year...

So far, in the tons of one-shots I've read... This is my favorite. Good job.

Author's Response: I haven't been on in about a year now either, uni sucking the life out of me! Hope you will still read when you are on :)

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Review #2, by Nymphie Lupin My Last Memories

20th February 2007:
Wow!!! The details in this are enough to send chills up and down my spine!!! OMG!!! You are good! You give us such and insight into the psyche of Draco. Woah!!! I love how there is so much subtlety. It really allows your readers to inference and think about everything that they are reading. Toujours Pur... What a great touch!!! It really makes for a great ending of a pure blood's last thoughts!!! Doesn't it mean 'Always Pure?' I think so, but I'm not sure on the account of that I suck in translating foreign languages!!! Oh well. I'll probably go on babble fish later on. LOL!!! Well anyway, this was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It deserves like a billion out of ten!!! No... more like a zillion or a bazillion or a gazillion out of ten!!! You really have really fascinated me with this wonderful fic!!! It's a job well done!!! The excellence of this fic is just... wow!!! Only one thing to do. Send this review in and then add this on my faves!!! This intriguing fic is probably one of, if not, the best fic with Draco that I have ever read!!!
Keep up the marvelous work!!! You've definitely have a talent with writing!!! ;) Have a wonderful week!!!

Author's Response: That is the nicest review I ever got for this story, I was really proud of it and everything and I found humor is more popular among people but thank you you have restored my faith that people like stuff like this! Yes it means always pure!
Thank you!!

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Review #3, by Healer_25 My Last Memories

12th January 2007:

My father is dead but like me he may be better off so, my heart doesn't bleed for her.I'm just wondering did you mean him? and maybe I'm mistaken, maybe it really is a her...Ah I do understand now, that was very tricky! but I enjoyed it, he seemed cold but broken, I think thats what you were going for, I could really feel emotion though. No descriptions would have worked, and it was meant to be simple and complete.

Thanks! for writing it that is. Come see my work sometime.

Author's Response: No it was meant to be her, see he is talking about his father when he says that he is dead and his heart doesn't bleed for this mother. Yes simple and cold was the feel I wanted and not many people noticed that! Thanx for the review!!!

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Review #4, by Bittersweet Ending My Last Memories

3rd January 2007:
Chilling. I really enjoyed this, how you subtly hinted at what was happening in terms of location, and found a way to make it clear what had happened. One quick thing, but it's teeny weeny, and somewhat irrelevant: Toujours Pur is the Black family motto, not the Malfoy family. Of course, this is coming from the author of a story that would only work when stretched, because of temporal stuff. Still, super story. Thanks.

Author's Response: I wans't writing it as the malfoy family motto I was writing it as in, always pure!! But thats okay, I didn't actaully realise it was a motto at all, cheers!! I'm glad you liked it, I worked really hard on getting the idea for that one-shot.

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Review #5, by StarrGirl08 My Last Memories

18th December 2006:
Wow. That was really good. It was written very professionally and you stayed in the right point of view, something a lot of authors have a hard time doing. It was very touching, but something that I will remember and think about. 10/10!!
~Tabby, the Kat

Author's Response: Thank you, I worked for ages on that story and I really appreciate the review!!

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Review #6, by Gold Raindrops My Last Memories

5th November 2006:
HOLY LORD! This is like my fave piece of your writing! It's so unique, and so great! I LOVE IT! 10/10!


Author's Response: Thank you, I got the idea while sitting in school when I was supposed to be studying!

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Review #7, by Liadan Lightflower My Last Memories

22nd October 2006:
Wow! That is absolutely touching. This was a wondeful one-shot! You're right pity is worse than hatred. Great job hun! Very moving....1000000/10

~Liadan Lightflower~

Author's Response: Thank you worked so hard on that chappie!

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Review #8, by luckistars My Last Memories

15th October 2006:
That was really well written!!! I understood Draco's regret, and the sorrow that people feel for Harry's death. But I don't think that Draco would actually feel bad, but if he did, I could imagine it like this!!! I was a little confused at first, when you were talking, because I didn't know who was speaking, but once I saw "my dear aunt" I knew. Nice job!

Author's Response: That was the point, I didn't want to mention his name until the very end, but I thought the bit bout Dumbledore would have made it clear? No worries, thanx for the review!

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Review #9, by _Lexi_ My Last Memories

14th October 2006:
hey this is great!!
im not really into reading stuff like this- i mainly read humor, but this is really interesting not to mention different but beautifully written all the same!!
=D =D

Author's Response: Thats very nice of you thanx!

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Review #10, by TheMagicWithin My Last Memories

14th October 2006:
Cool Katy very sad, you know me I like happy endings. Well written though I am impressed!

Author's Response: Cheers Em!

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Review #11, by Unicorn Girl My Last Memories

14th October 2006:
wow! a wonderful insight in Draco Malfoy's feelings. It was amazinngly written. I simply loved it.


Author's Response: Thanx for bothering!

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Review #12, by SilentConfession My Last Memories

10th October 2006:
well hello there. i have finally checking out your story:) Well i liked the idea very much. i can honestly see Draco doing all this because it was his duty and then having done it so much its just something he does. Very well done. i like how all his thoughts link and at the end where he jsut can't take it any more. Almost feel the boys anguish. Now i didn't see the pairing Ginny/Draco really. they meet but no sparks. But hey that maybe just me. What i do in oneshots is that i give the main character action. i make him do stuff as well as all the thoughts. it seems to bring more interaction and the reader can see everything better. sadness can be seen quite clearly in actions. You have some but more would be great. But other then that i loved it. Good job and keep up the good work FredWeasley.

Author's Response: Thank you very much appreciated! The pairing thing is a mistake and I am going to change it! I was going to put some actions in but I always find that if a one-shot is to long, I don't read it! Tanks anyway is much appreciated!

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Review #13, by MistressEva My Last Memories

9th October 2006:
nice work

Author's Response: Cheers for the review!

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Review #14, by FredWeasleysGF My Last Memories

9th October 2006:
Okay it sin't very long, but c'mon people review! It takes 2mins and I always return the favor!

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Review #15, by TheFalk My Last Memories

8th October 2006:
wow. That was amazing..

Author's Response: thanx for your kind review!

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Review #16, by pens82 My Last Memories

8th October 2006:
good update soon

Author's Response: I'm afraid it was a one off! Thanx for the review!

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