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Review #1, by john Another Era

14th August 2015:
i liked it very good story

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Review #2, by ravenxred Another Era

24th December 2008:
i am not sure how i came across this fic but i have read all of it and enjoyed it.
please do continue.

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Review #3, by timeturner17 Another Era

10th March 2008:
It totally rocked i couldn't stop reading it other wise i would have reviewed more!

Author's Response: Thank you for your compliment on our creativity and our writing style. It is always good to know our reader' opinion.
Thank you for reading and leaving a review. :-)

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Review #4, by mystery_reader Another Era

6th March 2008:

to start with you brought in characters and plots in what seemed to be random and very abrupt in there entrance but as i read on the story fitted together very well! i am now goin 2 go and read your sequal!!! and im sure it will b just as awesome as this one!

Author's Response: I'm glad that in spite of how confusing the beginning might have been, you stick to that fic and read on. I must admit that we did bring in a lot of OCs and storylines all at once, and a few readers may be deterred by that.
Thank you for reading and leaving a review. I hope you'll like Life Entwined as much (I'm going to post chapter 5 of this fic).

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Review #5, by forzabella Unsung Heroes

19th January 2008:
OH you made harry come back, YES!

Author's Response: Yes we did!!! :D

Thanks for sharing your remarks about our story with us. It's always good to know what a readers likes/dislikes.

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Review #6, by forzabella One Dead, One Missing

18th January 2008:
So is ellissandra harry potters daughter? The first chapter said that she was an orphan so are harry and ginny dead? :-(

Author's Response: No, Elissandra is not Harry's daughter. This story takes place about nine years after the Final Battle, and Lissa is 17 year old. So she can't be Harry's daughter. She's not even family, for all I know. :)

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Review #7, by forzabella A Duel and a Date

18th January 2008:
I think "manly" guys that are romantic are almost non-existent! The way I would imagine a guy like sage would be a very masculine kind of guy that doesnt waste his time on romance until he meets a woman who he thinks is worth, because romance is vey big effort for a guy like that.

Author's Response: Yes... and no. I guess you noticed that Sage seems far more comfortable with romance and everything romantic than Sorka is. But you're right, she seems to be the right one, so maybe that's why.

Now, a 'manly' guy who can also a romantic... he would be the guy we've all been dreaming of, wouldn't he?

Thank you again for leaving a review. :)


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Review #8, by forzabella Back To Hogwarts

17th January 2008:
Well I am utterly confused by this story, intrigued, but confused. How are the original founders still alive? Did they time travel or something?

Author's Response: Only Godric is one of the Founders, and yes, he time-traveled. You'll see why he did so. :)

I know this story introduces a lot of OCs and it can be rather confusing.

Thank you for reading and leaving a review.

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Review #9, by White_Dragon Another Era

3rd January 2008:
Very well done!!! These past few chapters were such an easy read, they flow together so nicely. The effort you two put into this is clearly evident.

10/10 for the chapter, 10+/10 for the story!


Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment, Jim. Yes, we did put some effort into this story, and yet the writing - and the planning - always seemed effortless.

Thanks for reading this looong story, and for your reviews and kind comments.


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Review #10, by White_Dragon Sins Of A Separate Past

3rd January 2008:
Wow, I am amazed at the depth of plot that has gone into this story! In my last review, all too briefly (I wanted to keep reading...), I mentioned how satisfying all of this was/is. You've both really tightened up this story so much. It feels perfect.

Well Done!


Author's Response: To tell you the truth, I'm sometimes amazed at the kind of plot we came up with... We've always thought every detail of it through, because we don't want to leave any loose end. And there shouldn't be any.

I'm glad you like this story. *blushing* Thank you so much for the compliment on our writing and on all the hard work we've been doing. And for leaving a review, of course. :)


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Review #11, by White_Dragon Unsung Heroes

3rd January 2008:
This was a great chapter, Anne! Very satisfying!


Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment on our writing. :)


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Review #12, by White_Dragon Unfettered Hearts

12th December 2007:
Well, what can be said? Excellent chapter, of course! Lots of passion with a healthy dose of action. Nice to see Minerva and Albus, Ron and Hermione, and the loathsome Mr Greene.

