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Review #1, by Angelina Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

28th February 2011:
Did she fall asleep in Sirius's bedroom at the Potters house? Or her guest bedroom at he Potter's?
-- The girls name should be Aurora, or Amythyst! :) Great story by the way :) I cant wait to read more

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Review #2, by FullSilverMoon Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

6th August 2007:
um, i think she fell unconcience after she drank the white wine and then she started dreaming all of the makeout stuff. am i right? i bet i am! woot! ok, let me know if im right. update soon!

Author's Response: ... did you know you're actually the first person to guess that correct?

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Review #3, by Vatina Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

16th March 2007:
Isn't Angel a bit of a Mary-Sue? She gets the guys, lots of friends, she's smart, she beats the Marauders in pranks, wins all the bets, etc.

Author's Response: no, not excatly it gets worse for her, I just started it that way, but later, when I finish Do You Dare? I'll come back to this one, her life gets alot worse

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Review #4, by x_KatieKathryn Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

30th December 2006:
Good story, Hogwarts Express?

Author's Response: no she was at the party

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Review #5, by Evil Queen Eva Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

25th December 2006:
Great story adn I think She passed out at Lily's House.

Author's Response: soz no it was latr then that 'cause she woke up in a bed at the potters remember?

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Review #6, by Jonathanbabe Chapter 6: Never Drinking Again

22nd December 2006:
OMG ! did they just sleep together! hahahahahahahahahaha awsome stroy though

Author's Response: no they did not she dreamed that happened then sirius heard and thought she was having a nightmare and then realised what happened heheheh

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Review #7, by Jonathanbabe 5: Dreams of Torment

11th December 2006:
Nice descriptions of the outfits! love the story. the quill thing sounds alot like the fake wands of fred and georges. hahahahaha o well its kewl

Author's Response: yeah oops oh well glad u like it though more will come asap

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Review #8, by Sagitara 5: Dreams of Torment

6th December 2006:
geez...seriouly if these people want Angel dead, just kill her, don't put her through all that unneeded torture. The poor dear...anyways great story.

Author's Response: thanks yeah i know but the sory gets better

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Review #9, by shadowofaraven 5: Dreams of Torment

5th December 2006:
i loved it, update sooon!

Author's Response: i am, don't worry, should be up soon...i hope

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Review #10, by sparkle_sparkle665 5: Dreams of Torment

5th December 2006:
eh...I'm cunfussiled! Who's the teacher.Oh, that kind of goes without saying! Sorry! I just got confused because you made it sound like Angel was the teacher!! Just ingnore this paragraph, I don't even know why I'm going to submit it.Oh, I'm just to lazy to hit delete. Imagin that.
This chpater was good.but I liked the first ones better...8/10

Author's Response: yeah i know not my best work but i love the next chapter i find it funny so you have to read it

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Review #11, by KILLERMERMAID 4: Haunting

30th November 2006:
The plot line is very good but you should work on your spelling and grammar. Maybe if someone helped you edit that would help. Otherwise it is a very good story

Author's Response: no worries, i've finally got word on my new computer so i can use spell check now

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Review #12, by hogwartsgirl997 4: Haunting

23rd November 2006:
u should make more

Author's Response: I am but there's a little problem, it wo't get validated, it's taking so long, i've waited way over a week but nothen happened oh well

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Review #13, by theyknw 4: Haunting

19th November 2006:
this story is so bad
the plot is lose, the characters are not fully developed, and the writing style is like s**t
do the world a favor and stop writing
giving u a 1 for effort but you really dont deseve it

Author's Response: it's nice 2 know that i don't care as long as they're people who do i will be fine and FYI the chracaters aren't developed because you find out more through out the series

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Review #14, by Wolfsbane93 4: Haunting

15th November 2006:
[im not logged in but that's my username] I love the plot and Angel especially. But if you could, you might check the spelling/grammar or get a beta to do it, 'cus it's sometimes a distraction. And if you want to make your chapters longer you could elaborate more, like more the little things that happen, ex: [weather, what people are wearing...etc] but besides that everything is great!

Author's Response: i know i know pwoplw tell me this all the time and i'm working on it, spelling and gramar anrn't a worry any,ore use spellcheck instead of write it straight away and for making it longe i'll try

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Review #15, by Sagitara 4: Haunting

14th November 2006:
AH...this was such an interesting chapter...need more. Angel does seem to be in mortal peril a lot. Jee, you'd think she could at least live a couple of minutes. Anyways great job, oh and by the way, you forgot to finish one of your sentences...

Author's Response: oops i'll fix that now, thans 4 telling me

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Review #16, by Sagitara 3: Secrets

14th November 2006:

Author's Response: yeah sad eh?

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Review #17, by Sagitara 2: Hush little Baby

14th November 2006:
OMG...I love this chapter...first time I've read about someone pranking the mauraders...great job!

Author's Response: yeah i needed to prank them, besides angel needs 2 be happy be4 she's shot down

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Review #18, by Sagitara Little Red is now Black

14th November 2006:
this is such an interesting story so far.

Author's Response: good to know

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Review #19, by HermioneAnne Little Red is now Black

14th November 2006:
Brilliant. onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: hope u enjoy it

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Review #20, by Jonathanbabe 4: Haunting

13th November 2006:

Author's Response: I am i'm just waiting for it to get validated

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Review #21, by SexyJellybean 2: Hush little Baby

12th November 2006:
wow, nice chappie, I love it!! This is a great fic and you should keep on writing!! 10/10 once again and 1 of my favorites! Yay favorites!! lol, slytherins daceing, I would PAY to see that. lol.
Your bio's kind of creepy to, but I love that 2! lol, I love it all!

Author's Response: mmm... ,thanks, i love ur story as well have u written a new chapter yet?

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Review #22, by SexyJellybean Little Red is now Black

7th November 2006:
I like it, i have a fic sort of like this called I'm Just Different, but i think yours is really really good! Keep writing and update son!!! :) 10/10

Author's Response: u know what, i'm gonna read yours so i can get ideas, i won't steal anything but i'm glad you like

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Review #23, by ForgottenWriter 4: Haunting

7th November 2006:
I REALLY LOVE THIS CHAPTER!! And you hva such a beautiful banner! Please tell me that Sirius and Angel wil get together!

Author's Response: ask no questions and i tell know lies, to be honest did you look at the pairings

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Review #24, by retro spunk 4: Haunting

6th November 2006:
I absolutely love it!! Angel and Sirius are so good together! Can't there be a way where she can love him?

Author's Response: it's all in my head, don't worry

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Review #25, by ShadowOfARaven 4: Haunting

6th November 2006:
I love it! It made me smile. The thought of what Angel's going through sends chills down my spine. I really love your story, hope you update soon.

Author's Response: don't worry i am, just so you know i've written up to chapter 6, which is my fav. by far yet

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