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Review #1, by _EdNa_MoDe_ The Aftermath

6th December 2006:
I know, I know... It took forever for me to leave a review for this chapter. But I am now.. =P I liked this one. It was sad, but I'd be suprised if it wasn't. I'm still waiting for more chapters!! Where are they?!

Author's Response: Look who's talking about HURRYING to write stuff!! lol. I haven't written in a while, I have to wait for inspiration.

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Review #2, by BelleAme Only the beginning

18th November 2006:
dun-dun-dun! I'm stoked to read the rest! =)

Author's Response: AS YOU SHOULD BE!! :-D

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Review #3, by _EdNa_MoDe_ Hogwarts: History

31st October 2006:
This chapter was awesome. Though there was much to digest, after you swallow it's quite t-t-t-tastey. hahaha. But really. Nice job. I like the action, and the way Abby and Tripp interact. It's cute.

Author's Response: sweet. Glad it made some sense. It was difficult remembering everything when writing it. Almost done with the fifth chapter...Hold tight!

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Review #4, by _EdNa_MoDe_ Quidditch Eve

22nd October 2006:
I'm excited for more, so keep going!

Author's Response: Thanks, and so I have!! ;-)

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Review #5, by _EdNa_MoDe_ The Lowdown

22nd October 2006:
I like this chapter. Not sure why, but I do. I think it's because the characters are described a bit more. Actually, this is what I would have thought would be the first chapter because of how it kind of talks about everything that happend through the years.

Author's Response: Hmmmm, I just thought I had to, and I liked the intro chapter too much to change it. Plus it's unconventional, like me!

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Review #6, by _EdNa_MoDe_ Only the beginning

22nd October 2006:
I'm excited to see what's going to happen. The only thing is that it didn't seem like much of an introduction seemed like the kind of chapter that would have come later in the story.

Author's Response: Hmm, yea. I wanted to catch everyones attention though so I did it anyhow.

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