One thing that I did stumble over was the reference to Barbie Dolls... I should think Little Witches might play with something else (smile)

Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you! :)

You're probably right, little witches may play with something else than Barbie dolls. But remember, in Chapter 17, Sorka told Sage that Albus made her live part-time in the muggle world, so she would always be able to live in both worlds. So I guess she played with Barbie dolls. ;)

Thanks for reading and leaving a review. I'm terribly sorry I didn't respond earlier...


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Review #13, by White_Dragon Of Wands And Knives

7th December 2007:
I liked this chapter very much. Writing a dueling chapter successfully requires some planning to really pull it off. It certainly feels like the two of you put considerable thought into this.

I'm glad Hermione finally got the message that she was being obnoxious and nosy. I must admit that your version of Hermione is a bit more 'severe', though I can imagine her developing that trait as she grows older.

Back to the dueling... lots of clever ideas here, especially with Sage's combat course.

It's good to see them feeling so much more comfortable with their feelings for each other, too.

Well done! 10/10


Author's Response: This chapter didn't require so much planning as if it were, say, one of the first chapters of the story. The more we've been writing our two characters, the more we know them and they write themselves... And actually, that chapter wasn't planned as it is here. Sorka asking Sage to teach her to use two wands was another of these 'spur of the moment thing', and it worked, all the more so when he answered that he would teach her to throw knives too.

I guess that, since you finished reading this story a few weeks ago now, you know why our Hermione was so 'severe'. But then, we could both picture her being that way - we do love her, she's our favorite know-it-all, but she always believes she knows better. lol.

I'm glad you noticed that Sage and Sorka are more comfortable with their feelings for each other. He's been with his for some time, just hiding them, waiting for her to be ready. And when she is finally... Sorka is a girl who, once she lets go and gives in to her feelings, surrenders heart, soul, body and mind. If that makes any sense...

Thanks a lot for the review. :)


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Review #14, by White_Dragon City Of Sighs

1st December 2007:
Oi, it took them long enough! (smile)

Interesting developments there, too bad they couldn't have brought Greene in. It would have been fun to drag him, AND his son in together.

Great chapter, you two!



Author's Response: Yes! And to tell you the truth, it should have taken them longer... but they simply didn't want to wait anymore. So we gave them what they wanted. It just felt right.

About Greene... oh, well, you'll see. ;)

Thanks for another great review.


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Review #15, by White_Dragon Romance In Venice

1st December 2007:
I certainly did enjoy this chapter. As to what Jalen is up to, my gawd, who knows? I should think he was searching for something, besides acting the paranoiac. Most likely, searching for a someone, as opposed to a something.

Yes, he will 'explore' that line of thinking, if she allows him (or, allows herself to 'be')


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed reading this chapter. We did have a great time writing it, especially the chase and the question game. lol.

Jalen is paranoiac. Period. And he probably has a lot of reasons to be. As for what he's searching for... you'll see. We promised our readers there wouldn't be any loose ends. hehe.

Hm... Will Sage explore that line of thinking? Will Sorka allows herself to be? You will have the answers soon. ;)

Thanks for leaving a review!


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Review #16, by White_Dragon Meddlesome Ministry

26th November 2007:
It's too bad we can't actually 'see' these two in their formal wear, as I am sure they will be quite striking. The side trip to Venice is a welcome breath of fresh air to the story, as will be the ensuing adventure as they chase after Jalen, I'm sure.

I am guessing that at least one half of this writing team may have visited Venice!? The descriptions feel as if one of you has.

Well done!


Author's Response: I can picture them quite clearly in my mind - and, no, they don't look like the two on the banners - but I wish I could see them in their formal wear... *sigh*

I'm glad you think the trip to Venice was a good idea, because there's much more to come. :D Unfortunately, no, neither of us has visited this city. Maybe, one day... who knows?

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Jim.


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Review #17, by White_Dragon A Park, A Shop and A Bar

23rd November 2007:
Anne, The conversation Sage has with Hermione is immortal!! (smile) This is the first story I've read since DH to even comment on anything to do with Olivander's. It's brilliant to consider Sage opening a shop like this. "The Sage-r Image"? Very creative idea about the truth about what actually happened at Little Whinging. Great chapter!! 10/10 --Jim

Author's Response: *smile* I'm so glad you liked the conversation Sage has with Hermione, Jim. The interactions between those two were fun to write. lol.

You have to remember that this story was written before DH was released. Concerning Ollivander, something has always struck me as odd. The Ollivanders have been wandmakers for more than three thousand years, and when Mr. Ollivander disappears, there is no heir. Are most wizarding lines about to die in the Potterverse? But I'm digressing...

I wasn't surprised the first time Sage/author told me about the shop. Sage just loves tinkering with everything. And I must admit that I enjoy every opportunity to write/'see' Sage using his big hands, so the shop sounded like a good idea. :D

Thanks for all the compliments on our writing. *blushes* And for the review.


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Review #18, by White_Dragon The Lovers' Chamber

20th November 2007:
They seem to be much more in tune with each other. No more egg shells beneath their feet, so to speak! As a reader, the two of them are becoming much interesting to me. I care now about both of them. It's also good to see that Sage's tinkering skills are useful. He is very human in that scene, more so than ever before, I feel.

Merlin and Vivian are very interesting. I'm sure we'll see more of them both. I like that Avalon 'feels' much more 'saturated' with Magic, or is that Ancient magic is so much stronger, and a little goes a long way?

10/10 Anne! Very enjoyable!


Author's Response: Sorka and Sage are definitely more in tune with each other - at last! They've been through a lot together. It could have ruined their relationship, but it's been making it stronger. They are still denying their feelings, but they trust each other.

I guess that Sage comes out as very human in this chapter, and especially in some scenes, because for once he's not wearing a 'mask'. When he is with Sorka, he feels like he has to hide his feelings so he won't influence her. But when she catches him offguard, or when she can't see or hear him, the mask falls and he's that man she can sense in him, the guy she watches while he is sleeping.

As for his tinkering skills, it was obviously more than just a background detail. But then why would we have given him those skills if not to use them? They are as much a part of him as his magic.

Avalon exists in a magical plane - it drifted out of time, out of our plane - hence the magic Sorka can feel. There was a time when the world was more magical, when people believed in magic. And then most turned their back to it and banned it from their world. So it had to go somewhere. Why not in that plane? And magic being neither good nor evil, the love Merlin and Vivian share makes it all white and peaceful. I hope I'm making sense.

I'm very glad you liked this chapter and you care now about both of them. :)

Thanks for leaving a review.


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Review #19, by White_Dragon Circles of Stones

14th November 2007:
Hermione and Molly... matchmakers.

Always a joy to spend time with Remus. I truly wished he could have hung around longer. He was the gateway into a whole separate part of the Potterverse, and I think he would have been a good father for Teddy.

It was very interesting to read the portions about Brittany and the sites relating to Merlin and Celtic Lore. It's good to see these two working together.

Very enjoyable chapter, Anne!


Author's Response: I can picture Molly playing matchmaker, especially for one of her children. Hermione... she's our favorite know-it-all, and of course she would know better than a friend if the said friend was attracted to the 'wrong' guy. lol.

Yes, Remus would have been a great dad for Teddy. I'm not sure Sorka thinks it's a joy to spend time with Remus in this chapter though. He unknowingly rubs it in how silly she acted the night before. hehe.

There are so many different stories about Merlin... Of course, we took some facts and some scraps of Celtic lore and our creativity did the rest.

And, you know, it was good to make Sorka and Sage work together at last!

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a review. :)


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Review #20, by White_Dragon Another Dance

14th November 2007:
Now who's the silly git? Me thinks Sorka doth think too much!

The dancing scenes and the visit to the lake were very nice -- a fresh change of scenery is always wise . And what's the matter with her taking the first step? I guess her empathy, when it comes to Sage, is all wonky. Kind of like Tonk's magic when she was having problems convincing Remus that he was being a git, too!

Overall, I really warmed to this chapter, and am looking forward to the next several chapters.

Well done to the both of you, Anne!


Author's Response: I dont know... Who's the silly git? lol. You're right, Sorka thinks too much, even when she's a bit drunk. I'm glad you liked the dancing scenes. We had not planned the second one. The "firewhiskey part", yes, the dance, no. It just felt right, but of course she had to run from his room - again.

Sorka can control her gift. Except when her own emotions are involved. A lot like Tonks. When it comes to Sage, Sorka's empathy is all 'wonky' because she's trying very hard not to read him - despite the fact that she doesn't accidentally read people. She's denying her own feelings, so it's much easier to think that he's not attracted to her and might never have been. She's complicated, that one. *sigh*

Thanks for taking the time to review. :) I'm glad you warmed to this chapter, and I'm very glad that you like Sage better now (I love Sage! lol).


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Review #21, by White_Dragon Down Memory Lane

11th November 2007:
It was good to see several of the small details all start to come together. This chapter was very comfortable. I had no problems discerning the visits to the memories in the pensieve and his dreams.

Well Done!

Author's Response: Yes, some of the pieces are falling into place. I'm glad you thought the chapter was very comfortable. A lot of people don't like pensieve scenes anymore, saying they are cliched. But sometimes, they are necessary. Of course, we thought we had been original with that whole Dumbledore/Grindelwald's old friendship. We never thought it would become canon!

Thanks for the compliment, and for the review.

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Review #22, by White_Dragon Grindelwald's Lair

9th November 2007:
The tension between the two of them makes the whole house exploration even creepier. You probably would not have been as successful in the 'suspense' department had you not paired them off against each other.

Honestly, I know I would have been upset about using a dead house-elf or other creature. But then you know of my feelings towards animals, Anne. I'm not sure about using a dead human... although... if it had been Grindelwald's own dead corpse, that would have been poetic justice!!


Author's Response: I think the tension between Sage and Sorka is thicker here than in any other chapter. Godric is a cruel old wizard. Or maybe he knows a couple of things the others do not.

Yes, I kinda gathered from your fics that you like animals. Sage/author and I do too. And even if we don't have Hermione's feelings towards house-elves, it didn't seem right. lol. As for Grindelwald's corpse, it would have been poetic justice, except I don't think anything remains of it in 2006.

Thanks for reading and leaving a review! :)


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Review #23, by White_Dragon In The Dungeons

6th November 2007:
I really liked this chapter, Anne. One of the more smoothly flowing chapters so far. Maybe the reason for that is the three characters? I'm not sure.

Sage is still a bit of a rock in the stream to me. Slowly, his rough edges are eroding away. Maybe it is that Sage and Sorka's relationship is still a bit 'rocky' and uneven. I get the feeling, that whenever they are together, at least one of them is acting as if they were walking on eggshells. Now if this is intended, then I applaud the both of you, for you are achieving your goal!!

Whereas in an earlier chapter, I mentioned that I thought Sage and Sorka were in and out too quickly, this time, the scene with the three of them in the Dungeon felt perfect.

Definitely one of my favorite chapters, so far!



Author's Response: Well, I would say that the more we were writing, the better it flowed. Plus there is no kind of tension between the three characters - at least not the same kind of tension there is between Sorka and Sage. Godric was easier to write than I had thought, very powerful, a bit eccentric and ruthless when need be. And Aquilla was more like some Jane Austen's character, but a true witch and with a sense of humor. They were fun to write.

I'm glad that you noticed that Sage and Sorka's relationship is a bit 'rocky and uneven'. And, yes, at least one of them, in every scene, is 'walking on eggshells'. That was intended. They are friends, but there is denied attraction between those two. And each time one is ready to make a move, the other is not - or something happens. LOL. That made the last scene a bit tricky to write.

At this point, Sage's 'rough edges' should be eroding away. Sorka's background and character weren't as much parts of the plot as Sage's. So if we developed them together, far less is revealed about Sage in the first chapters.

I'm glad you liked the scene in the dungeon... and the chapter. Once again, thanks for reading and leaving a review. :)


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Review #24, by White_Dragon Remaining Sane... At All Cost

4th November 2007:

First of all, before I forget, your chapter image headers are top notch! I'm not sure who is doing/ did them, but they compliment your story extremely well.

In regards to what you stated in your Author's Note, I think you pulled it off well. A bit heavier on the humor than the darkness, I feel. Though it certainly does not feel unbalanced; rather, it perfectly communicates that Sage is still in control of his situation. Now, whether or not that would/could be true of any captive of Voldemort's, is another matter. Of course, is it more accurate to say that Sage is a captive of Grindelwald's, and only by extension, a captive of Voldemort's? That is something to think about!

I like the idea of using the songs. Often, in r/l, in the past, if I wanted to joke around with one of my friends, I would start singing 'John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt (sp?)' and drive them nutty. Of course, this scene also harkens back to the movie 'Ghost' w/Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, where he sang to her, as a ghost, 24 hrs a day, until she decided to help him.

Two things that I 'tripped' on when I first read it, for a moment, when Sage recognized his tormentor as 'Jalen', I thought the Death Eater was a female. If this had been true, it might have made for some interesting side drama! Somehow, the idea that Sage has a witch in 'every port', as a sailor might have, seems accurate for his character. You know, a real 'scruffy looking nerf-herder' type .

Question, do you write Sage predominantly, or does Sage? Because the character seems French to me, whereas Sorka seems like a Kingdom girl (hearing wisps of Frank Zappa's 'Valley Girl' in my mind).

The second thing that kind of tripped me up, was that I would have thought the Flamel House-Elf to greet them en francais (I probably butchered that).

Another very interesting chapter, M'Lady!


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the compliment on the chapters headers. *blushing* I'm having some fun making all our graphics. :)

Yes, Sage sings to remain in control of his situation, and not just to drive the Death Eaters crazy. And thanks to that strange and non-magical gift of hers, Sorka can 'hear' him. But instead of driving her crazy, like Patrick Swayze was driving Whoopi Goldberg crazy with his singing in 'Ghost', it comforts her, because as long as he is singing, he's still alive.

Haha, no, Jalen is a guy. He's the one who sent Sage the note about what Sorka called 'the Serpent Nest', and the note that sent him running to the park... with Spartan in tow. I'm not sure Sage has a witch in every 'port', but at 30, he's probably had his fair share of, uh, dalliances. There will be some more about Sage's love life before he came to Hogwarts. lol.

No, I do not write Sage predominantly. Maybe it's just that we're doing a good job, after all - writing Sage, at least, because... 'Valley Girl'? lol. Sorka was born in Ireland and grew up in Great Britain in all sorts of places. Sage was born in England, and his heritage is English and French, but he didn't grow up in any of those two countries. We've been writing them with this in mind, I guess.

The Flamel house-elf could have greeted them 'en Français' (No, you didn't butchered that). But she knows Godric and I doubt he speaks/spoke French, so being a good house-elf, she addressed him in English.

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a long review, Jim. And for sharing your thoughts about this chapter and our characters with us. :)


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Review #25, by White_Dragon One Dead, One Missing

31st October 2007:

While Would say that this chapter is darker than the earlier ones, I don't necessarily consider it a dark chapter.

The pacing of this story is very quick and definitely keeps the reader on their toes.

I like the interaction between Sorka and the other characters, especially Snape.

Good chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Jim!

Exactly, this chapter is darker, but certainly not as dark as a chapter can be. There is a death, but the readers don't have enough time to start to know Spartan. It was harder for us - we know him well. lol.

I'm always surprised when I re-read one of the earlier chapters. The story seems so quick-paced, and yet the twenty-six chapters cover something like three or four months of the lives of the characters. However, as we were writing them, I often wondered whether it wasn't too slow. lol. So I'm glad you thought the pacing keeps the readers on their toes.

Ah, yes, the interactions between Sorka and Snape... Strangely, most reviewers have liked them. He's an interesting character, and I've always believed he was kind of good, yet I thought I would be unable to write him. But it seems that together, we did it right. I've been told we made him more human, and this without making him OOC or turning him into a romantic character. I have to admit that when he and Sorka meet, it always makes for an interesting scene. lol.

Thanks for reading and leaving a review. :)


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